The Drama of Hate

November 30, 2015

Problems and challenges tell the right identity of person, not in terms of the color and content of such given challenges and problems people face, but on how they face and resolve such challenges and problems that visit their life. And as they face in correct way, their life gets correct content and form and as they solve in wrong way, their life also tells.

When People have certain problem with people, it is obvious to claim that they can solve such problem they face in two ways; the first one is peaceful mechanism and the second one is non-peaceful mechanism. When people are claimed to have a difficulty or problem with God, it must be God that should speak out first since one does not think and believe that none can ably represent God. Whatever claims going on our world on behalf of God are fabricated and self claimed authority which is not even authenticate by God since God is unknowable reality.

God cannot send any person as trustee since it is not knowable and the moment such person claims that one is trustee of God, one is liar and deceiver. What does exist in our world are personal, societal and institutional agreements and conventional judgments between individuals, communities, societies and institutions and this does not mean that such people are correct. It is possible to make an agreement on such subtle and controversial subject matters, but such agreement are not warranty even if whatever articulations are made to portray gigantic picture, image and understanding about God, magnificent buildings they are having at everywhere, huge funds are collected and distributed, numerous individuals and communities do exist in everywhere and on behalf of such given claim, all such claims and undertakings are not guaranty as to make that the unknowable is knowable.

Even if it  is good to have common way and ground for communication and interaction such as collective worship and way of life, which make any given life and stay on earth interesting and spicy, such way of life should not be confused with the idea and thinking that one has perfect and complete way of life that make people to think that the whole world is in their given hands and the fate of this world is under their control, which was tried by ambitious people in many times in past, but failed, the same fate will be true to those people who try to manage this world to the future in same way since there are many mysteries and secrets which we all do not know on how this world is governed and going on.

In such human way of interaction and communication, God cannot speak in human way since the language which God speak cannot be to limited human languages and to human way of perceiving such subtle reality, but it is human imagination and perception of God that is  speaking and talking and interacting and communicating with human in such world.In such given conversations, it is the human way of perceiving God that exists than the true God since such God has different nature than the human God. In such cases, it is such problem and complication that exists between humans and such God since such kinds of God could not agree with few people due to the fact that they are thinking and asking. Hence, there are two kinds of problems that exist; the first one is such thinking people and such God create by human imagination; and the second one is such people with other people who believe in and think in such created and agreed God. Distinction should be made.

When people solve such given complications of life in peaceful and correct way, their life obtain such given color of calmness and serenity in due course of time. As people solve such give complications of life with a resolution that could lead in creating another conflict and contradiction, which is in fact , temporal, another complication is yet to be borne which could even make their life in worse conditions and situations.

For example, if one have a problem with certain people, inhere, such problem—to and for its existence—should at first have enough ground for interaction and communication. Meaning, one and other people should communicate and interact so that any given problem is created out of such given action and reaction. Based on such actions and reactions, we could figure out right solution as per our given understanding of the nature and character of the problem, and thus, we provide specific solution as per the maturity we all possess in life.

However, if there are people who just hate oneself due to the fact that they have made common and unforgivable mistake in terms of perception and understanding, the problem goes to such people and there is nothing that could be connected to oneself in here since such problem is created by their own—misconception, misunderstanding and misinterpretation. In such cases, it is their own mind and their own understanding that should be reconciled at first.

And there is no such involvement of oneself since one has not even interacted and communicated with such people and such people by virtue of the status of life they have obtained in any given society, they have failed to interact and communicate with oneself so that better understanding could be gained before they went too far obtaining such given fake understanding. They have lived and died by their own phony and fancy imaginations of life, which yield nothing. At the end of the day, they have realized that they were wrong and they should not think too far.

People are free to understand and interpret things in way their given understanding, free will and moral choices dictate. But, when they apply and work out on such given alternative of life they are provided by nature and life, they would be beneficiary, as they perceive and interpret things in correct and natural manner not by their given passions and wishes they have that dictate since when such given wishes and passions could create some sort of biases to understand new and different things that they face in life, which could put them in confusions at any given point.

