The Four Folds Features

December 9, 2015

We live in world that human reality in everywhere is programmed by one or other ideologies—religious or political or philosophical—since everyone needs a way of life that makes sense to one’s thinking and belief. And life in this world cannot be easy since people should enroll such way of life in order to obtain meaningful and thoughtful life so that peoples stay on earth can be completed with decent accomplishment. Thus, people need a way of life.

Hence, people employ way of life, be it religious or political so that they can have purposeful existence. However such ways of life to date have made everyone to live under expectations. Expectation is the spices of life that make any given life interesting and spicy. People would lie to have Christmas every year so that they can buy gifts to their friends and families. It is good to have such festivities, and there is no wrong with that.  Such recipe of life was in the past, is on the present and will be to the future.

In such given undertaking of life, life is no easy as people turn out the next chapter and pages of life in this world which does not exist in any given book or ideology except such people are treated as traitors, deceptions, liars and the like since they know something behind and hidden on such given claimed ways of life as per their given practical experience and understanding which they obtain since there is nothing written other than their labeled name and category, but they can go up to their wishes and dreams since they do not accept all those claimed things in such ways of life.

For example, let us assume that Jesus has come today as it is written in the Bible, with clouds, angels and the like as it was put in that given dramatic manner. The first question is, who is going to judge and how such claimed personality is Jesus while there are plenty of classifications and sects within Christianity. The second one is all these pastors, preachers and individuals who serve in Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants and the like will be jobless, they could be converted to gangsters. The third is all such huge amount of funds will not exist. Fourth all NGO’s and activities that are funded by such given churches will collapse.

For such and other major reasons, it is not wise to make such given theater finish and drama to be completed due to the fact that this world will not have any taste and flavor  and hence, this world prefer to wait until the end that has no even an end is come.  In such deliberations, those who assume and claim that Jesus has come and new chapter and era of human kind is open, they have started another foolish drama and stupid game on humanity, they play similar and foolish theater which is mere duplication of the previous ones, they start talking about another end which has no end.

Now, it become not only religious concepts, such given undertaking of expectation is political drama which leaders would like to play on since they want to create the social and emotional balance of society under such governing concept and practice of mass expectation and if society does not expect anything in life, their existence and survival will be chimera and they play such good game of expectation along with religious leaders so that the balance of society can function at room temperatures in everywhere.

When one was in twenties one used to think that big people do not lie, they could not even be deceived and tricked and the like. However, when one became 35, one has come to conclusion that there are two types of big people, in which one found out that one of the saying of the Bible correct, “all men are liars”. The first ones are those people who invent tricks and lie; and the second ones are those who lie and trick others without even realizing that they are lying and making tricks. The first ones are authors of lie and tricks and the later ones are the primal promulgators of lie and tricks. In the first case, such people are arrogant and evil; in the second one they are ignorant and devil.

Accordingly all the ways of life that exist in our world make life to have some sort of purpose and meaning but they keep on making their followers to live under some kind of dramatic expectations, under the name and cover of, faith, hope, promises and the like, they give endless hopes and unending promises that make such ways of life to live for hundreds and thousand years. They keep on living and none knows when and where such expectations should end up. By the end of the day, as thing expected are not fulfilled, things start losing track as things are on today, they deviate from the original path which most assume and think, then most people live under lie and deception.

In this case, as they say, when false is told repeated, it is assumed as truth will happen on stage. None have no clue of the true or false since they live with inherited fake drama and theater from their parents and fore parents. Here, it is good to mention that the Danish say, truth has no home, which one buys such saying since it is not mansions or big building complex that could be used as justification to the truthfulness of any given matter, except acquiring lands, constructing building complex and the like are means of attracting people into their domain, which is ne tricky approaches they use especially those business men who want to make serious business with other people.

Acquiring land and have beautiful building complex are not warranty to the truthful aspect of any given claim since such ways of life have such mansions in everywhere but the moral of the story behind such given claim is most people could be deceived and tricked by the image and site of such construction since most people have materialistic way of understanding and perceiving the truth of any given matter, and people can easily be attracted by image and presentations of such building, but they will not stay longer as they found out lie and deceptions later on. Land can be acquired by bribery. In this case, it will not be possible to reverse such human drama except such buildings have political drama to play on the thinking machinery of such people.

Basically, the fate of any given ideology— be it religious, political or philosophical—is four folds. The first one is its prophecies, and promises get fully fulfilled and none is found to date. The second one is its promises and prophecies partially fulfilled and by virtue of such given partial fulfillment, it puts many of its adherent under prison of expectations and will keep on putting under such given jail of promise, faith and hope; the third one is its prophecies and promises will mostly fail and it keep on by doing all kinds of plastic surgeries to such prophecies and keep on other under its own domain; the fourth one is, it fails in its prophecies and any given undertaking it claims and it vanishes from the world since none accepts its claim.


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