Possessing Pure Heart!?

November 21, 2015

One was reading a statement from the so called holy books which goes like, O God create me a pure heart. One was wondering as to the true meaning and how such a heart to be created in world where every day is defiled with impurity and unclean motives and intentions of what this world delivers in every minutes of its undertaking. What does it mean by pure heart, and is there anyone who possesses such heart unless people deliver such heart to whomsoever they like and would like to attribute due to the fact the they want to give a merit to the authors of the belief and belief systems which they like to honor and give much respect.

When someone says, reads and writes, O God give me pure hear, it is an indication that the person’s heart—even if one is author of any given belief system—is not pure and is asking God to assist oneself to possess such a heart so that one can have good life when such heart is created in one’s reality. This is one of the astonishing station people can have as human beings since most people ask wealth, money, health and other material advantages and desires, but such people ask for such a purity which is indeed such profound human stations.

Why do people ask such assistance from God? When do people seek such kinds of assistance from God? What do people ask for God such assistance? This is obvious that most people ask or go to God when their earthly ways and means of survival are lost and they have no other means or way that they seek things to happen in magic way and thus people are accustomed to such way of life, seeking assistance from the unseen kingdom. In this case, they understand and interpret on the replies which they receive from the unseen kingdom in different approaches.

They get successes and they develop some kind of trust with such kinds of powers and as they do not receive immediate answers, they forget on the existence of such power or types of assistance even if there are kinds of peoples interpretations and understanding that claim in way such answers do not come in way people seek, they prefer to assume that they happen for the good, benefit and advantages to their own which is nicer way of consoling oneself in way people keep living without disturbance and annoyance.

However, when people ask for assistance to God, for example, an aid from God in relation to  money and other material things, the answer can be known and crystallized in something that is tangible in which if it is money, they get it with form of paper and ink format along with their numerical values. What about seeking, pure heart, when they ask, what is the means where by such pure heat is reflected and manifested in the objective world, how is such reality is going to be measured, is it in kindness, and other virtues which people claim as being spiritual. And who is going to tell of such given matter.

What is the advantage of obtaining such pure heat in world being the so called or the claimed spiritual being is considered as being foolish and stupid, in world people want to take their personal hidden and advantages on such given dedicated individuals which they want to be spiritual. For example, when you forgive peoples wrong doings, they keep on doing worse and worst things on you since they assume that you are forgiving; so that all their wrongs would be forgiven.

In such case, such types of people tend or are forced to take the other side of the coin, being rude, due to the fact that it is not forgiveness that bring them to the right direction, but telling them they are doing bad things, they are hurting other people and they also want to take advantage of the so called spiritual gambling which they play on others due to the fact they play wrong games with wrong people and they require right medication and remedy, in this given case, it is not forgives and apology, but justice and rudeness.

In this case, when they deliver cup of poison, one would not drink that poison, but one would inform to the police that such people are doing crimes; in fact, one has no intention of giving them cup of milk, instead, for two reasons to such people since they deliver poison. One is one does not have enough money to buy milks to such kinds of people and the other is one is not willing to mingle and interact and communicate with such kinds of people who deliver poison, in fact, one stays away from such people in order to have safe and secure approach of life.

So, the idea of possessing pure heart in such world and living amidst such people could be important and sought for one good reason. Meaning, when one possesses such pure heart, the potency and magnitudes of possessing such heart should create two types of magnetic fields in one’s reality. The first one is to attract those good people towards oneself. The other is to make such bad people shun way, who take advantage of their bad game and desires on the innocence and good one acquire in life.

Otherwise, possessing pure heart is futile game which people play in past, especially in religious fields which most are designed to take advantage of their foolish drama and play on such people who strive to be better and best in principle and doctrine of life. They do bad on you, and then they ask for forgiveness in which they claim that asking forgiveness is better than seeking permission as slogans o their life, which made them think they are smart, but they do not realize that they were foolish and such given bad practice state that on who they are and what they were doing to their given undertakings.

In this world, what people should ask is not straightforward things in world even those people around could plot evil things on one’s given undertaking, but wisdom and tact, which is subjective and relative element and components of life since people change in thinking, attitude, behavior and other aspects of life in every second and from one direction to the other. And it is only wise and tactful people who live beyond problem and challenge which they face in every day routines and they have safe and secure life than being victims of other pope bad therapy. In such changing and fluctuating world and people, wisdom and tact, which are subjective contextual and relative elements and components of life are significantly essential to any given undertaking which people want to promote in life.


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