Accordingly, the main problem lies, on why they understand and interpret , on what they understand, how they understand, how they interpret and what they interpret and the reconciliation process should be done with their own realm since one has nothing to do with such thing. It is their given thinking and belief system that cause them to be in such fake understanding and interpretation, they should reconcile themselves between and within their own given social dynamics.

While the want to include oneself in here under the cover and fake gesture of communication and interaction such as, let one share one’s give personal experience in life to them, this is not possible since one knows what type of people they are and they were doing and one has no interest, passion and readiness to interact and communication with such people and it is not possible and one does reject such given claim since there is nothing to share and deliver due to the fact that one has nothing in common, one is not even a comedian or singer or an artist or whatever public figure which one should do on stage. They can read on the write up one is doing on such blog if they lie to receive something or know one experience of life.

The simple solution is they should ask forgiveness or apology officially on what they did. This is crystal clear and simple solution when they do it publicly, it is for their own satisfaction if they have sense of shame and they are human beings as one good reason; the second is the public at large knows of such given bad theater and drama of life, what they did, who did participate, why they did, and the society knows whom to respect or not. It also gives a chance to reconsider ad re-think on the value system, beliefs and other aspects of its undertaking, and, then, surely, significant change will take place. Otherwise, the same sheet will be going on and nothing will appear.

It is not the problems and challenges such societies and institutions face genuinely tell who they are, the way and approaches they resolve such matters is the most important aspect of life. When they are truthful, and correct in resolving such given challenges, the next steps and stages will be better and nicer. Otherwise, trick will not solve anything and is not useful to anyone. Being responsible means being truthful. Being responsible means being loyal to the truth. Being responsible means being accountable to the truth.



Brief Stay in Writing

November 27, 2015

Writing is powerful tool which people use to share their views and perception in relation to their given experience of life on what they see, hear, observe, smell, taste, understand, interpret and so on. And people write based on their given capacity and understanding level. Accordingly, people write about people affairs, which is called the gossip, people write about nature and events, and people write about ideas and perceptions too.

One specifically writes on sharing one’s given experience of life along with perceptions of life, which are related to people, events and process of life and ideas one would like to discuss and share to others. In such realm of writing, one writes not with the intention of seeking any feedback, or statistical data, or distribution in terms of countries where people belong who read one’s write up. This is not even in the dictionary and vocabulary and the motto of one’s given write up. One has one’s own purpose and plan in such realm.

When people write about any subject matter or area of interest, receptivity of people is mainly dependent upon what type of social dynamics and the type of value judgment such societies have are one big factor. A society which is merely interested in gossiping and about people affairs is highly interested on writings of such given subjects since they have major inclination to know about people and such societies want to know about people. A society or community which is interested in exploring new and different ideas, such people are highly interested in such arena of life and write up of such matters are of great interest to them. Receptivity to particular subject of interest is mainly dependent upon how society is shaped and on its value judgments and how it perceives realities of life.

In such world of write up, one finds great meaning and perspectives of life by one’s own since writing is a power. Writing is an instrument, where by people obtain certain point of view in life and about this world. In writing, great friends are borne and found. In writing, enemies are also there. Both positive and negative forces and people emerge as one keep on writing. And it is simple to guess that it is always good that win since good is by itself an energy and a force that delivers momentum to the success one is already destined to achieve.

Language is a tool which people chose to communicate their views and perception while they use the power of writing. Whatever language people use, the most important thing lies on the idea and perception which people would like to share so as to deliver any give understanding to other people. When people use universal languages, they have wide audience and coverage who can listen and read to them as long as what they share is sound and has great meaning.

In such world of writing, there are people who could claim that they can know people by the nature and character of the write up, which contain partial truth since people can write on many things, but their personal life could be different and be falling apart from what they claim in their write up. This happens for many reasons. For example, a person could write thesis or essays or article on the danger of smoking and could give thoughtful advice to others, but one could find such person, consuming one packet of cigarette in an hour.

