What a Gap!?

December 29, 2015

In the United States, holly-jolly seasonal décor of the plug-in variety consumes 6.63 billion kilowatt hours of electricity. In the grand scheme of things, that figure — a figure that’s likely decreased with the rise of energy-conserving LED-based illumination and more austere decorative displays of yuletide cheer — only represents a minuscule slice of America’s overall annual energy consumption at a paltry 0.2 percent

As detailed in a recent post published by the Center for Global Development, America’s singular thirst for big and blindingly bright holiday light displays — “America doesn’t just make things. America makes things spectacular,” Gizmodo’s Adam Clark Estes recently mused on our longstanding love affair with Christmas lights — guzzles more energy than countries such as El Salvador (5.35 billion kWh), Ethiopia (5.30 billion kWh) and Tanzania (4.31 billion kWh) consume annually. The same goes for Nepal (3.28 billion kWh) and Cambodia (3.06 billion kWh).

Last year (2014) Americans spent more than $7 billion on honeymoons, with the cost of an average one-week vacation around $3,400 (although the price can be considerably higher), according to Condé Nast Bridal Infobank, the market research division of Condé Nast Bridal Group, publisher of Bride’s and Modern Bride, the two largest bridal magazines. This honey moon cost is 64 % of the annual budget of the Ethiopia, which administers and governs more than 90 million people, as Ethiopia proposes $11 Billion budget for FY 2015-16.

It is also stated that in every year, $72 billion per year is spent on weddings, which is 654% of Ethiopia annual current year budget, in which this country could budget this fund for more than 6 years period. Such much amount of money is spent on average per annum by 2.3 million people who are planning to get married in every year. And according to the statistical data, 2.3 million couples wed every year, that  breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day; the average age of a bride in the US is 25.3; average age of a groom is 26.9;average number of guests invited to a wedding is 178;one-third of those getting married each year have been married before.

While such theatrical drama of life is going, one wonders as to the life and way of life gap such people have in terms of thinking, emotions, feelings and behaviors due to the fact that economy is the core of existence and people think as per their income and expenditures and the value they deliver on what they buy and taste in life. It is also possible to tell that there are different worlds that exist in there which does not exist in here as the vice versa is same too. A person can tell on how the taste of banana is as one tastes it not by what one sees or even touches, and most of us see at distant from the Hollywood movies, but it sounds that the gap sounds hard to think and imagine.

This gap tells something since America is a nation which was borne 500 years ago and Ethiopia is a country which claims that it has historical existence and treasure for more than 3000 years. And one claims in here that there must be something profound is missing and lost in this nation on why such given way of life is made on pause for thousand years but those who came afterwards are having better economy and enjoying lives and one wonders it is beyond high time to reflect and meditate on such given aspect of such nation.

Is this something related to what the Greek thinker said in past, for as there are misanthrophists, or haters of men, there are also misologists, or haters of ideas, and both spring from the same cause, which is ignorance of the world? Is this something that is connected to the way religion, culture, habits, politics and other communal aspects of society are formulated due to the fact that such given factors are significant matters in formulating the inner models of such given social reality in terms of thinking, behavior, attitude, habits and customs that resulted at individual, societal or community and institutional levels?

Although material aspect of the human side and life does not guarantee happiness and security in any given society’s undertaking, it goes without saying that it is one of the necessary preconditions to achieve the essential human happiness, welfare, security and the like. It sounds also foolish to think of every time deriving recipe of happiness out of poverty since this foolish drama should be put to end so that everyone should have prosperous life than fouling oneself of such cheap theater and thinking as far as people can be rich, they should be rich.

And poverty should not be taken and considered as one alternative way of life, but it is something which people should accept as far as there is no choice and other alternatives in life due to reasons of how society was structured and formulated in past, but there should be a mandatory undertaking to remove it from the vocabulary of society’s daily routines and lives. The idea and thinking of making the rich people and arranging them good places in hell in the next worlds should not be something that such people should buy as they say, it is better for camel to pass thru the eye of the needle since it has come a point and time that not only camel but also elephants can pass thru the eye of the needle.

The idea of connecting spirituality with material aspects of life sounds something confusing in most people’s perception of life since material things are created for great purpose, but what could be important in here is that how people acquire them, is it in good or bad manner, by which such people acquire such wealth, do they follow rightful and correct principles and doctrines of life or they have killed someone or committed crime in order to inherit or take the wealth, which people should figure out.

