Uncertainty—Dilemma of Life!?

November 23, 2015

Certainty comes out of uncertainty as confusion gives birth to clarity. Uncertainty is one of the delusions of the human mind which is resulted out of deviations from human expectations and, but also, with ignorance which people face in life.  People become uncertain since they face confusions, contradiction and deviations towards the spot which they think that it is perfect and complete.

In reality, life and whatever things that exist in this world are not and cannot be perfect and complete, but thru the process of life, things become better and best. It is very human to expect things as perfect and complete, which magnify not only the spot or the thing which people think and believe, but also indirectly telling that such people are great people of no mistakes and faults. It is cumulative effect of reflection of peoples egoistic thinking than the perfectness or completeness of the thing which they think and believe in.

What could be interesting in certain cases in life is that there are people who could arise to clear out confusions and contradictions, but they could finally end and come up with another confusions and contradictions and they end up in the middle of nowhere. They add uncertainty on uncertainty, and they derive their own wrong formulas to solve the right problems which they should face in life. This is like they face the problems of sociology, but they want to solve it with physics or mathematics formula and  in this case, human beings react in wrong ways, and directions since human beings are not some kind of machines which they move according to the manuals few people would like to operate, but rather with the natural human free will and freedom of choice they make in life.

It is originally being foolish to expect that things are perfect and complete and when such human expectations do not occur as desired, disappointment and dissatisfaction visit people’s life. in such imperfect and incomplete world, it is peoples’ efforts, choices and decisions they make in every step they make that make life better and best that could possibly lead this world into perfection and completeness, which are not even possible to achieve due to reason that such perfection and completeness are relative, subjective and contextual concepts and matters in life of this world.

Uncertainty did hit America when September 11 terror attack was done on its historic and magnificent sites and consumed the lives of innocent people. Recently, France was hit by such uncertainty while terrorist killed hundreds of innocent peoples in different sites. And, this world is currently heading and living in the world of uncertainty than ever since anything can happen in anywhere at any given time. People become anxious and suspicious on the color and taste of their day long activities should look like due to the fact that life becomes more of unpredictable than being predictable.

One had conversation with men in few years back in which such conversation was done with two married people who were old friends. One of them asked me, how is life, one replied, it is fine. But the person was not satisfied in one’s reply and he exclaimed with exaggeration that you should say life is excellent and he also further pointed out that one did not say such a word in one’s reply (excellent) since one was not married. One replied again, one is just fine and this is what one knows in life. And one asked, how do you become sure that life is excellent by just having wife, since one knew that he had cheating wife, but he had no idea that his wife was cheating on him.

Recently, we met and he asked same question. I said I am still fine. And one asked, how about you, he replied, life is boring. He asked an apology for that give statement and on the comments he made at that given point since he recognized later on that he admitted he was wrong. He was supposed to concern himself around his own than point finger on oneself. It sounded that confusions surrounded this man’s life. Uncertainty is the king in his life. The person has no idea which way to go and what to do next. The spot which he thought as source of joy and comfort is destroyed, and thus, uncertainty surrounds this person’s reality.

Uncertainty comes out in point when there is no point of reference to what people think and do is correct or wrong, and what people think that they know and believe is found out as fake and wrong in way the what people think they know is turned out as they do not even know. When knowledge is replaced by ignorance, uncertainty is borne. The father of uncertainty is knowledge but whose mother is ignorance. When both are married, uncertainty becomes their given child.

The same is true in world of ideology in which people could have firm knowledge and thinking on certain ideologies and they could promulgate such given ideology with determination and conviction. And due to many reasons, such given ideology could not work out, and hence, such given people fall under confusion and live in the city of uncertainty since they lose direction and perspective and the spot which they assume that it is perfect and compete is turned out to incomplete and imperfect circle.

In this case, the fate of such people, in most cases, crystal clear. Most people could be frustrated and confused and they could kill themselves since they feel like they are betrayed and deceived and tricked. Others could prefer not step and stay and live in such state of being and they prefer to have different way of life to the rest of their stay on the earth. Others could not even be convinced of such failure and of such given ideology which they think is correct and complete; they want to live in the valley of denial as if the ideology is something that can work out even if it does not fit to the need of the age and the requirements of society at large.

Quite surprisingly, there are quite few individuals who adjust their give ideology to different ideology so as to being transformation and change in society, they do some kind of plastic surgery to the former ones, and they keep on the struggle and they prefer on working hard so as to bring the desired result which they seek in life. Such people are indeed marvelous ones who deserve much honor and respect since they show a way and they are examples to many individuals of their kinds on how to change path of life with such convictions which people should have in life.

It is not in here what they claim that is important, but the determinations and conviction and faith they have reflected in life in a time their friends and colleagues live in frustration, desperation and uncertainty, they develop the path of determination, faith and certainty by their own way and mechanism. In such city, knowledge is replaced by ignorance and ignorance is replaced by knowledge. In such city, certainty is replaced by uncertainty and uncertainty is replaced by certainty.

The point in here is that one does mention such experiences of life of other people not with the intention of joining them or looking to have such given company or association with such kinds of people. One has one’s own way of life in one’s own accent even if there is some sort of resemblance, but one just reflects any given experience of life which one hears, reads, understands and the like. The point one shares such a view is that when any give experience of life deserves sharing according to one’s value judgment, one shares it to  other people, not for seeking cheap publicity or popularity, or trick or deceive other people, but one thinks that one likes to share any given experience that is worth mentioning.

Such process of life is continuous process. In such valley of certainty and uncertainty, both states of beings visit every individual, community or society and institutions at different times and situations in life. They are part and parcel of the process of life. It makes people to see things in ambivalent way so that new and certain direction comes into place. In such cases, beside efforts and choices people make in such undertaking, time will also tell and clarify things better.

As uncertainty comes in, it gives a chance to clear things way and new way of life and direction comes into place. It also gives an opportunity to clear the dirt that exists within one’s own domain and delivers clear eyes to the future. It shows new and different direction to the future of any given individual, society and institutions. As certainty and clarity is come, one level of development and maturity is achieved which can not be obtained in any school or conditions of the human way of life. When such maturity is developed, it gives another level of maturity to resolve when another level of uncertainty and confusions come. Hence, life is ornamented with constant efforts and choices which people make in their daily routine and as circumstance visit their lives, better achievement and greater transformations occur in their life and future.


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