The Self Actualization

December 5, 2015

Self actualization is the motivation to realize one’s own maximum potential and possibilities. It is considered to be the master motive or the only real motive, all other motives being its various forms. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need for self-actualization is the final need that manifests when lower level needs have been satisfied.

Is it possible to tell one’s own maximum potential and possibilities in life in world where everything is relative, subjective and contextual? If, so, how, and when do people come up with such state of being? Is such timing come after people have achieved all hierarchy of needs in life? When people achieve all hierarchies of life as stated, it is considered that people think, there is nothing beyond that, what does it mean by that, is this kind of state of being correct? Is this what perfection means, which means, having no move forward? Why? Is it not possible to go beyond the limit or margins set in this world, not in state of being, seeking three eyes or legs, but with the margins set and imposed by nature, can people come up with mindset that could tell that there is something that should be done even if they are fully achieve and succeeded?

Most Great thinkers of the pant in past have never achieved such hierarchy of needs in fact they lived with destitution, and they bring about fundamental changes for this world. These are like Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad and the like are good examples of such type. The thinking, teachings and models of life they set in terms of way of life have made them profound human beings and though many people consider them they are representatives of God and the like, but one sees them as greatest agents of change and thinkers of the planet due to the influential thinking they have come up.

As Abraham Maslow noted, the basic needs of humans must be met (e.g. food, shelter, warmth, security, sense of belongingness) before a person can achieve self-actualization – the need to be good, to be fully alive and to find meaning in life. Research shows that when people live lives that are different from their true nature and capabilities, they are less likely to be happy than those whose goals and lives match. For example, someone who has inherent potential to be a great artist or teacher may never realize his/her talents if their energy is focused on attaining the basic needs of humans.

The point in here is that how can person fully and truly know one’s own inherent potential ahead of times unless and otherwise people should experiment and exercise what they think they have as gift or talent in order to achieve something in their given  life. Otherwise it is just wild guess to tell that this person is like this or that when person has showed certain hints on the excellence one seeks in life or else, by going to the places of witchcrafts where people do in almost every place in order to obtain successes and money in their given life.

It is not only knowing one’s full potential and inherent capacities that is important, but what type of social setting and societies one is living is another useful matter that should be considered since even if one could have immense potential or gift on something, the gift one has been endowed does not have appropriate media and opportunities to experiment and exercise due to the fact that society has no space for s8ch potentials or prepared such medias and fields of opportunities, the probability of  not having a life that goes along with the gift one has been endowed.

Although, creating one’s own field or opportunity for the gift one has been endowed is one option in life when society deprives or is not giving a space for such different gifts, which should not be necessarily the obvious ones which people have in everywhere in terms of art and the like. This will be quite tiresome and it is formidable task such kinds of people face before they get achieve even if they know that they have identified their inherent given potential which they think they can succeed in life.

When people identify and sort out their given potential, the probability of being happier and satisfied in life on the things they do in everyday routines is better and greater than those people who live without identifying and sorting out their given potential. For example, one lives and works in here by what nature and life impose than what one chooses and prefers to be since the society one belongs decide and determine on who one is and one can be too by the system and way of life it delivers in past since the present cannot change the past. And life goes on depending on what one faces in life and on how and what one reacts to such give circumstances of life.

Based on such given conditions of life, self actualization becomes relative and subjective since it is not possible to tell the full potential and inherent gifts people are endowed due to reasons that needs are unending and continuous. It is also noteworthy to consider that even if such people could be aware of such drama of self actualization, they could have their own given claim, the type of society which they live or belong matter and decide on their given fate since it is what society provide in its system and way of life that shape individuals destiny more than what they think and aspire to their own and by their own. They choose based on the menu society provides too.

As the say self actualization is achieved as people satisfy such stated hierarchy of needs, there are quite exceptional individuals who are accomplished without getting into the ladder of given hierarchy of needs and they come about with profound thinking and they promote significant changes I the life of human society and such people are the most distinguished, accomplished and attained individuals. They set examples of life on the possibility of such given claimed way of life without getting into such levels of hierarchy of the human needs.



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