Denial—Ugly Truths

November 10, 2015

I was reading an article published in relation to the saying of former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who called the Holocaust a lie, raising the stakes against Israel just as world powers try to decide how to deal with the nuclear ambitions of an Iran in political turmoil. This regime (Isreal), will not last long. Do not tie your fate to it… This regime has no future. Its life has come to an end, he said in speech broadcast on state to video. And the first country to react to such statement was Germany. And Germany said, Ahmadinejad was a disgrace to his country.

When people become achieved, they try to be over ambitious and they want to do many things at a time. They happen in every conference, media presentations, attend ceremonial activities at big hotels and invitations, and they try to become something and someone in everywhere. They talk about all kinds of things which they know and they do not know, they try to be important in everywhere. While such given drama of their life is going on, they could get stuck at some point since things could go contrary to what they think and imagine.

In this case, they start facing the world of denial in their own fashion by the amount and type of importance which they tried to obtain from society at large due to the fact that they cannot bring back or change on things that happen which could be quite opposite to what they have talked about or planned since they have already occurred, but not in line with their thinking, wishes, dreams and the like. They deny. They join the world of denial by their own thinking along with the things occur that could divert the destiny and drama of their life to a different and undesired direction.

Everyone could face such denial, but what could be different to people from people is on the amount and intensity of denials which mainly depends on two factors; one is on the things that occur contrary to what people think and expect; the second is on the amount of failures people commit which they are not comfortable to accept or face. The third one is bit different which is intentional drama which politicians and other people fabricate in order to promulgate their hidden agenda or misdirect the world or divert attentions of the public at large. In this case, people enter the valley of denial which has different layers and levels of such state of being, until things become vivid and more evident.

Of all people, those people who live in the valley of religion and politics face such circumstances of life since they claim that they shape this world, the world is going in way their given claim dictate. When things contrary to their expectations, imagination, belief, thinking, dream and visions go and come—which people call the ugly truths, painful realities— they face identity perplexity and personality bewilderment since they could not find any weighty meaning and understanding as per the context of their given belief system, but they keep on fabricating their own obvious illusory deliberations so as to make certain compatibility with what is going on so that their given claim, thinking and belief could go and keep on governing this world.

Denial is defined as an unconscious defense mechanism characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or feelings. This happens for denial is one of the most common protection mechanisms that people use, pretending that an uncomfortable thing did not happen. There are certain aspects of denial which should be underlined and the major part of it is that they are painful realities, meaning they are truthful aspects, but they hurt people since they are not prepared to accept them.

In such cases, people try to take all kind of things in order to reject such painful truths since such things could affect their personality and integrity even though they have done something wrong or something which they do not like to accept could happen, they prefer to live in hiding themselves from the objective and solid truths which they see on stage.

Hence, identity and personality crisis could happen in their given reality and they live contradicting themselves at last. The fabricate all kinds of fictitious stories and false rumors in order to make the appeared truth false, which they cannot and they do not have the power and influence over the path of truth, at last, even if it is very hard for them not to accept such sold truths which they decline to accept, but, they inwardly accept, but outwardly fight in order to reject such truths and in here, the denial state of being takes different shape and structure within their own reality.

The same is true at society or institutions levels which people face in everywhere, what could vary is the intensity and magnitude of such denial and the type, which is mainly dependent upon the circumstances they face. When any given society is told that you are like this— contrary to what it thinks to its own—the first reaction is rejection which follows anger and frustration, and then, keep on hiding the truth, which could later on commit mass suicide on its existing value as result of such given rejection it demonstrates in order to rebuff the solid truth it contains within its own dynamics though it does not realize that such a thing does exist.

Researches state that denials have the following stages and process of actions and reactions and such stages are shock, Anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance. In every stage, people show different kinds of thinking and behavior as per the nature and character of the stage and process of such denial until they finally accept at the last stage which could reverse the whole process and acts on what people were showing during such given processes of life.

Most institutions and societies are in state of denial since the try to hide truth which is speaking out louder on stage and they give false deliberations in order to justify as defense mechanism than accept what is going on the objective reality. They prefer to make unconscious defense and be in state of refusal to acknowledge painful realities. In this regard, such societies and institutions face identity crisis and confusion in their given undertaking since things contrary to their wishes, dreams visions, thinking, beliefs, values and the like are happening on stage, which are quite hard to accept and acknowledge.

In such process of life, denials get different color and taste since it is not only individuals that are confused and frustrated but also society and institutions. Every given individual state of denial is not necessarily shared or cannot affect of any given society or institutions, where such individual belong. Whereas, every institutional and societal denial affect and influence those individuals who belong to that given respective domain.

What are the root causes of such denials? Basically, it is human expectations that cause such denials in one aspect; it is also wrong doings and thinking which people perform on stage and such wrong doings do have its own consequential effects as result of the nature and character of such wrong doings, which do lead people to face denial since accepting such given cases do lead to other undesired results. They prefer to denial than accept.

For instance, someone murders another person and such murdering was performed in secret manner. While investigation on such given case is carried out, the suspect is found and put to court for inquiry, whatever inquiry is forwarded to such person, the person cannot easily submit one’s acceptance to such wrong since the person is pretty much aware of such consequences that is why the person performed such wrong act in secret manner. And the person passes different stages and processes of denial until proven guilty by the arguments and evidences that would be going on the court procedures.

Another example could be, any given community could pretend itself as if nothing bad is going on within its own domain. However, there are people who could come up with certain idea and practical experience along with objective evidences that such given and claimed corruption exists in that given community dynamics. In such cases, authorities and community members could revolt against such given claim even if they know that something is going on within its own domain. Here, denial is stage and process of life such society and institutions face until the truth is evident and they abide by the truth of such given claim.

Denial and state of denial is part of historical accounts, occurrences and realities of the human life. People deny things since the truth which they try to deny is ugly and painful. In this case, until they reach t to the final stage of acceptance, they suffer which is obvious process of life in such given way of life. Those people who quickly fix and adjust themselves to such ugly and painful truths are safer than those who take quite a long time. This depends on the types of choices and decisions people make for their own life which is mainly dependent upon their freewill and freedom of choices. The point is not the ugly truths but not on the choice people deliver!!


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