In both societies unacceptable ways and means of acquiring wealth—corruption, gangs, robbery, bully-ism—exist, but what could vary, in the advanced and prosperous society, such unacceptable methods are consequences of such given prosperity and of course due to lack of good governance is one given factor, but in growing nations, such methods are means by which people acquire more wealth since their given leaders are living examples of such types.

Corruption, robbery and gangs and bully-ism are consequences which society gets out of advancement and prosperity, but they are not methods by which society should employ in order to be wealthy. When society uses such bad methods as means of acquiring wealth, the security, welfare and safety of society has lost meaning and purpose in life. This is just only one aspect out of the many features. 


Lie Vs Truth—Harmony Vs Contradiction!?

December 28, 2015

Over the weekend I was listening to local FM radio station, whose program was aired with an interviewing a person from Muslim religion and background and the person was delivering not only on the personal experiences and exposures but also giving advice to all people due to the nature of person’s inclination, which is more of religious life. Although the person belong to Muslim background, there was one point which get clicked on the interview that draw personal attention in here from what the person did mention, which is as one supposes that it is contrary to the view of the Islamic value as far as one’s knowledge and awareness in relation to the mentioned religion is concerned.

The person said, God accepts one act of false hood when one uses lying as means of reconciling two contradicting parties, which as one thinks is not the case in Islam since Islam religion does not accept lying as means of goodness since as far the book is concerned, it is founded upon the basis of truth and in such truthful world, false or lie cannot be accepted as good act and can be justified as legitimate thing to be accepted, and to lie is one of the unacceptable act and thinking in such and my world too.

One could say in here that people can be reconciled and can be put in conflict by the truth and the power of truth as people can be in harmony and contradiction by false and the nature and character of false and those people who are after it, but what is most important in here is that whatever thing and mechanism people use, the approach and mechanism which people employ that could not lead into further consequences and worsen peoples scenario of life is better and best. In relation to social skill in which communication and interaction is the core aspect of peoples’ life, it is the method and approach people employ in presenting the matter to such people is the most important aspect of such life.

For example, one can mention one good practical and actual example which one knew and the other one is which one heard in here in past of this given particular case which is related to the above happening and saying of that given person on an interview, and such given practice later on happen to be the cause of irreconcilable differences and contradiction that widened the gap between husband and wife into not only divorce but also in bloodshed. This case goes like, elderly people went to reconcile on the harsh case that happened between husband and wife into divorce.

The husband received rumors that his wife was cheating on him and their marriage was in difficulty. Families of both husband and wife sat to discus on the issue before they get to the final point of divorce. And then they directed the case to the elderly people before the final decision is made, according to the given tradition they have in their custom, which is indeed good practice. And, what happened was, such elderly people, due to the love and affection they have towards the wife and her family, they fabricated many lies in way that the wife is not that kind of person and such rumors the husband heard were fake and wrong and are done with bad intentions.

In a month time, since the wife is truly cheating person, as she was heading into a hotel with another person, friends of the husband called him to come to the hotel and showed to him that his wife is with a guest in restaurant and asked him to be calm and watch until the end of such given drama. The husband did come in way covering most of his parts and watching this given drama at far distant in way that his wife and her current boyfriend could not see him. Both were having fun and they took whatever things they wanted to take, they were they were kissing, and finally they went to bed.

Then, what happened was the husband threw away the wedding ring he put on his finger, he did not go to his home, and he was drunk and having sex with another woman he met at the night club. In the next morning, he went to office and he switched off his mobile phone. And at night, he went to his home as usual and the wife waited him with dark and shrunk face, with anger and frustration. She pretended to him as if she is honest and nothing is happening in her world.

And she tried to ask him in bad way that he was cheating on her last night that was why he did not come, and he replied to her, I have done it after you have done it. She shouted loud and she was bullying. And he further asked her that where she was yesterday at round noon, and she replied, she was in her parents’ home but he told her that she was with another person, having glasses of beers and kissing a man and entering into hotel room. And then she kept silent and she could not say anything. And he told her that he already filled divorce with his heart and the next step left is paper and ink thing.

And then both live afterwards with irreconcilable differences in way that one could kill the other. The case went to their respective families, the wife tried to lie again, but the husband did present his testimonies such as his friends who did make that given invitation to that given hotel, and made him watch that given drama live broadcasting within his own station, and then the wife could not say anything though pretending as usual to deny since he caught her red handed and her parents were ashamed and those elderly people were also embarrassed.

