Be Ware of Seemly Good!?

November 9, 2015

I was reading an interesting write up entitled, Africa Rising: A little warning for Ethiopia and the black race, wrote by Pius Adesanmi, which was published on, which is read as follows. Yesterday, I read an article in The Economist about the dire situation of industrialization in Africa. The said article starts with the desolate landscape of what was once Africa’s most flourishing textile industry in the northern Nigerian city of Kano – now overtaken by rodents. They are very lucky in Kano that the industrial spaces in the city have been overtaken by rodents and cobwebs.

Rats and spiders are good neighbors and they never take more than they naturally need from you. Anywhere in southern Nigeria, such spaces would have been overtaken by 10,000-seater prosperity Pentecostal Christian auditoriums whose Pastors live exclusively and fly the latest private jets on the tithes of the impoverished people who lost their jobs when the manufacturing industries whose spaces they bought and replaced with churches died. Muslims in northern Nigeria seem not to have discovered the joys of building faith on the ashes of economics in Africa.

But I digress. In the said article, after lamenting de-industrialization in Africa and explaining that Asia has taken over the opportunities for industrialization, The Economist singles out Ethiopia as the great news of industrialization coming out of Africa. The magazine cannot find enough praise for Ethiopia. The excitement is palpable. And the writer keep on sharing and advising, Lesson for Ethiopia: whatever they narrate about us collapses. Lesson for Ethiopia: whatever we narrate about us stands…. These are stories that Ethiopia must pay attention to.

Basically, there are two types of truth. The first one is the truth that walk, dances, eats, smell, taste and the like on public since it is plain fact that there is nothing to hide and cover up. The second one is the concealed one, it is an oppressed truth which cannot walk, dance and the like on public since such a thing could affect those people who have authority and power, wealth and other personal advantages and it could possibly touch their advantages and benefits which they hide from others and by virtue of such personal advantages which they possess, their personal interest and benefit could be put under jeopardy. In this case, such kinds of truth live oppressed.

Based on the above mentioned article, even if what the western media preaches about Africa is good, we have to see it with suspicious eyes since such a thing could have its own danger and negative aspects even if they deliver positive news and information which is indeed quite contrary to what past experiences of such Media state. This has its own truth since the shift in such new delivered strategy is good in one side, but one should watch such deliberation in suspicion which is indeed appropriate and correct.

In such case, there are two truths that exists such deliberation. The first one is objective and the seen, which is out on stage. The second is hidden one, which could be quite contrary to what is delivered on the outside due to the fact that the motive and intent behind such deliberation could bring out something different, in fact, very contrary to what is disseminated, in due course of time. This needs quite a capacity to find out the motive that is going on behind the stage since it needs quite a mindset.

Good is good even if it is delivered in bad way or good way as the vice versa is also true. None cannot change that. However, there are certain cases in which people could come seemly as friends, but they happen to be enemies later on. The motive behind their being close is seeking their own hidden agenda and mission. In this case, they tell and preach about good thing until they find out what they really seek. And then, they tell their real truth as time goes by, by delivering bad information and things later on.

Such kind of practice is normal in the spying and the spies’ world. This is in most cases found in the intelligence or spies world since the motive behind such given undertaking is crystal clear. One spies the other and they have their own game with one another. Such scenario of life is not realistic and practical in the life of ordinary individuals. When spies want to apply such thinking and doings to ordinary individual life, life becomes meaningless since ordinary individuals cannot have such fake and stupid life due to the fact they have their own purpose in life, they live their own life, not checking other people thinking or undertaking; they have their own things to do in their lives.

Such way of life could be important aspect when there is hidden truth, and such truth is not publicly seen. In this case, it is important to develop such mechanism until the truth is out. However, when such practice is going on with the intention of making other people to go the wrong side or wrong direction, it happens to be nonsense and useless since the motive behind such drama should be reassessing the truth, not forcing good things to go to the bad direction. When such kinds of way of life is going on, life become stupid since such people are making this world to be in stupid way and situations of life due to the fact they do not have adequate capacity to find and make things go to the right direction, instead, they seek everyone to go to wrong direction. And that is why the saying—make my friends close but my enemies closer—is palpable.


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