Brief Stay in One’s Room

November 4, 2015

One is forced to share an incident that happened in one’s life which occurs not only in one’s given office, but few offices one has worked in since one came back from Israel, wherever I go, it follows me as shadow, but the shadow is not of oneself, but the shadow of other peoples’ conspiracy and sabotaging. The type and character of such sabotaging are similar in nature. One thing that makes all such given conspiracies similar is that they are not clever in doing that given sabotage. When such a thing becomes repetitive in every place one lives and works, one could possibly detect the sources and causes of such give sabotages. Who are they, and why are they doing are crystal clear, but the foolish follow their footsteps and thinking, which is bad and unacceptable.

Those who are around could think that they are important, but they are important as far as they only are around and others have no way that they could attack oneself using those who around as bad tools and bad weapons to attack oneself. One is pretty much aware of such foolish drama since such people who are around could probably consider themselves as important due to low capacity they have in life, and they cannot sort out things much better and further. In fact, they are important in foolish manner and way and this is not what they do not even realize due to the fact they are cooperating hidden crime and they are part of the criminal theater others are performing on stage even if what type of personality such people have as they commit bad, they are criminals.

And one is wondering as to the dramatic happenings that occur in one’s life, in which there are people who come to attack and put oneself in bad shape, but they are the ones who are put to be bad in their own wrong doing against oneself. Whatever they think, they take it. One still survives not by magic, but one is making one’s own precaution in one’s own way in one’s given undertaking—in one’s communication and interaction with others—where tact and wisdom are the applications and mechanism that sustains one’s life. Life is mystery since many things go beyond one’s own thinking.

Most people go after prestige than investigate the truth independently. They live after personality and fake images and they could be taking bribes of money. They do not have enough capacity to see things in clear and unbiased mindset. They do not have adequate grasp on many things in life, and they cannot sort out what the failure of their responsibility could bring about on the accountability they assume. They are easy weapons of bad things as result of their designed mindset which they inherit from culture, society and family which they respectively belong. In due course of time, one devised one’s own protective mechanism based on the type of people one face in life accordingly.

This reminds me to story of the group of psychiatry people who work on one given project and the person whom such given doctors and their associates claim as mentally ill, but the person is not convinced of such given claim. As the group of psychiatry people keep on doing all kinds of researches and such researches do include and integrate both sabotage and conspiracies against this person. The doctors and their associates rumored all over to be considered as mentally ill to the extent that person himself would finally agree and get convinced that that he is mentally ill. And as the doctors keep on working on the things that favors them, but the person walks to a different direction and contrary to what that such professionals claims. And many people interfered in this drama and most people cooperate the drama of such doctors.

Later on, the person showed great excellence in his given undertaking to the extent to which the doctor becomes wordless and ashamed about their given claims they had in the past against this person and most people become embarrassed on the drama they participate since it is objective reality that speak thicker and louder than what those given doctors and their associates claim and dictate. In this case, the doctors happen to be confused and frustrated on what is going on, they happen to be mentally ill on the failures they committed and their supporters are found to be puzzled and disturbed on the foolish drama they were engaged in. And the drama of reversals happen in their life since the motive and the drama behind such doctors’ foolish campaign were wrong, in accurate and bad.

There are certain matters and aspects of life on the earth in which everyone takes it due to the fact that the nature of such drama are natural laws which are irrevocable and irreplaceable by any other human forces and will power such as wrong is wrong even if the big or giant people and companies commit them, they cannot be right, false is false even if such falsehood are found prominent and public figures households. They cannot change. The saying, everyone is under the law, or the rule of law is above anyone is one great statement of fact even if its practicality are dependent upon maturity and soundness of society where such practice is going on.

What is quite interesting in here is that those people who tried to make some kind of conspiracy or sabotage in offices where I belong are considered as normal people, in fact, they could have prominent position in society. And one was wondering as to what it means by normal or abnormal, is the thinking good or bad on others that make people to be good or not. They wear good garments, they are clean, and they try to appear good on the outside, but as one watched them on every step they make against oneself, one found them are doing bad things. They are in fact caught red handed in most incidents.

One wonders on the theater such people are performing on stage and the type of things that come to exist on one’s life especially as one went thru the hurdles of life in the past in which such given conspiracies and sabotages are not something that come by their own and they happen since the cause of such given bad things sources and origin is not within the office boundary, but they have external and outward connections and networks. They are organized to do one common thing, which is doing and thinking bad against oneself, and they presume themselves as if they are best people in the society.

One can clearly see the paradoxes of such people are doing not only on one person, but on the look of society at large. Conspiracy and sabotages are the breakfast and lunch of such people and killing is their dinner. Money is a tool by which they use as facilitating weapon for such foolish theater they play on others and on stage. There is nothing new they do, and this is their obvious and garbage drama as they inherit such bad drama from their fore-parents, they keep on performing it since this is one of their hobbies and duties which they should perform in order to have a living and survival.

Foolish people follow other foolish people and their given drama; good people reject foolish people drama and thinking. This is not about one person, this is about integrity of peoples thinking and personality they have in life which they derive from the experience and exposures they obtain from life. Life is not about following what other people think and dictate, or belonging to particular group which many others belong, but it is about sorting out things as to their truthiness, relevance, significance, integrity, honesty, and other relate aspects before people legitimatize anything as something.

Least but not last, it is not possible to invent illness in favor of one’s given and fake research with the intention of justifying huge and bad theater which others are performing on stage in which money, fame, rank, position, or status and the like people have on this world even if such people are wrong and bad, the rule of law should work for them out than deliver some kind of compromise in way favoring and justifying their given claim is correct, which could put the way this world is heading under jeopardy. Justice should be done based on their wrongs and bad thinking and doings!!


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