Endless Drama!!

November 12, 2015

They tell us to go this way

A way which they do fabricate as lie

As most thought it was the way

Whose inside is a real reality

And people enter there in the valley

Looking for safety and security

But it happens to be a jail, putting all in custody

Hard to get away as free will is gone

As they ask, where is my freedom

They are told, you  already gave to the promised

In world, the promised is fake and mirage reality

And people live with bewilderment and perplexity

With the delusion of their own drama and play

As they ask and challenge, and say, why

And they find the truth by their own good time

They are asked to be silent and to behave

What is this world, the theater and drama

Which started long time ago in ancient time

Enveloping everything in book, and verses

Amending it as they like as time goes by to fit the need

A long and endless drama, humanity prefers to play on earth

There is no answer, it is still a quest to breath

People shall live, tricking their own sheet

Taking in the sheet and removing it in toilet!!


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