To know of person deep inside thinking and contemplation, few people think that writing could tell something since people write based on what they feel and think to their deeper inner self, which is communicated outwardly in the form of artistic methods such as writing and paintings since they assume that such profound tools cannot hide the truth. There is one given aspect such people forget to recognize since the road from heart to mind along with the hand is mainly dependent upon the will and non-will factor, in which the human free will is one good thing to consider due to the fact that people can write based on their preference and choices.

It is not possible to make anyone not think, since thinking is natural. What could vary from individuals, is what type of things people think. There are people who think to govern on the mysteries of the universe as there are individuals who think on how to kill other people, or where Mr X or Ms Y are having  cup of coffee. Such kinds of given forms of thinking vary as per the inclination, interest and hobbies of people besides their given capacity they have developed in their given life.

There are people who could not escape from thinking about other people garbage and affairs even if they have many degrees in education as there are people who are sleepless about governing secrets and mysteries of the universe. These people vary in thinking based on their given perspectives on life since people think based on their wishes, dreams, imagination and exposures in life. They cannot go beyond such given realms of life. They are bound by their given experience and exposures in life even if they have different status in any given society.

It could be possible to speculate what people think than arrive to concrete fact and conclusion especially based on peoples’ given write up, to tell their inner and true self could be sophistry since such kinds of conclusions could lead to wrong and bad idea, which could allow and end such people into court room since they arrive at wrong deduction by false preamble. One could write up on the thing one thinks in today at specific minutes and seconds, and such given thinking could not exist in one’s realty after today, and base on such introductory thinking, it is not possible to tell the fate of such people to the rest of their lives as it is not possible to tell the correct story and message of the book by reading one given or single part of the write up.

Experience they acquire in life, circumstances in every second which people face, learning they obtain from other people in due course of time, mysterious events that visit such peoples live in unexpected time, changing times and conditions of the world that could go from village to the entire world at large, working and living environments which people have in due process of time, and other related matters make people to think and behave in different ways and manners, that change people’s thinking and behaviors to go according to the need and character of the time. Hence, people change and they could go and live beyond what is expected.

Writing is indeed a different realm. It gives people a chance to have some sort of concentration toward their give undertaking. When people write, they have focus on something, which they would like to write. They give enough time of contemplation and mediations on things which they like to share. They spent some time in reading and understanding on those issues and matters that they would like to address.

Before they write, they think on something, they gather information from different sources such as interviewing people, reading other reading materials, making different kinds of conversations with many people, and they assemble all kinds of data they have gathered. And then, the finally write in organized manner, meaning, they convert the data they collect from different sources to information. In such organization of the write up, they have their own coherent views which flow from one sentence to the other without noise and disturbance. By doing so, people understand and tell that such give writ up is wonderful since it give them an idea on something in way without giving them any hassle. Hence, such people could say, this person is magnificent writer based on the way such person addresses any given matter!!

Get Back

November 26, 2015


Rats and cats have a company

As they like to be revolutionary

To set example, the spirit of possibility

In world most are idle as they think impossible

As time goes by, they have a walk

To show the world, they look nice;

They walk too long, too far

From where they truly both belong

And they get tired, they need a rest

While being showy

And they have no penny

They want to look for something

And, they could not find it as they wish

Realizing, nothing is change on the outside

Since, it is penny that is indeed worthy

Though, they think, they are one

They are indeed different being

And, they get back to the former time

In order to live and to obtain a life

They cannot forget their real nature

Rats are rats

Cats are cats

They cannot love each other

Passing the border line

Since nature speaks louder

While trying to create the fake world

With the artificial and fabricated light

Nature calls them back to the real world

Cats living consuming the rats

While trying  in creating a wrong realm

As trust was the doctrine and the slogan

This was how cat deceived the rats

Showing seemly good deeds on outside

But, hiding, the inner  and the real one

Until bad day comes on stage

And it comes, rats are gone

Since, one cannot change true nature

The same is true in the human

Color is color

Race is race

Identity is the reality

As personality affects individuality

One cannot replace the other

Even if penny is the factor

For few to buy the dollar

To imitate and work one for the other

But, one cannot turn out to the other

It is nature that is better and closer

That has great meaning and is nicer!!

