Brief Stay in Writing

November 27, 2015

Writing is powerful tool which people use to share their views and perception in relation to their given experience of life on what they see, hear, observe, smell, taste, understand, interpret and so on. And people write based on their given capacity and understanding level. Accordingly, people write about people affairs, which is called the gossip, people write about nature and events, and people write about ideas and perceptions too.

One specifically writes on sharing one’s given experience of life along with perceptions of life, which are related to people, events and process of life and ideas one would like to discuss and share to others. In such realm of writing, one writes not with the intention of seeking any feedback, or statistical data, or distribution in terms of countries where people belong who read one’s write up. This is not even in the dictionary and vocabulary and the motto of one’s given write up. One has one’s own purpose and plan in such realm.

When people write about any subject matter or area of interest, receptivity of people is mainly dependent upon what type of social dynamics and the type of value judgment such societies have are one big factor. A society which is merely interested in gossiping and about people affairs is highly interested on writings of such given subjects since they have major inclination to know about people and such societies want to know about people. A society or community which is interested in exploring new and different ideas, such people are highly interested in such arena of life and write up of such matters are of great interest to them. Receptivity to particular subject of interest is mainly dependent upon how society is shaped and on its value judgments and how it perceives realities of life.

In such world of write up, one finds great meaning and perspectives of life by one’s own since writing is a power. Writing is an instrument, where by people obtain certain point of view in life and about this world. In writing, great friends are borne and found. In writing, enemies are also there. Both positive and negative forces and people emerge as one keep on writing. And it is simple to guess that it is always good that win since good is by itself an energy and a force that delivers momentum to the success one is already destined to achieve.

Language is a tool which people chose to communicate their views and perception while they use the power of writing. Whatever language people use, the most important thing lies on the idea and perception which people would like to share so as to deliver any give understanding to other people. When people use universal languages, they have wide audience and coverage who can listen and read to them as long as what they share is sound and has great meaning.

In such world of writing, there are people who could claim that they can know people by the nature and character of the write up, which contain partial truth since people can write on many things, but their personal life could be different and be falling apart from what they claim in their write up. This happens for many reasons. For example, a person could write thesis or essays or article on the danger of smoking and could give thoughtful advice to others, but one could find such person, consuming one packet of cigarette in an hour.

To know of person deep inside thinking and contemplation, few people think that writing could tell something since people write based on what they feel and think to their deeper inner self, which is communicated outwardly in the form of artistic methods such as writing and paintings since they assume that such profound tools cannot hide the truth. There is one given aspect such people forget to recognize since the road from heart to mind along with the hand is mainly dependent upon the will and non-will factor, in which the human free will is one good thing to consider due to the fact that people can write based on their preference and choices.

It is not possible to make anyone not think, since thinking is natural. What could vary from individuals, is what type of things people think. There are people who think to govern on the mysteries of the universe as there are individuals who think on how to kill other people, or where Mr X or Ms Y are having  cup of coffee. Such kinds of given forms of thinking vary as per the inclination, interest and hobbies of people besides their given capacity they have developed in their given life.

There are people who could not escape from thinking about other people garbage and affairs even if they have many degrees in education as there are people who are sleepless about governing secrets and mysteries of the universe. These people vary in thinking based on their given perspectives on life since people think based on their wishes, dreams, imagination and exposures in life. They cannot go beyond such given realms of life. They are bound by their given experience and exposures in life even if they have different status in any given society.

It could be possible to speculate what people think than arrive to concrete fact and conclusion especially based on peoples’ given write up, to tell their inner and true self could be sophistry since such kinds of conclusions could lead to wrong and bad idea, which could allow and end such people into court room since they arrive at wrong deduction by false preamble. One could write up on the thing one thinks in today at specific minutes and seconds, and such given thinking could not exist in one’s realty after today, and base on such introductory thinking, it is not possible to tell the fate of such people to the rest of their lives as it is not possible to tell the correct story and message of the book by reading one given or single part of the write up.

Experience they acquire in life, circumstances in every second which people face, learning they obtain from other people in due course of time, mysterious events that visit such peoples live in unexpected time, changing times and conditions of the world that could go from village to the entire world at large, working and living environments which people have in due process of time, and other related matters make people to think and behave in different ways and manners, that change people’s thinking and behaviors to go according to the need and character of the time. Hence, people change and they could go and live beyond what is expected.

Writing is indeed a different realm. It gives people a chance to have some sort of concentration toward their give undertaking. When people write, they have focus on something, which they would like to write. They give enough time of contemplation and mediations on things which they like to share. They spent some time in reading and understanding on those issues and matters that they would like to address.

Before they write, they think on something, they gather information from different sources such as interviewing people, reading other reading materials, making different kinds of conversations with many people, and they assemble all kinds of data they have gathered. And then, the finally write in organized manner, meaning, they convert the data they collect from different sources to information. In such organization of the write up, they have their own coherent views which flow from one sentence to the other without noise and disturbance. By doing so, people understand and tell that such give writ up is wonderful since it give them an idea on something in way without giving them any hassle. Hence, such people could say, this person is magnificent writer based on the way such person addresses any given matter!!


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