The Hybrid World

November 5, 2015

In this world, ONE in here presumes that life in this existence has different features which vary according to how people perceive this world. Accordingly, one assumes in here that there are three types of worlds that exist in which everyone enters into such world based on one’s preference in life and the way of life people want to choose for their own reality. The first one is the path or the way of truth hood. The second one is the path of falsehood. The third one is the path of the hybrid in which both truth and false exists in one given realm and people take based on their given preferences in life.

It is simple to learn that according to one’s given experience in life that there is no truth on this world and there is no false world too, but it is the hybrid world that exists in this world and many people live in this city of the hybrid world. Most people are interested in one given aspect of the hybrid world which they join since such world satisfy their egoistic and personal interests in life and they become part and parcel of this world. Though it is very hard to find out the world of the truth, people seek by their own choices and efforts in trying to find out where it belongs thru different mechanisms although the road to such world sounds stony.

When they join the truth world, if any, such world cannot satisfy their selfish interest and they cannot join the false world, if any, since they could not be eligible in many places for life. And thus one comes to an idea that this world is a world which seeks to be creating the world of truth in its own way. And one also can come to an idea that such world is not an easy matter and aspect of life.  This world mainly lives and takes in what is existing in the hybrid world.

Religion, politics, philosophy, science, and others human cause are trying to create such world of truth in their own accent and fashion of life. They try their best to have the world of truth exist in this world. All are in the process of inventing the world of truth by their give undertakings. And one came to a conclusion is that the world and city of truth is no easy joke and game which people can gamble but rather it is conscious and dedicated efforts and choices that people make on this plane of existence by the instrumentality of the cause they promulgate which can come about to The Truth.

Hence, The Truth is not something that can only be arrived by one given cause, but rather it is a conscious and concerted efforts and choices which the above causes can make along with the fruits they bear in the world of existence. All of them are instrumentalities and tools by which humanity and this world is making use of to invent the world of The Truth in its own good and due time. And now, this world is in the middle and process of time in its unique history that this city of The Truth is going to come about when the desired maturity is come. Such maturity is going to come as result of combinations of the truths that exist in such causes in this world.

When people and the causes which they promulgate work for the truth, they have cross sections. When they work for more profound truths together, the barriers that divide and separate them will be vanished by the power of The Truth since there is nothing that can negatively influence the truth due to the fact that there can be none who can hide from what is on the objective reality. This is mainly dependent upon the magnitude of the concrete truth that is revealed in due course of time.

Most of the thinking and belief systems in this world are founded upon assumptions since there are two fundamental realities that exist on this world, the seen and the hidden, the discovered and the undiscovered. There is no need of arguments and more proofs that are required to explain about the seen and discovered aspect of this world since their mysteries and truths are already revealed. The assumption goes on to the undiscovered and unseen part and there is another way and method that such world can be known unless people are supported by some kind of belief and thinking which augment their give understanding and interpretations of such realities into their daily routines and lives.

However, most people believe and think to the mysteries and the unseen part of this world which is supported by what they claim, with the combination of the faith and the rational mind in order to come up with certain hypothetical views that goes with one’s reality. In this case, the quest for known the truth of such realities do lead to guesses and speculations with keen desire and interest to understand such mysteries of this world which do shape the world to date.

In this world of seeking the truth, the search and investigation of such realities have created varied camp and classes of understanding between people and the gap that exist between human society is not even reconciled to date, due to the nature of subject and object of the matter of understanding—the undiscovered and the unseen—which is still mysterious subject and aspect of life in this world.

As more truth become seen and discovered, they get to belong from the unseen and undiscovered world to the seen and discovered world, more agreements and reconciliation process shall come since such subjects of controversies are not something that can be revealed by conventions and human agreements but rather they are something that can be judged by the facts and truths revealed in due course of time.

Among such given facts, for example, the existence of extra sensory perception, the telepathy and the like were considered as nonexistent, indications of abnormal conditions of human life, exercise of evil power and the like, but as time goes by, and many people start having such human experiences in their own life and such given experiences are something that hit everyone at any given point of one’s life and they get to be normal conditions of life as part and parcel of human realities in due course of time. When such realities of life become normal, there is no need to fight against such truth since it becomes evident and it exists in everyone daily routines of life.

When more concealed truths become evident in the course of time, people adjust and correct their belief and thinking machinery to The Truth and there will come a time and point that they cannot fight back the Truth and they will chose between their own vain imagination and belief against The Truth in its own good time. Since then, people live by their imagination along with the revealed truth as part of the process of life in this world.


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