Removing the Eye Glass!?


November 26, 2015

People know people based on two given factors. The first one is based on what people communicate outwardly and the second one is based on other peoples’ perception capacity, the way they understand and interpret what such people communicate outwardly. This does not mean that what people communicate outwardly is the sole reflection and expression such people identity, personality and individuality.

Misunderstanding and misinterpretation of communication and interaction of and between peoples reality in terms of—thinking and acting, attitude and behavior, characters and virtues—identity and personality are the becoming nature and characteristics of the world along with conflict and contradictions. Such given aspects of the human way of life exist at and between any given individuals, institutions, societies and community levels.  Why?

The first and major factor to such given confusion in life is the ego factor in which the type and the amount of value they deliver to their own reality in contrast what other people and such kinds of judgment make such people to put certain type of eye glass on their own reality that make them see other people with the dirt’s they have on the eye glass besides the color and type of eye glass they already have on their eyes.

The other given factor is the capacity they have in understanding and interpreting peoples thinking and action along with attitude and behavior with correct way, void of prejudices and biases they put on the people which is derived out of the firsts and major given factor. Understanding other people way of communication and interaction also requires quite a mindset since such way of perception is related with the idea of freedom and other human aspects of life.

A society or individuals who live under dictatorial leadership and way of life is contrasted with another society that live in democratic and free society understand and perceive things and peoples thinking and efforts differently. Both live quite in different mindset and in both aspect of the human life there are certain types of value judgments we created. In this case, such societies have varied way of perception in how they understand and interpret things, how and what people understand, and the types of things that are appropriate in democratic and free society could be despised and undermined under dictatorial and commanding society.  This is normal and obvious.

The type and way of life society is governed also affect on how and what people understand and interpret other society and individuals thinking since such societies create their own value and value judgments base on what they know and understand, which is mostly the governing way of life underway. Such way of life shape individuals and societies thinking and way of perceiving such realities of life.

In such process of life, the synergetic effect of individuals, societies and institutional undertaking do have an overall impact and influence on how and what they perceive and understand things and realities of life differently. Even if there are people who could understand and interpret things in better manner, way far different from the norm dictates, the most and major part of societies live under their given common sense and common way of judging and perceiving things in common way. This is one of the evident realties and aspect of the human way of life.

It is not what Mr X or Mrs Y or any given philosopher and thinkers said in past that is important. But, the way human realities is going on and activating, and how and what people understand and interpret current realities of human life according to the context of such given factor which is highly indeed crucial. Most people try to interpret and understand things, even if they are highly educated and intellectuals, with expressions and statements of past and great people, which is no harm.

What could be significantly important to the present day society is on what and how they perceive and understand things correctly, without biases and prejudices, according to their given capacity and understanding. They still need the shoulders of the past people as way of magnifying and imposing what they say as legitimate and valid due to the fact they mention saying of such people. They are still captives and dependent upon such people in order to validate their own even if the trend that exists in this world is this one, which is highly acceptable by the world at large.

It is appropriate to give due respect to past thinkers and it is worthy to keep their treasures and gems. But, to enslave with such ideals could lead to wrong direction since this world is quite changing from time to time. When new and different things happen to come by their own given time, such way of life and understanding things could not lead such people to understand and interpret such given aspects of the human undertaking in correct and right manner.

Every human being is beyond and above every idea since thought is creation and emanation of human beings, the human mind. Why do people give their lives to the product of their imaginations, in world things change from time to time?  The world 100 years ago is by far different from now and in the next 50 years, this world will be by far different than the way we could think it will look like. Change is one of the necessary fate of this world.

This also deprives such people to see the truth of such things independently and in their given form and context. Even if it is their freewill and choice live rejecting such new and different things in their own way, it is not appropriate to impose and dictate other people who would like to understand interpret things far more differently and correctly—beyond the face value and what is behind and hidden—which could lead to the dictatorial way of life and understanding things and realities of life.

