Vision or Perish!?

December 15, 2015

They say it is written in the book that where there is no vision, the people perish. The point in here is not about the vision and the people, but what kind of vision creates what type of society in which any vision can be considered as good vision when it is truthful and honest in its goals and achievements. A true vision creates genuine and fair society and people as false vision creates fake and deceiving society and people.

Vision is the eye and mind of society where any given society sees and thinks according to the vision it has already set and the hope and faith it acquires in relation and in line with the desired vision it has already set is determined since society performs its own workings in connection with the vision it sets towards its end goals.

True vision delivers health, safety and security to the dynamics of society and people where such vision belongs and it brings happiness and confidence on the life of any given society. It conveys trust and optimism to the daily undertaking and the future of any given society since such kinds of actions and reactions add certain amount of vigor to the functions of society.

False vision delvers diseases, unsafe and insecure social environment in the life of society where such vision belongs and it delivers sadness and suspicions in the life of any given society. It conveys doubt and pessimistic attitudes and thinking in that given undertaking and the future of such given society since such kinds of actions and reactions add certain amount of confusion and contradictions to the function of that given society.

For example, when any given society creates its own vision to the society it belongs such as if you tell me to feed me thrice a day in ten years of time, and that given ten years come, and such vision perishes without fulfilling its promises and end goals such as if you make me not to eat even once in a day; in this case, the society where such vision live under lifeless and desperate framework and structure even if there are people who live eating four times a day where the mass cannot even eat once in day.

The other type of such vision which people receive from fore parents and people before them live with expecting someone coming for the second time whom they do not know, but by the faith and promise they are delivered, they think they will get rapture with him, since he is from God, such a thing is going on today and tomorrow and that person is not coming or has come but did not even choose them to belong to his circle, such people could live under two given confusions and contradictions of life.

The first one is that they do not know whom they are waiting and the second one is due to their egoistic and selfish desire and thinking, they assume they should go with him even if he did not like them or choose them. They are doing bad things and they think bad on others whom they do not like, even to their enemies, but they expect to go to heaven with him. And one can clearly see the paradox in here that in time when he gave them instructions, which is keep my laws and commandment if you like to live and be with me, one of them is love your enemies, how could such a good thing can happen to them where laws and commandments are not even respected but at the same time, they wait good things to happen as they have judged to their own by violating such laws.

The fate of such kinds of society and people is crystal clear since such society cannot keep its promises and visions and such people and society cannot trust its leadership due to the fact that such given leadership does not meet its goals, even if there other goals such leadership has met and achieved, such kinds of sensitive visors do create veil and darken other good aspects of such leadership and society since the mass looks for its own personal advantage and benefits than other good things such system undertakes.

In such fake or unaccomplished visions, life become tasteless and colorless since life gets more meaning and taste when there is no vision and certain amount of achievements towards such visions. It is better to live with no vision than having fake and false visions since when there is no vision, there is no lie and deception and it has some truth in such given undertaking.

Accordingly, there are two types of vision people see and experience in this world. The first one is the vision that is related to what is going to happen in terms of peoples thinking, behavior, attitude and the like. The second one is the vision that is seen in relation to the type of things, both material and physical aspects that is going to happen or built on different places which are related to permission granted by the land management offices and the like.

For instance, people could see certain vision in terms of what is going to happen at any given place in connection with any given building that one is going to erect at some place. This is possible since it requires human intervention and way of doing things due to the fact it is related to the will and permission of land policy and way of doing of the municipality office which could be related to the human thinking in terms of policy formulation and land management too. Such vision can easily be translated into objective reality since it can get crystallized thru obtaining permission from the mayor office, by the amount of capital people have, and having nice architectural sketching.

However, when one sees certain vision in relation to the war and peace thing which the entire world is going to face within specific period of time, this cannot happen by one’s will since the fate of this world is dependent upon action and reactions of individuals, societies and institutions in the world at large and it is very hard to have precise forecast unless and otherwise such people are impelled by some kind of mighty purpose which is far beyond such peoples’ control.

In reality, none has precisely predicted to date on the exact things to happen at global scale and even those people who are known as prophets in the books do tell partial truths of such happenings as there are other matters which are put in so called figurative aspects, whose fulfillments become more of novel stories since none has been given rightful authority to interpret except delivering personal understanding by those people of self claimed faith interpretations which goes like meriting their given way of life and system of belief due to the fact that when things contrary to their given expectation and thinking happen, they prefer to deny such truthful happening since such happenings could destroy the core of their belief and way of life.

Hence, people prefer to continue having such vision thing even if it is fake and false, by delivering plastic surgery to make any given fake vision as true and correct and live until their end is come. Such way of life and going is one of the becoming nature and characteristics of this world. Few ask, until when people go with such artificial and fake visions for thousand years, hundred years, even for ten days. Why? The answer is left to this world until it gets to the truthful and correct spot and point it should reach in its own good time.



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