The moral of such give story is that though it is good to reconcile people, the ground and framework should be on truthful ground and basis otherwise people will be dwelling in the middle of nowhere as the truth is out on stage. In such case, instead of reconciling such given contradiction between such two people, the drama of sabotaging and conspiring made it even worse since the motive behind such drama was not good due to the fact that bad is bad eve if it is covered in glasses of beer or Coca-Cola or whatever.  One prefers loneliness than having such kind of company in life as they say, loneliness is better than evil companions!!

Prediction—Past, Present and Future!?

December 26, 2015

The desire to know the future trend and look of our world ignites all kind of interests in the so called hearts and minds of those people who would like to know the fate and destiny of this world, and where this world shall end up, in which researchers are mostly interested in creating the destination point of our world based on and to one of the existing ways of life than having or seeing different perspective to newer or different ways and forms of life, but they still prefer to dwell and put this world based on the existing values and ways of life this world is undergoing.

This is one of the possible predictions researchers can do due to reasons that they should be realistic based on existing systems and ways of life. But, being unrealistic in today does not mean that tomorrow is another day, the unrealistic and impractical thinking and beliefs in today will no be realistic and practical in tomorrow since history is good testimony to this give aspect of life in this world in which those existing ways and forms of life in today, such as Christianity and Islam were considered as false, deception and wrong during their given time of birth and founders and early time followers of such given claims had passed and faced harassment and stigmatization due to their belief and thinking in their given time.

Although none has predicted in precision to date on the future of this world except mere speculations and wild guesses people put as forecast and way of seeing this world, in which as there are telescoping eyes and there are also people who put simple eye glasses on their given eyes to protect their eye from the radiation of the sun, predictions still play vital role and they are one pages of the book of this world since there is always human desire and inclination to know such as where this world is going, where humans go after life this world and what the end of this world look like.

Basically, there are different motives behind delivering such prediction. The desire to bring all people into one given domain and way of life based on taking few samples that merit the given way of life they want to justify, the desire to take rapt attention of most people in the world not to any given form of life, but to the research itself in which few people want to gain their own personal importance and prominence and take their own personal advantages and benefits base on their given prediction; the other ones are purely and genuinely done with the intention of making prediction based on observable facts and data they do of seeking the truth.

Based on such preamble, one wonders on the various researches made in relation to the future of the world in which few researches tell that Christianity will be dominant in the world as the way it is and the whole world will be change into it, other researches favor Islam as the future religion of the world, others make their own researches and attributes on the future of the world into their given way of life and forms and systems of religions based on their given claims they have in this world. Which ones are true, and why? The following researches tell two aspects of such given claims, which people do all over.

By the end of the century, Muslims could outnumber Christians for the first time in history, according to a report released by the Pew Research Center. “Another way of thinking about it is Christianity had a seven-century head-start on Islam, and Islam is finally catching up,” says Alan Cooperman, the director of religion research at Pew. Christianity is currently the world’s largest religion, making up a third of the world’s population with 2.2 billion adherents. Pew research shows that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. The religious group will make up 30 percent of the world’s population by 2050, compared to just 23 percent of the population in 2010.

By contrast, sub-Saharan Africans are embracing the gospel with the literal zeal of the converted. According to the Centre for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, in 1910 just 9% of the 100m people on the African continent were Christian; today the share is 55% of a population of a billion.

Moreover, figures from the World Values Survey (WVS), which covers 86,000 people in 60 countries, indicate they are remarkably devout: across five sub-Saharan African countries for which data are available (Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe), 90% of people calling themselves Christian also said they attended church regularly. If those nations are representative of the region as a whole, then perhaps 469m churchgoers now live in Africa. Another 335m or so churchgoing Christians live in Latin America, three-fifths more than in Europe.

Economics also plays an important role. The more affluent a country is, the less frequently its citizens attend church, and western Europe is uniformly rich. On the surface, this pattern makes the United States, in which a healthy 58% of self-identified Christians go to services monthly, hard to explain. However, religious devotion is also strongly associated with concentration of wealth. But demographic trends work against this “peak Christianity” hypothesis. Sub-Saharan Africa is not only home to the world’s most observant Christians; it is also the fastest-growing region on the planet by population.

And its entrenched poverty means that even if it enjoys decades of rapid economic development, it is unlikely to reach the levels of wealth that tend to correspond to increased secularisation. As Christians celebrate the birth of Christ, the centre of gravity of the world’s most popular religion is shifting towards the birthplace of humanity itself.

Although, such people or researchers think that one or other forms of religion will conquer the world at large in the future, there is one undeniable reality and fact in today which is resulted due to past failures and trends such religions do in which the number of people who believe in God without religion is increasing not only due to the dogmatic aspect of such religions, but also with the greater desire of people to go by their own accent and fashion of life, which is result of peoples sole interest and will choice to exercise their own freedom and freewill by their own way, is augmenting in daily basis.