Although people could understand and interpret other people based on what is communicated outwardly, there are at times and situations where comfortable environment and conditions of life are not on stage, such given people express their views and actions with silence, which is communicated outwardly.

In the realm of silence, they communicate what they do not want to communicate in words and pictures and sign languages too. Silence is powerful mechanism whereby people communicate what they would like to express outwardly which the existing Medias are not capable and qualified enough to transmit and send their thinking, emotions, feeling and actions. To understand such silence, it indeed requires quit a perspective and mindset, and natural connection which people have and are delivered by nature. In such world of silence, such people have already communicated and understood with each other perfectly and nicely.

A Prisoner of Expectation


November 25, 2015

People live by the faith which they claim

Inventing it along with a hope to achieve

While the promise is yet to come and arrive

All prefer to live combined by waiting

And living in such jail of expecting

Such hope is not coming and coming

People are not even going and acting

With foolishness, they prefer to live with silence

Ignorance and stupidity are on stage

They do not even ask for, why

They lack knowledge and courage

Wishing to continue with same drama of garbage

As such theater is over, another one is borne

When one hope is over and come to an end

Another one germinates since such is life

A vicious circle of drama of life in one axis

Where promise, hope and faith are mixed

They create a life that has a meaning

As one is end and met and achieved

And such end has no end, it is not yet finished

It is just a beginning for another end

In world, stupidity and foolishness are kings

Ignorance and fear are married to such life

Giving birth to a child—perplexity is borne!!


November 24, 2015

Conflict and contradictions are the becoming nature and characteristics of this world. This world has faced two devastating ruinous woes and wars in the past, namely World War I and II. Although there is decline of war in terms of organized way and manner that is going on between nations and societies, this world has currently faced another strange circumstances that ruins human lives, properties and other features of the human lives.

Besides the natural catastrophe this world faces from time to time, such human catastrophes—terrorism—is the current challenge, not only the political and religious world faces, it causes every aspect of the human way of life under jeopardy.  It causes to make life to be more of unpredictable in bad way.  It is one of the causes of uncertainty of life in this world. It makes people to suffer of anxiety and suspicion in their daily given undertakings.

Terrorism jeopardizes not only peace and security of nations and societies, it brings disastrous consequences on the economic aspect of nations and societies, it creates perilous psychological and sociological stresses and impact on the structure and make up of individuals, institutions and communities and societies. It obliges people to reconsider and rethink on the values judgment and belief systems of certain societies and nations which are the primal focus points, where such terrorist groups belong.

One is wondering as to where this world is heading since new wave of terrorism is on stage, not only in one place or nation, but to the entire world at large, both east and west, north and south. The political divide that exist in this world is getting wider as few expect that this world would go the political unity by the year 2000, but contrary to their given expectations, and possessing of such fake prophecy, this world is heading to different way and end than what is expected and even prophesized.

Is terrorism a religious ideology or a result of human interpretation that is derived out of religious ideology, which is still unanswered? Why does terrorism emerge to such level of organized attack to the extent that it becomes one of the worst threats this world faces in everywhere? Who create terrorist? Who is behind them backing them up? Why is it becoming such challenge? Are the main issue concerns on the ideology of east and west, Christian and Muslim, and the like? Why?

Former US President, George Bush, when his nation was hit by September 11, 2001 terrorist attack—which consumed more than 6000 innocent citizens—commented, why do they hate us. This was one of the indicative remarks that show there is deep rooted hate and complication that exist between these people in which the political and religious divide and conflict which exist between the east and west is reflected in such aspect although legitimate nations of east and west are working hand in hand in integrated and harmonized manner.

And the recent terrorist attack in Paris, France which ruined the lives of few hundred innocent peoples is deeply heart breaking and the whole world is saddened by such incident. Other terrorist threats are going on this world at large and it is making this world to be scary spot and a place where suspicion becomes the king in many people’s hearts and minds. And people have come to an idea that religions and the verses in religious books are the primal causes that are used as justification from such given groups and it is not religious ideology or verse that could heal such ailments.

