The Dual Facets

November 17, 2015

Life in this world is not only world of actual and objective reality which people take at face value but it is also a world of fantasy and in cases, both can be found merged and combined as result of their given interaction and communication they have with each other and hence, one could come with an understanding that what people see as illusions could be found as true in due course of time since the happenings in life are not only predictable but also unpredictable.

And people can come up with an eye that can see far beyond the near and around sea and ocean in order to pass certain hurdles people faces in today since one thinks that tomorrow is always another great and bright day which offers a new and different fruit in its own good time and place.  Though great thinkers of our world can see what can be going on the future, most people cannot sense and see what is next to them since such a thing is quite merely dependent upon capacity and experience people have in life. It is just matter of station.

This world has many worlds within its own dynamics. It is solely a matter of searching, governing, seeing and sensing. It is matter of understanding and interpreting. The point about in this world is not only what people have, but on what they do with what they have. The point in this world is not only on what they think and believe, but on what they do with what they think and believe.  Life is indeed full of mysteries whose secrets are countess.

Accordingly, how come a person can be happy two times with an experience related to one and similar incident that visit one’s life? How come one have life that is not redundant, but essential and important since such things are not those type of happenings which others refer as deja-vu, but they happen in two different worlds of human existence in this world. Such a thing is not resembled with the saying, the foul laughs two or three times on one given happening, but this is a kind of experience that one has practically faced in one’s exposures in life.

This is related to an experience one has faced in the dream world few months ago which make one’s reality to be happy in one’s dream world and after few weeks of that given dream world experience, that same given experience in the dream was practically translated into the objective world, and such given experience makes oneself happy again.

This is also true to the opposite incidents in which there are certain experiences that make one self in sad in the dream world and they happen to be translated into objective world. What could be quite interesting in here is that there are two types of such experiences in which when one faces such bad condition or state of being in dream world, they give signal in order to protect oneself from the bad one could have faced and the other ones are they just happen even if one takes preventive measures or not.

And one is wondering as to the different worlds that exist in this given plane of existence in which, most people could think that this world is only what we objectively see, touch, smell and the like and they assume that it is one big objective world. However, there are many different layers of worlds that exist in this world which are dependent upon their degree of manifestations and experiences which people have in life that could be connected to different layers of existence in life as well.

Hence, people perceive this world based on their given understanding, perception, interpretations and imaginations they practice that depend on how far they have good grasp in relating and un-relating things and experiences they face in life.  What mostly change from time to time is people’s perception, understanding and interpretation of realities if life.

For example, one was wondering to particular experience people face in life and such people were heard in relating to their perception to specific place which they visit from time to time and they claim that this place has changed very much than decade ago. And one asked a person who lives in that given place for more than a decade. Has this place really changed? And the person said, there is no such significant change in this place as they claim. And one told to such people that it is people way of looking at things that in most cases change than things.

Basically, change has two facets. One is peoples’ thinking and understanding that change since experience is one given factor. The other is the objects or things of understanding change or evolve since evolutionary process and aspect of life is one factor for things to change. As par of one given experience in life, especially to religion, one has pretty much changed on how one perceives religion in today than in former days. One sees religion as community development center in today than on the claims which every religion does.

Before, one used to perceive religion as only way to truth and salvation. But, in today, one understands religions as one of ways of life that help people to have productive life. One use to perceive religion as center of human life. In today, one perceives religion as one of the things at the corner than being at the center. One perceives religion as way to satisfy people’s collective interest of worship and way of life on earth than give a truthful perspective in relation to the essence and nature of the unknowable reality such as God.

This world has pretty much changed as peoples’ understanding and perception of realities change too. Both kinds of changes take place on this world, whose synergetic effect could lead to another level and process of change. Such changes are inevitable. They happen as part of natural and evolutionary process of life, humanity’s natural need or quest for betterments, and choices people make in life. Thru such process of life, change becomes an integral part of human way of life which none can escape. Change has dual aspects, one is in good and the other is in bad; one is moving forward and the other is moving backward.

What basically change is on what and how people perceive this world from time to time as the world also changes too. When both changes can be integrated at compatible wave length and frequency, the symphony of life obtained beautiful color and melody that delivers elixir and joy to the life of this world and humanity at large. This depends on how people perceive and interpret realities and happenings of life which is merely dependent upon their degree of maturity and level of understanding which is resulted out of their given exposures and experiences of life.



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