And hence, it also seems that such numerous individuals are coming on stage in every land and place due to such religion’s given failures and welcoming attitude in accommodating everyone, the natural desire and thirst people have in search of meaning for life, in which unquenchable thirst become their core for existence and integral part of life in this world which is natural and obvious reality and such numerous people take greater portion of population of the entire world’s population in the world at large as it is daily increasing and their future will also be keep similarly increasing too.

One But Two or More Figures

December 25, 2015

Misinterpretation and misunderstanding in this world of human existence is one of the becoming nature of this world in which the one thing or any given matter which is known in one time and by one generation is known to be something different, in cases, quite contrary as to how and what perceive that given matter by the next ones although, time factor, generation gap in understanding and perceiving such matters, other hidden agenda or interests and the like are some of the major factors in deriving their own interpretations and understanding and people come up with their own derivation and version in terms of having their own interpretation and understanding towards any given matter which was known in far past as something, by doing all kinds of plastic or any other surgeries towards that given matter so that their desired goal, motive and ambitions could be achieved by their own fashion.

Any given person could say or perceive something or derive something in one’s own life time. The next generation add something towards it, and then, those who come afterward could add or remove something from that given something or addition made by the next ones, and at last, the matter that was originally perceive in that person’s eye and mind could be found out as distorted or something different from the original version to the extent that the original person is come again and asked, the person could say, I am not in this city, I did not say such a thing, and it is their own version.

To cite one example, the Jesus Christ in Christianity and the Jesus Christ in the Muslim world are two different realities and personalities in which both perceive one figure in two different understanding and interpretations of Jesus’ individuality and identity although they have similarities but their given interpretations and understanding in perceiving the station of Jesus Christ make any independent observer and researcher of such given figure’s personality as two different persons or identities; they could agree in terms of time of existence of Jesus, whose mother and the like, but in terms of station and other aspects, they have major and irreconcilable gap and differences.

Muslims believe that Jesus performed miracles: The Quran discusses several of Jesus’s miracles, including giving sight to the blind, healing lepers, raising the dead, and breathing life into clay birds. The story of Jesus’s birth as told in the Quran is also the story of his first miracle, when he spoke as an infant in the cradle and declared himself to be a prophet of God.

Jesus, Mary, and the angel Gabriel are all in the Quran (as are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and a bunch of other Bible characters). Muslims believe that Jesus (called “Isa” in Arabic) was a prophet of God, was born to a virgin (Mary), and will return to Earth before the Day of Judgment to restore justice and to defeat al-Masih ad-Dajjal (“the false messiah”), also known as the Antichrist. All of which may sound pretty familiar to many Christians.

Mary (called “Maryam” in Arabic) has an entire chapter in the Quran named for her — the only chapter in the Quran named for a female figure. In fact, Mary is the only woman to be mentioned by name in the entire Quran: As noted in the new Study Quran, “other female figures are identified only by their relation to others, such as the wife of Adam and the mother of Moses, or by their title, such as the Queen of Sheba.” Mary is mentioned more times in the Quran than in the entire New Testament.

However, most Christians believe that Jesus is God, which is the core aspect and the foundations where such belief system is founded up besides the claim they do like, he has no father, the father of Jesus is the holy spirit, apart from certain deviations and contradictions they do in terms of salvation, sin, fasting and prayer, marriage laws and other aspects of their given way of life. Both do have their own principles and dogmatic aspect of their functions but the point in here is that on sharing view how one figure and matte is perceive by two forms and ways of life as two different personalities and realities, which is derived out of versions and understanding the one that come afterwards derive.

What could be quite interesting in here is that the cross section they have drawn to meet and unite in the future, though they have portrayed two different realities of Jesus, they are waiting that he comes again at the end of the days or the world, and one could click to one’s mind that which one is coming on the day of judgment? The one that is perceived in Christianity or the one that is understood by the Muslim world, which is still a question left unanswered.

Forget about on the given understanding and interpretations delivered as to the personality and reality of Jesus in both big camps, the sects and fractions within Christianity has different versions and variations in understanding such given personality and figure of the world, one could ask, how come, they have different understanding and interpretation of life in such process of the world could agree at the end of the days into one personality and identity is still one of the dramatic delusion this world is having and playing on stage.

