November 24, 2015

Conflict and contradictions are the becoming nature and characteristics of this world. This world has faced two devastating ruinous woes and wars in the past, namely World War I and II. Although there is decline of war in terms of organized way and manner that is going on between nations and societies, this world has currently faced another strange circumstances that ruins human lives, properties and other features of the human lives.

Besides the natural catastrophe this world faces from time to time, such human catastrophes—terrorism—is the current challenge, not only the political and religious world faces, it causes every aspect of the human way of life under jeopardy.  It causes to make life to be more of unpredictable in bad way.  It is one of the causes of uncertainty of life in this world. It makes people to suffer of anxiety and suspicion in their daily given undertakings.

Terrorism jeopardizes not only peace and security of nations and societies, it brings disastrous consequences on the economic aspect of nations and societies, it creates perilous psychological and sociological stresses and impact on the structure and make up of individuals, institutions and communities and societies. It obliges people to reconsider and rethink on the values judgment and belief systems of certain societies and nations which are the primal focus points, where such terrorist groups belong.

One is wondering as to where this world is heading since new wave of terrorism is on stage, not only in one place or nation, but to the entire world at large, both east and west, north and south. The political divide that exist in this world is getting wider as few expect that this world would go the political unity by the year 2000, but contrary to their given expectations, and possessing of such fake prophecy, this world is heading to different way and end than what is expected and even prophesized.

Is terrorism a religious ideology or a result of human interpretation that is derived out of religious ideology, which is still unanswered? Why does terrorism emerge to such level of organized attack to the extent that it becomes one of the worst threats this world faces in everywhere? Who create terrorist? Who is behind them backing them up? Why is it becoming such challenge? Are the main issue concerns on the ideology of east and west, Christian and Muslim, and the like? Why?

Former US President, George Bush, when his nation was hit by September 11, 2001 terrorist attack—which consumed more than 6000 innocent citizens—commented, why do they hate us. This was one of the indicative remarks that show there is deep rooted hate and complication that exist between these people in which the political and religious divide and conflict which exist between the east and west is reflected in such aspect although legitimate nations of east and west are working hand in hand in integrated and harmonized manner.

And the recent terrorist attack in Paris, France which ruined the lives of few hundred innocent peoples is deeply heart breaking and the whole world is saddened by such incident. Other terrorist threats are going on this world at large and it is making this world to be scary spot and a place where suspicion becomes the king in many people’s hearts and minds. And people have come to an idea that religions and the verses in religious books are the primal causes that are used as justification from such given groups and it is not religious ideology or verse that could heal such ailments.

One also wants to reflect to one of the given aspect on such creation of such given groups, as few people and experts said and claim, that it is the western nations who create certain groups with intention of putting some amount of pressure and tensions on the governments which they do not like, but such given groups later on happen to be consolidated and well developed groups and they back fire on them and they become their enemies. For instance, Osama Bin laden was CIA agent and member. Hamas was originally created by the Israel to weaken the Palestine Liberation Front and later in, it happens to be an enemy of the Israel government.

The miscalculations and non-genius attempt and way of deriving wrong recipe of political advantage and  win over the governments which they do not like that make them pay the price back by such terror groups since they are the sole responsible causes in creating them and they cause to the death of many innocent peoples’ lives. As they say, when the elephants fight, the harm goes to the grass. None likes and supports terrorism except those people who are part and parcel of such groups since it consumes the lives of the innocents.

Terrorism makes life to be scary, chaotic and noisy than making it calm, enjoyable and exciting. It is one of the worst threats this world faces due to the human factor which needs human way of resolving it. It makes peoples’ life to be unorganized and unplanned in activating their daily functions. It creates disturbance and annoyance on the life of human society. It creates dissatisfaction and disappointment on the side organized and legitimate systems underway.

One likes and supports the comment made by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, which goes like, to forgive is up to God, but to send them to God is up to me since it requires not holy water or magic as remedial action, but strong army and organized forces and efforts to remove such threat once and for all.


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