One also wants to reflect to one of the given aspect on such creation of such given groups, as few people and experts said and claim, that it is the western nations who create certain groups with intention of putting some amount of pressure and tensions on the governments which they do not like, but such given groups later on happen to be consolidated and well developed groups and they back fire on them and they become their enemies. For instance, Osama Bin laden was CIA agent and member. Hamas was originally created by the Israel to weaken the Palestine Liberation Front and later in, it happens to be an enemy of the Israel government.

The miscalculations and non-genius attempt and way of deriving wrong recipe of political advantage and  win over the governments which they do not like that make them pay the price back by such terror groups since they are the sole responsible causes in creating them and they cause to the death of many innocent peoples’ lives. As they say, when the elephants fight, the harm goes to the grass. None likes and supports terrorism except those people who are part and parcel of such groups since it consumes the lives of the innocents.

Terrorism makes life to be scary, chaotic and noisy than making it calm, enjoyable and exciting. It is one of the worst threats this world faces due to the human factor which needs human way of resolving it. It makes peoples’ life to be unorganized and unplanned in activating their daily functions. It creates disturbance and annoyance on the life of human society. It creates dissatisfaction and disappointment on the side organized and legitimate systems underway.

One likes and supports the comment made by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, which goes like, to forgive is up to God, but to send them to God is up to me since it requires not holy water or magic as remedial action, but strong army and organized forces and efforts to remove such threat once and for all.

Uncertainty—Dilemma of Life!?

November 23, 2015

Certainty comes out of uncertainty as confusion gives birth to clarity. Uncertainty is one of the delusions of the human mind which is resulted out of deviations from human expectations and, but also, with ignorance which people face in life.  People become uncertain since they face confusions, contradiction and deviations towards the spot which they think that it is perfect and complete.

In reality, life and whatever things that exist in this world are not and cannot be perfect and complete, but thru the process of life, things become better and best. It is very human to expect things as perfect and complete, which magnify not only the spot or the thing which people think and believe, but also indirectly telling that such people are great people of no mistakes and faults. It is cumulative effect of reflection of peoples egoistic thinking than the perfectness or completeness of the thing which they think and believe in.

What could be interesting in certain cases in life is that there are people who could arise to clear out confusions and contradictions, but they could finally end and come up with another confusions and contradictions and they end up in the middle of nowhere. They add uncertainty on uncertainty, and they derive their own wrong formulas to solve the right problems which they should face in life. This is like they face the problems of sociology, but they want to solve it with physics or mathematics formula and  in this case, human beings react in wrong ways, and directions since human beings are not some kind of machines which they move according to the manuals few people would like to operate, but rather with the natural human free will and freedom of choice they make in life.

It is originally being foolish to expect that things are perfect and complete and when such human expectations do not occur as desired, disappointment and dissatisfaction visit people’s life. in such imperfect and incomplete world, it is peoples’ efforts, choices and decisions they make in every step they make that make life better and best that could possibly lead this world into perfection and completeness, which are not even possible to achieve due to reason that such perfection and completeness are relative, subjective and contextual concepts and matters in life of this world.

Uncertainty did hit America when September 11 terror attack was done on its historic and magnificent sites and consumed the lives of innocent people. Recently, France was hit by such uncertainty while terrorist killed hundreds of innocent peoples in different sites. And, this world is currently heading and living in the world of uncertainty than ever since anything can happen in anywhere at any given time. People become anxious and suspicious on the color and taste of their day long activities should look like due to the fact that life becomes more of unpredictable than being predictable.

One had conversation with men in few years back in which such conversation was done with two married people who were old friends. One of them asked me, how is life, one replied, it is fine. But the person was not satisfied in one’s reply and he exclaimed with exaggeration that you should say life is excellent and he also further pointed out that one did not say such a word in one’s reply (excellent) since one was not married. One replied again, one is just fine and this is what one knows in life. And one asked, how do you become sure that life is excellent by just having wife, since one knew that he had cheating wife, but he had no idea that his wife was cheating on him.

