The Drama of Hate

November 30, 2015

Problems and challenges tell the right identity of person, not in terms of the color and content of such given challenges and problems people face, but on how they face and resolve such challenges and problems that visit their life. And as they face in correct way, their life gets correct content and form and as they solve in wrong way, their life also tells.

When People have certain problem with people, it is obvious to claim that they can solve such problem they face in two ways; the first one is peaceful mechanism and the second one is non-peaceful mechanism. When people are claimed to have a difficulty or problem with God, it must be God that should speak out first since one does not think and believe that none can ably represent God. Whatever claims going on our world on behalf of God are fabricated and self claimed authority which is not even authenticate by God since God is unknowable reality.

God cannot send any person as trustee since it is not knowable and the moment such person claims that one is trustee of God, one is liar and deceiver. What does exist in our world are personal, societal and institutional agreements and conventional judgments between individuals, communities, societies and institutions and this does not mean that such people are correct. It is possible to make an agreement on such subtle and controversial subject matters, but such agreement are not warranty even if whatever articulations are made to portray gigantic picture, image and understanding about God, magnificent buildings they are having at everywhere, huge funds are collected and distributed, numerous individuals and communities do exist in everywhere and on behalf of such given claim, all such claims and undertakings are not guaranty as to make that the unknowable is knowable.

Even if it  is good to have common way and ground for communication and interaction such as collective worship and way of life, which make any given life and stay on earth interesting and spicy, such way of life should not be confused with the idea and thinking that one has perfect and complete way of life that make people to think that the whole world is in their given hands and the fate of this world is under their control, which was tried by ambitious people in many times in past, but failed, the same fate will be true to those people who try to manage this world to the future in same way since there are many mysteries and secrets which we all do not know on how this world is governed and going on.

In such human way of interaction and communication, God cannot speak in human way since the language which God speak cannot be to limited human languages and to human way of perceiving such subtle reality, but it is human imagination and perception of God that is  speaking and talking and interacting and communicating with human in such world.In such given conversations, it is the human way of perceiving God that exists than the true God since such God has different nature than the human God. In such cases, it is such problem and complication that exists between humans and such God since such kinds of God could not agree with few people due to the fact that they are thinking and asking. Hence, there are two kinds of problems that exist; the first one is such thinking people and such God create by human imagination; and the second one is such people with other people who believe in and think in such created and agreed God. Distinction should be made.

When people solve such given complications of life in peaceful and correct way, their life obtain such given color of calmness and serenity in due course of time. As people solve such give complications of life with a resolution that could lead in creating another conflict and contradiction, which is in fact , temporal, another complication is yet to be borne which could even make their life in worse conditions and situations.

For example, if one have a problem with certain people, inhere, such problem—to and for its existence—should at first have enough ground for interaction and communication. Meaning, one and other people should communicate and interact so that any given problem is created out of such given action and reaction. Based on such actions and reactions, we could figure out right solution as per our given understanding of the nature and character of the problem, and thus, we provide specific solution as per the maturity we all possess in life.

However, if there are people who just hate oneself due to the fact that they have made common and unforgivable mistake in terms of perception and understanding, the problem goes to such people and there is nothing that could be connected to oneself in here since such problem is created by their own—misconception, misunderstanding and misinterpretation. In such cases, it is their own mind and their own understanding that should be reconciled at first.

And there is no such involvement of oneself since one has not even interacted and communicated with such people and such people by virtue of the status of life they have obtained in any given society, they have failed to interact and communicate with oneself so that better understanding could be gained before they went too far obtaining such given fake understanding. They have lived and died by their own phony and fancy imaginations of life, which yield nothing. At the end of the day, they have realized that they were wrong and they should not think too far.

People are free to understand and interpret things in way their given understanding, free will and moral choices dictate. But, when they apply and work out on such given alternative of life they are provided by nature and life, they would be beneficiary, as they perceive and interpret things in correct and natural manner not by their given passions and wishes they have that dictate since when such given wishes and passions could create some sort of biases to understand new and different things that they face in life, which could put them in confusions at any given point.

Accordingly, the main problem lies, on why they understand and interpret , on what they understand, how they understand, how they interpret and what they interpret and the reconciliation process should be done with their own realm since one has nothing to do with such thing. It is their given thinking and belief system that cause them to be in such fake understanding and interpretation, they should reconcile themselves between and within their own given social dynamics.

While the want to include oneself in here under the cover and fake gesture of communication and interaction such as, let one share one’s give personal experience in life to them, this is not possible since one knows what type of people they are and they were doing and one has no interest, passion and readiness to interact and communication with such people and it is not possible and one does reject such given claim since there is nothing to share and deliver due to the fact that one has nothing in common, one is not even a comedian or singer or an artist or whatever public figure which one should do on stage. They can read on the write up one is doing on such blog if they lie to receive something or know one experience of life.

The simple solution is they should ask forgiveness or apology officially on what they did. This is crystal clear and simple solution when they do it publicly, it is for their own satisfaction if they have sense of shame and they are human beings as one good reason; the second is the public at large knows of such given bad theater and drama of life, what they did, who did participate, why they did, and the society knows whom to respect or not. It also gives a chance to reconsider ad re-think on the value system, beliefs and other aspects of its undertaking, and, then, surely, significant change will take place. Otherwise, the same sheet will be going on and nothing will appear.

It is not the problems and challenges such societies and institutions face genuinely tell who they are, the way and approaches they resolve such matters is the most important aspect of life. When they are truthful, and correct in resolving such given challenges, the next steps and stages will be better and nicer. Otherwise, trick will not solve anything and is not useful to anyone. Being responsible means being truthful. Being responsible means being loyal to the truth. Being responsible means being accountable to the truth.



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