Most could think that it is faith and hope they have in their given reality that could make them reach to the promise they are ordained and delivered in their given book towards to the common end they should arrive, but such promise should have at least its own reflection and way of manifestation to the objective world in observable manner, but the reality speaks in louder terms that what is happening on the objective world is quite the opposite and contrary to what they expect that should happen at the end,  people are going towards division and contradiction than unity and harmony in terms of such given deliberation and aspect of this world.

This sounds that any give person could say something at any given period, for instance, any given matter has one hand and five fingers, the next one adds something to the matter which could be like, the matter has two hands and ten fingers, the next ones could add certain parts of the matter, and in such deliberations and process of life, they add and remove one part and other parts to the extent to which such given matter has full parts of the human frame, but what could be forgotten and lost in here is that it is not only the physical parts of the matter make that given matter as human, but the unseen and undiscovered part, which is far beyond the human way of fabrication, machination and invention and they live and die with their own and given imagination and fancy realms of life.

The Question of Freedom and Freewill!?

December 22, 2015

In this very day, there are people who could think that there is no freewill in this world since people are doing whatever things they are doing since they are ordained by will power which is beyond their given control and authority. This is something related to considering every human being to think and function as machine than a creation which is endowed with many gifts and talents.

There are different levels of freedom and freewill that exist as layers due to the nature and character of human beings since every human being passes different stages of development and growth, and every human being lives in different society where such practice and exercise of freedom and freewill is mainly dependent upon how society is structured and formulated in which the inner models of their given social reality is the major factor in shaping how far people  can exercise and practice their given freedom and freewill.

For instance, there are people who claim that God sent me to earth to do something and none can stop me. In this very saying there are two types of things one should consider in which such people have given their life to God and they have also their own daily routines and choice and efforts they make in every minute of their lives. In such given undertaking which they assume, they have choices and decisions they have to make in which such given choices and decisions—even if they relate to God—they are also by their own choices and they exercise their given freewill to do this or that. Even if such people claim that they surrender their life to God and they submit their freewill to God, they are doing something in every instances, they act and react, and they have certain choices and efforts they apply in life since they are humans otherwise they could not survive for they should at least have something to eat.

A person who lives in society where there are different alternatives and sets of approaches of life, a person has more freewill and has given more choices in experiment one’s freewill that to a person who lives in societies where there are limited sets of alternatives and approaches of life or no alternatives  and approaches for life. In this case, the limitation or the non existence of set of alternatives and choices in life should not lead us to conclusion that there is no freedom or freewill since such people have no other alternatives or choices except abiding what is near to their verandas or homes.

Hence, the amount and existence of freedom and freewill are measured upon on the existence of set of choice or alternatives for life since freedom is mostly related to making choices and decisions based upon alternatives approaches and methods of life. In this case, those people who live in societies where there are different or other choices for life are luckier enough to practice and experience their given freewill in better and greater manner than those people who live in societies where there are limited or non-existence of different choices and alternatives for life.

In places or societies where there is no alternatives or choices, the very idea of believing on the existence of freedom of making or creating different alternatives by itself make their given freedom or freewill practical and alive since people could be forced to create their own different or new form and way of life due to the fact that the existing one could limit their thinking and practice on their given freewill.

And the very existence of such freedom do allow such people to experiment their given freewill in their given way and the broader conceptual framework of such societies should allow the practice of freedom and such given types of societies could develop their own ways and methods of setting different kinds of alternatives of life so that they can have different choices and alternatives of life since the existence of freedom and freewill is in most cases related on the existences of choice and different alternative of life otherwise when people live in limited or no alternative of life in terms of way of life, freedom and freewill is dormant to the extent that most people could think that there is no a such freewill or freedom which people could cherish in their life.

By the virtue of existence of freedom in societies do allow the exercise and power of freewill to be alive and people could be inspired and motivated and energetic in doing their given work, assuming responsibilities, developing confidences in decision making and living their given life by creating certain amount of comfort zone and attitude in their given world; the very existence of freedom do make the forces of freewill to be active, alive and energetic in their own reality so that the social dynamics do receive the vigor of freewill in its own way.

There is a feasible difference between freedom and free will. Freedom is in here mostly connected with the entire social framework where as free will is reduce to given individual or to individual component of life such as few groups of people or to the individual. For instance, while correlating such concepts of life, they could be likened to soccer game. This is like when players are set to play in the field, they can play with the ball in way they like in which there are certain laws and regulations that limit their given freewill so that law and order can be placed in the field and the beauty and art of the soccer game could be maintained but the amount of freewill is limited on the skill and talent of players by using their feet and minds.

