A Prisoner of Expectation


November 25, 2015

People live by the faith which they claim

Inventing it along with a hope to achieve

While the promise is yet to come and arrive

All prefer to live combined by waiting

And living in such jail of expecting

Such hope is not coming and coming

People are not even going and acting

With foolishness, they prefer to live with silence

Ignorance and stupidity are on stage

They do not even ask for, why

They lack knowledge and courage

Wishing to continue with same drama of garbage

As such theater is over, another one is borne

When one hope is over and come to an end

Another one germinates since such is life

A vicious circle of drama of life in one axis

Where promise, hope and faith are mixed

They create a life that has a meaning

As one is end and met and achieved

And such end has no end, it is not yet finished

It is just a beginning for another end

In world, stupidity and foolishness are kings

Ignorance and fear are married to such life

Giving birth to a child—perplexity is borne!!


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