Get Back

November 26, 2015


Rats and cats have a company

As they like to be revolutionary

To set example, the spirit of possibility

In world most are idle as they think impossible

As time goes by, they have a walk

To show the world, they look nice;

They walk too long, too far

From where they truly both belong

And they get tired, they need a rest

While being showy

And they have no penny

They want to look for something

And, they could not find it as they wish

Realizing, nothing is change on the outside

Since, it is penny that is indeed worthy

Though, they think, they are one

They are indeed different being

And, they get back to the former time

In order to live and to obtain a life

They cannot forget their real nature

Rats are rats

Cats are cats

They cannot love each other

Passing the border line

Since nature speaks louder

While trying to create the fake world

With the artificial and fabricated light

Nature calls them back to the real world

Cats living consuming the rats

While trying  in creating a wrong realm

As trust was the doctrine and the slogan

This was how cat deceived the rats

Showing seemly good deeds on outside

But, hiding, the inner  and the real one

Until bad day comes on stage

And it comes, rats are gone

Since, one cannot change true nature

The same is true in the human

Color is color

Race is race

Identity is the reality

As personality affects individuality

One cannot replace the other

Even if penny is the factor

For few to buy the dollar

To imitate and work one for the other

But, one cannot turn out to the other

It is nature that is better and closer

That has great meaning and is nicer!!


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