The moment a player in a team touches the ball with hand, the team is penalized; whenever a player makes a foul, the team is penalized since laws, rules and regulations are mediators that connect and harmonize freedom and free will so that both can function in that given court with balance and order as there is no law, rule and regulation to keep the beauty and flavor of such given game and hence, it is the existence of freedom in its broader terms and scale along with compatible laws, rules and regulations which are equally important to keep the balance of the soccer game interesting and everyone of them add certain flavor to the entire existence and way of life which such players demonstrate in the field.

Hence, it is the very existence of set of alternative and choice of life that make any given society or set of individuals think that the is freewill or freedom since freedom is mostly connected to how far and vast is the field of interaction and communication on the choices and alternatives society make and accommodate and the degree to which it sets different alternatives, the greater probability of thinking and practicing that such freedom and freewill exists. When people limit or put their thinking and practice to one given direction like the horse that is put to horse drawn vehicle which is forced to see only one direction, such types of people cannot ably see and think outside the box and the other side of the coin since they are coined to think and feel.

Such people are types of people who are like fish in fish bowl as they can make their life sustained as far as they are in that given bowl once they are out from that given bowl, they think that are dead. Human beings are not created to be like the fish in fish bowl since they are free to think outside the box and that given fish bowl. In fact they could have better life and world once they are outside that given bowl unlike those fishes that die once they are out. Such people should think like humans since they are bestowed naturally to think unlike fishes that obtain life by the water they are supplied by the bowl.

When such people think that there is no freedom or freewill, this does not mean that such things do not exist since they have also freedom and freewill to think like that there is no such a thing that exists which is reflection of the existence of freedom which ranges to the existence of thinking and feeling that there is freedom to the maximum and limit that has no end and limit since this is what nature and life bestows to everyone whose manifestations is mainly dependent upon experience and exposure of life, understanding and interpretation in searching of meaning for life, one’s will, desire, ambition, and aspirations in life too.

Do Christians and Muslims worship Same God?

December 21, 2015

The God in Christianity and the God in the Muslim religion live for more than thousand years—one is wearing cross and the other one is having crescent moon—though claiming as one God in their own fashion and style but living in two different scenarios and camps of life since they have not only irreconcilable differences but also incompatible way of life that arise due to the nature of concepts, philosophy, time and place gap which do have their own political, cultural and historical contexts and characteristics, though they are differing, at times, thru delivering contesting understanding and interpretation that do lead to matter of controversy in relation to the idea and sense of God as they have given to date thru their own doctrines and principles’ of life which have demonstrated under system of governance they have established to date.

They live in creating not only conflict, and contradiction but also tolerance and understanding and harmony between followers and lovers of such religions, not only in such given religions, but also in all forms of and ways of life since their inception and to date and the gaps and space between such religions and followers of such given religions exist to date. Why?

If there is no differences in such Gods, not only in terms of understanding and interpretations of God but also by the very nature of the concepts and definition they derive of God, such differences, gaps, contradictions and conflict will not arise unless people are impelled by some other and different great purpose to unify such differing religions into one form and way of life. This is crystal clear. The desire and good wish to unify and make resemblance between such Gods is appreciated, which does not warranty the variations and gaps that do not exist in such Gods.

The first and major differences that exist between such Gods is on the very concept of God in which the God in Christianity believes in three features and aspect of God, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Father in which Jesus Christ, the son is the core of the belief system, where as the God in Muslim religion state that God is unknowable reality, but God can be known thru His messengers such as Prophet Muhammad, who is the seal of the prophets and the apostle of God.

The second difference that exist between these two systems of religion is on the spiritual aspect which people employ in creating certain communion with God amongst one of the methods used as the instrumentality of fasting and praying although fasting and praying are generally recommended, in both aspects of religion, but the way and how, and when such things should be practiced is stated in the Islam in specific terms where as it exists in Christianity, such a thing exists in general.

The Muslim religion has specific dates and particular methods and approaches of prayers in which they pray five times a day, and they fast 30 days a year (month of Ramadan) where as in the God of Christianity, they are just asked to pray and fast, dates and periods of such prayer and fasting are not specifically determined, they go by the dictates of the heads of churches where followers respectively belong.

The third differences that exist between in Christianity and Muslim religion is the physical place or geographical place where spiritual, social and administrative centers locate and belong in which the Christians have different headquarters which they choose based on their given heads of Churches belong. Although all recommend to pay pilgrimage which they call the journey of the soul, the spiritual journey, but the pivot place which such practice is recommended vary as per the nature and characters of such religions due to the significance they attribute to such places.

