Good Hearts Vs Good Minds

October 27, 2015

Good hearts are better than good minds, said one of the old person whom one knows and met in life while having glasses of beers at the grocer. And one asked further, what it means by that since one does not find big difference between both, although one had sensed as there is such given variation based on such gentleman experience and exposures in life. And the old man gazed at one self and explained, there is a difference between both and the difference between them is reflected in history.

Good hearts are good and true feelings which people have towards people, but good minds are good thinking that people have towards other people; in good heats, practical solutions come, in good minds idealistic thinking, and unrealistic theories emerge. And he further pointed out, in good hearts, people show compassion in practical terms, but in good minds, people show compassion by lip service.

And one got what an old man in the grocer was talking about. And then, one opened one’s eye in life and wondered on the types of people that exist in history. Accordingly, there are many types of people that exist in this world in which as there are bad ones, there are many types of bad ones that exist in which as there are worst ones, next to them there are worse ones which are better in level, and then there are bad ones who harm lesser than the worst ones and the worse ones.

One was wondering on the point this man was trying to explain in objective terms such as he was comparing between Mother Teresa and Karl Marx and the like since Mother Teresa helped many people and Karl Marx and related people developed a theory that vanished. This is quite good demonstration and observation but as one goes further, such good hearts and good minds are integrated with nice mechanism, good world will be created. When people think of such good worlds, they are assumed as illusionist or dreamers since the world is dominated by pragmatic thinking who distort the balance of the world, which put the world in such conditions and state of life.

The same is true in such types and level of connections people create with other people to the other side of the coin in which there are good people, better people and best ones. These are divided according to the types of benefits and good deeds and thinking which people have towards other people. However, what makes people to be good towards other people in most cases are measured on what they outwardly manifest and communicate to others. Thus, people judge people based on such given touchstone.

In this case, the idea of consistency, honesty, integrity and other variables are not taken into consideration. This is to mean that are such people connected and integrated with that given thinking and deeds or they depend upon type of people which they think or do is not analyzed further. To elucidate this aspect further, if some is for example assumed as generous, is this generosity works for Mr X and does not work for Mr Y, in such case such given tag which people deliver is wrong since generosity is not discriminatory, but it is the person who is discriminatory.

When virtues are married in our life, they should have an impact on our thinking and deeds otherwise they are not still in our vocabulary and dictionary of life since the power of such virtues needs certain mindset and identity along with personality and individuality. In this case, that person is Mr X or Mrs or Ms Y, but not that something that such virtues should be tagged along with their name or title which people deliver as they wish to whomsoever they like or feel like doing.

In such cases people should re-define peoples’ identity in terms of their relationship they establish with that given character or deed. Hence, the connection and relationship they establish with the hidden realities of life such as such given virtues as one aspect can only be known when people manifest and reflect to the objective world. Consequently, people reflect such virtue based on the magnitude of connection they establish with other people. Such magnitude can be measured on the amount of love and hate relationship they have with other people.

The same is true to the tag or labels society is given in terms and in favor of culture in which people say a given society is some kind of virtuous based on the manifested attributes it shows towards other, but such manifested behavior is not practically tested in terms of the love and hate relationship it establish with others. In this regard, such given virtue any given society is enveloped not checked in its integrity, honesty, consistency and the like. Is virtue an outburst of uninformed emotions and feelings or is a result of conscious undertakings?

Is it possible to say that a given individual or society is like this or that, on the type of virtues any given society or individual reflect which is based on the type of relationship and connection it establish with other objects of interaction such as people or with the character or the virtue itself? Is it possible to claim that any given society or individual is virtuous based on the type of civilizations it undertakes or not? Does virtue have color, race, nationality, sex, age, or whatever category which humans deliver? How? Why?

When any given society lacks some virtue as whole, there is no point that individuals obtain that lacked virtue unless and otherwise such individuals by virtue of their given nature or other exposures of life which they face from other society, they acquire certain virtues by the luck and exposures they face in life. In this case, such given virtues are important as far as they help such given individuals in overcoming their challenges and difficulties which they face in life.

People say, truth is harmful in wrong places, which is practically useful guidelines since in places where there are many lairs, and when one is determined to be truthful, one could not find single bread to eat since the framework where by such society is structured based on lies and deceptions. The same is true in places where there are many rude people rudeness could help individuals while they live in rude society as well since as they become soft and shy, they could lose many things that could benefit their life. But, in both conditions of life which society and individual acquire—lies and rudeness—are not beneficiary and useful to the people and society at large and to the future and common good of any society.

In this case, society should honesty sort out its real and truthful values based on the integrity and consistency it develops while possessing such given virtues in its daily undertaking due to the fact that any given society reflects goodness toward other people based on the type of class which people belong. In this regard, individuals and societies could tell where they are and what they do based on their given connection which they establish straight to the virtue or they depend upon what type of connection and relationship which they establish with other people or society. This honestly and genuinely tell who they are and what they do than what they claim!!


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