Good Vs Bad—Subjective Vs Objective

October 30, 2015

As the economic summit organized in Ethiopia by the economist is going on, more than 8.2 million people are starving in the same nation. Few people who have an impact on the economic aspect of the world were assembled in lavish hall and they were discussing on the economic progress such nation has achieved and is going to achieve; numerous people in vast lands in this particular nation are looking for piece of bread. Both optimistic and pessimistic views and happenings are going on in every land and the paradox such world is undergoing is still mystery and misery to all.

Such theatrical drama of life in this world is one of the daily menu and normal practice that exist in this world. This is not to mean that there should not be discussions of such type while people are starving, but this is just to reflect on the normal theater this world is performing on stage and every second of our life in this world is paged with such kinds of ironic activities in cases quite contradictory and antagonistic, and in another aspects, similar and integrated activities are going on similar moments of time.

This way of life is one of the becoming normal way of life and the trend of such life and condition of this world—past, present and future—at any individual, society or community and institution level. Whether people try to be optimist or pessimist, positive or negative, life continues hitting on containing both good and bad aspects of life. It is not people’s optimistic thinking and belief that make good things to happen or bad things to come since there are certain phenomenon that should happen regardless of people thinking and belief which people should accept and abide since they are part of natural process of life.

Even though, it is good to wish positive things in life this does not mean that such given wish is warranty that bad things could not happen. In fact, bad things are not necessarily bad things, but things which people do not like them to happen, which are bad ones and not bad ones too. Bad is bad in place where there is no good, bad occurs. But, in case where people are accustomed to bad way of life, and such way of life is considered as normal practice, good things could be considered as bad since they have inverted the right way of life to the wrong style, and when proper things come, they are treated as bad ones. Good things in such cities are considered as stranger.

In societies where there are many poor people, the thirst people have in life is about seeking coins for life. In such cases, it is the end that justifies the means, meaning, obtaining whatever coin people obtain is the end result that makes any given person to have good or bad look in such given society, the success which people measure in life and whatever analogy, examples or presentation people have and, use in their communication and interaction in most cases is something that reflect the scarcity of coins or related to what they lack in life.

Here, a gangster that has few coins in the bank account or in one’s pocket could have prominent positions in the society since the touchstone for success in life is totally distorted by the end result which people are interested in life. Such societies are not interested on the mechanism and approaches people use in their given undertaking, but by the end result which people show and reflect. In this case, people have irrational way of life and, in cases, they are found lost in the middle of nowhere.

The world as historically witnesses is able to accommodate both bad and good things in connection with their give actors of such drama, bad and good people, thru past centuries and ages. The world we live now is cumulative effect of both good and bad things, and if bad things do not exist, good things will not follow since good things are in cases result of bad causes.

When people, for example, do bad things for once, they will not do it to the second since there are two pillars of life in this regard, the first one is care and tact and the second is the use of armament and justice. This is to say that when someone commits any bad act on other people, other people could be deceived or hurt for the first time, on the next step, that such people could not trick other people unless such people are foolish. People employ care in here and if this is not possible, such people use the rule of law to protect themselves.

What could be strange in here is that in societies where the rule of law is very fake, the justice is nil, and weak good governance and fake public administration is going on, and in such places, such society suffers unless and otherwise virtue is planted amidst society by its own and in its own fashion. This means, society should not expect much things from the state since the state has formed its own island and the society can establish law and order by its own mechanisms.

Goodness and badness are contextual, relative and subjective in certain cases as they are also objective in their own terms. Killing people is bad and a person who kills other people is called killer and this person should be put to court for justice. Giving money to the needy and to those people who can work are contextual aspect in which such generosity is good, to what type of person, why people give should be analyzed further since such giving money could make other people lazy to work and make them to be dependent. In this case, when people give money to the needy, it is good; when they give money to the gangster, it is bad. The act is same, but its relevance is contextual.


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