Even if Jerusalem is attributed as holy place to Jew, Christians and Islam, the current practice state that Christians have their own such particular places especially as head quarters in administering the affairs of their respective followers within their domain, and such places are selected sites places be heads of churches, depending on the types of dogma and ideology which they practice since many denominations do exist and their way of life also differ as the doctrine in the denominations vary and the Muslims also have their own sites in relation to such spiritual and administrations pivot places too.

As written material state, the Orthodox Church is a communion comprising the fifteen separate autocephalous hierarchical churches that recognize each other as “canonical” Orthodox Christian churches. Each constituent church is self-governing; its highest-ranking bishop (a patriarch or archbishop) reports to no higher earthly authority … Western Orthodoxy is sometimes used to denominate what is technically a Vicariate within the Antiochian Orthodox and the Russian Orthodox Churches and thus a part of the Eastern Orthodox Church as that term is defined here.

The Catholic Christianity belongs in Vatican, the Protestant and other denominations of Christianity belongs in Western Europe and America where as in the case of Muslim religion, the spiritual social and administrative headquarters of the Sunni Muslim is located at Mecca, in Saudi Arabia where as the Shite Muslim population have their majority in Iraq and in Iran.

In relation to declaring one’s faith as Muslim, the belief in Islam religion states that in the religious practices of Muslims are enumerated in the Five Pillars of Islam, which, in addition to Shahadah, consist of daily prayers (Salat), fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan (Sawm), almsgiving (Zakat), and the pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj) at least once in a lifetimes; where as in the Christianity, it is mostly stated that, to be a true Christian, a person must change— really change, shows that Christians must “repent” and walk a different way of life. After repentance, a Christian must also be baptized (immersed in water) by a servant of Jesus.

In relation to marriage,  Muslim can marry up to  four wives if one has just eyes although it recommends that one should marry only one wife indirectly since it is not possible to be just, where as in the Christianity religion it is clearly stated that one should marry one wife and vice versa to the woman accordingly;  the way women should be dressed in Christianly religion is not specifically determined except statement that state that they should not be ridiculed of their dressing while the dressing style of women in the Muslim religion is particularly stated in way that most part of their given body should be covered up.

These are some of the basic difference that exist any given individual level, on their given social dynamics, the principles their given and respective institutions function and believe and on the very conceptual framework which such given forms and ways of such religions are founded upon. Although both practice and forms of religious vary, there are also certain similarities which they share something inn common since they are religion, they have founders, they claim that they are from God, they have prophecies and expectations, schism, within their followers and systems of religion and the like.

Therefore, it is not possible to claim that they worship same God, but they can live up to such major differences with understanding, tolerance, and forbearance since their basic teachings deliver their respective followers to be good person although the approaches and methods they employ is being different. This is like, in order to reach to certain point, one uses, train and the other one uses an airplane according to their give claim but from their given differences it sounds that they have different destinations which they might not realize.

Besides the above variations they have reflected, which are mentioned to indicate few given aspects of their system of life, the fowling few deviations and gaps both have in terms of understanding and interpretation of such given aspects of their way of life such as, the second person of the Trinity and born of the Virgin Mary. “…true God from true God”.. A prophet, sent by Allah and born of the Virgin Mary, but not divine.. to reconcile Man to God, through his death as a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. ..in the Quran it s state that to proclaim the Injil, or gospel; this gospel has been corrupted over time by human additions and alterations……For our sake he was crucified…he suffered death and was buried. On the third day he rose again…he ascended into heaven…”(Nicene Creed)   Jesus was not crucified (Quran 4:157), but was raised to Heaven by Allah…

…Christians use the writings of the early church fathers and ecumenical councils, including the Creeds…. The Hadith, a collection of traditions/sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. The Hadith functions as a supplement to the Quran, giving guidance to Muslims for daily living… We inherit a sinful nature through our common ancestor Adam, who rebelled against God. Jesus Christ atoned for our sins through his death on the Cross … In Islam it is stated that there is no concept of original sin, nor vicarious atonement. All Humans are born sinless, but human weakness leads to sin. And in relation to salvation is achieved by the grace through faith in Jesus Christ … but in Islam it is achieved through good works, thus personal righteousness must outweigh personal sin.

However, one clearly and without even making single calculation and hesitation rejects the claim few people do in creating new form of religion to unify both since the new form of religion cannot escape from the misunderstanding of its own things, misinterpretations that cause schism in its own domain as both formerly do,  and beyond such given factors, it also adds another confusion and contradictions due to the mysterious and unknowable aspect of God and none can ably claim authority and responsibility on behalf of the unknowable essence.