Recently, we met and he asked same question. I said I am still fine. And one asked, how about you, he replied, life is boring. He asked an apology for that give statement and on the comments he made at that given point since he recognized later on that he admitted he was wrong. He was supposed to concern himself around his own than point finger on oneself. It sounded that confusions surrounded this man’s life. Uncertainty is the king in his life. The person has no idea which way to go and what to do next. The spot which he thought as source of joy and comfort is destroyed, and thus, uncertainty surrounds this person’s reality.

Uncertainty comes out in point when there is no point of reference to what people think and do is correct or wrong, and what people think that they know and believe is found out as fake and wrong in way the what people think they know is turned out as they do not even know. When knowledge is replaced by ignorance, uncertainty is borne. The father of uncertainty is knowledge but whose mother is ignorance. When both are married, uncertainty becomes their given child.

The same is true in world of ideology in which people could have firm knowledge and thinking on certain ideologies and they could promulgate such given ideology with determination and conviction. And due to many reasons, such given ideology could not work out, and hence, such given people fall under confusion and live in the city of uncertainty since they lose direction and perspective and the spot which they assume that it is perfect and compete is turned out to incomplete and imperfect circle.

In this case, the fate of such people, in most cases, crystal clear. Most people could be frustrated and confused and they could kill themselves since they feel like they are betrayed and deceived and tricked. Others could prefer not step and stay and live in such state of being and they prefer to have different way of life to the rest of their stay on the earth. Others could not even be convinced of such failure and of such given ideology which they think is correct and complete; they want to live in the valley of denial as if the ideology is something that can work out even if it does not fit to the need of the age and the requirements of society at large.

Quite surprisingly, there are quite few individuals who adjust their give ideology to different ideology so as to being transformation and change in society, they do some kind of plastic surgery to the former ones, and they keep on the struggle and they prefer on working hard so as to bring the desired result which they seek in life. Such people are indeed marvelous ones who deserve much honor and respect since they show a way and they are examples to many individuals of their kinds on how to change path of life with such convictions which people should have in life.

It is not in here what they claim that is important, but the determinations and conviction and faith they have reflected in life in a time their friends and colleagues live in frustration, desperation and uncertainty, they develop the path of determination, faith and certainty by their own way and mechanism. In such city, knowledge is replaced by ignorance and ignorance is replaced by knowledge. In such city, certainty is replaced by uncertainty and uncertainty is replaced by certainty.

The point in here is that one does mention such experiences of life of other people not with the intention of joining them or looking to have such given company or association with such kinds of people. One has one’s own way of life in one’s own accent even if there is some sort of resemblance, but one just reflects any given experience of life which one hears, reads, understands and the like. The point one shares such a view is that when any give experience of life deserves sharing according to one’s value judgment, one shares it to  other people, not for seeking cheap publicity or popularity, or trick or deceive other people, but one thinks that one likes to share any given experience that is worth mentioning.

Such process of life is continuous process. In such valley of certainty and uncertainty, both states of beings visit every individual, community or society and institutions at different times and situations in life. They are part and parcel of the process of life. It makes people to see things in ambivalent way so that new and certain direction comes into place. In such cases, beside efforts and choices people make in such undertaking, time will also tell and clarify things better.

As uncertainty comes in, it gives a chance to clear things way and new way of life and direction comes into place. It also gives an opportunity to clear the dirt that exists within one’s own domain and delivers clear eyes to the future. It shows new and different direction to the future of any given individual, society and institutions. As certainty and clarity is come, one level of development and maturity is achieved which can not be obtained in any school or conditions of the human way of life. When such maturity is developed, it gives another level of maturity to resolve when another level of uncertainty and confusions come. Hence, life is ornamented with constant efforts and choices which people make in their daily routine and as circumstance visit their lives, better achievement and greater transformations occur in their life and future.