The most useful and important aspect of life in such given aspect and process of life is on choosing the mechanism that sounds safe, fast, secure and comfortable to travel and live with, which vary on the type of train or airplane which people choose to take on their given journey of life which is merely dependent upon choices, efforts and decisions they make in due course of time since life is a journey which people do by the tools and processes already underway.


The Shirt, Jacket and Coat

December 19, 2015

The Greatest Scientist in History, Albert Einstein advised to humanity and this world at large, after long and many years of experience and exposures of life he was having on this plane of existence, the following statements which one likes to comment in everywhere and at any time since it is one of the good things one has found out in life, Great minds share ideas, medium minds discuss events and small minds discuss about people.

Accordingly, one clicks to one’s mind and make food for thought to oneself and wonders as to what the above sayings want to deliver in relation to the task and jobs which people do and focus in their daily routines besides what they are doing and talk and discus when they meet at their given leisure times in the cafes and restaurants an at any place which they would like to meet, in which there are people who focus on what people eat, think walk and the like as part of their given duties and tasks, but to the contrary, there are also other kinds of people who live on making researches and doing  experimentations and searching meaning for life.

According to Einstein, the small minds are those people who make their life focusing on peoples’ stuff. In one’s observation, there are people who focus on people as part of their daily function which could be useful and harmful. However, focusing on all the time on what people eat, what they drink, where they go and the like are futile thinking and activities which they busy themselves with other peoples sheet while such given people are living their own life but such kinds of people who follow the sheets of other people are sleepless and bothered about other people’s move which could make the flavor of their life to a bad smell and the color of their life as bull shit type and nonsense and they are of course  buckshot types of people too.

For example, Police, Psychologists. Journalists, artists of all kinds, writers, taxi drivers, business people, politicians, thieves, prostitutes and the like are mainly interested and focused on peoples, they focus on other people since they are the nerve of their existence. They are highly dependent on other people thinking and actions and reactions of life and their live are mainly interested and focus on watching other people move, actions and reactions. It is good to focus on people since it is the core of human life, but when such focus happens to be for bad, hurting other people, it tells who such people are and they define their identity and reality on whom they focus on. When such focus is for the good of others, it is useful to have such given focus for many different reasons.

In the second approaches of such given are of life, the office people, managers, event coordinators, factory workers, road construction workers and the like focus on something different than the  people thing since they focus on the things which they do and the like which they are originally employed to perform so that they get paid out of what they have done. They are primary interested on what is happening on the things which they do. As they make certain things to happen, they get paid. They focus less on people since the intention of their job is to make certain things to happen.

In third process of such given deliberation scientists, philosophers and researchers are the ones who are primarily focusing in exploring new things in life, they are engaged in finding new and different things in life, they focus in the world of discovery in which no person has entered and found out in before times, and hence they are forced to dwell on new and different ideas in which such people according to Einstein are indeed great people and such greatness is an expression and reflection of the human nobility.

Human Nobility lies inventing new and different things for the good of human society, this world at large and to the future destiny of this living and continuing world too. Human nobility is an expression real identity and personality of human beings since nobility by its very given virtue focuses on exploring new territories of ideas which galvanize this world into betterment and greatness and honor and dignity.

Any given system has start and as it has an end too, but any give finding and discovery will last longer until any other, new and different findings come in place of it as it is better and greater. However, when such invention and discovery has conformity with the universal and natural law and truth, it overshadow the whole earth, and it continues to governing the whole world to time that has no end.

Systems collapses when their end time is come and they vanish like the clouds in the sky disappear when the sunny days come in the sky as they were like the sun in their given time, their dark days will also come and this is inevitable and none could find them shining tomorrow since tomorrow is another day and the exigency of the time clears and removes them away; the y are formed upon  human conditions as the human conditions change, they cannot govern any more but such findings and discoveries continue with every system since they are eternal and universal and they live up to every social system humanity forms upon the need of the time as time changes such universal discoveries continue governing.

The three stages and classes of people in exist in every human society since people are mainly interested in people for various reasons. What could be scary and dull is when people focus on people to harm them, to destroy their given personality and destiny, and in such case such people are not only small, but also ignorant of human reality and they waste their energy and times for bad and harmful things and whoever such people are, they are not worthy of human values since their motive and intent behind their given drama is bad and unacceptable; however when people focus on people to the good of them, to protect them from any given bad they might face, to help them, to make them happy, to give the ice cream, and the like, these people are wonderful one and their interest on people is indeed worthwhile and they worth true human values.