Quest Means Life

October 26, 2015

Quest is a search for meaning and thoughtful perspective for life. Quest comes into being as result of the natural curiosity everyone is endowed by nature. Quest is a thirst that comes out as result of unsatisfactory ways of life that exist on our world. Quest is a rightful reality and state of being that occurs as natural process of life. If there is no quest, there is no life. If there is no quest, there is no truth. If there is no natural thirst for meaningful way of life, there is something missing on our life.

What triggers everyone to be in such city of quest is an important feature of one’s undertaking since people are triggered to enter into such state of being due to the fact that they are entitled to be in such conditions of life; it is not because of their pocket is empty or full, but they look for something contemplative views on life that hits their reality and that could put them into some kind of state which deliver them thoughtful opinions to the inquiries people have and face in life. Hence, they entail to live in such city of quest; they have shaped themselves to be in such state of being.

Quest is state of being, and it has no end. It is just one reality of being human due to the fact that one looks for something in life. Betterment and greatness comes out of obtaining such given state of mind since life is full of mysteries whose secrets are countless. In such valley and state of mind, materials things are just tools that facilitate the human condition and way of life and they are not an end. People cannot obtain purpose and meaning for life with accumulation of material wealth since life demands beyond such given wealth and other kinds of wealth that should be integrated with such aspects people accumulate in life.

Quest does not come on air or by the wind it blows but it is based on the existing situations and conditions of the human life. One of the factors and contributing aspects on the existence of quest in life is wealth distribution in which more than 85% of the global wealth is controlled and governed by less than 15% of the entire population of the world. Such story of reversals do happen due to various factors and there are conferences and speeches going on with highly articulated theories and speeches that do not provide a reliable solution to the afflicting world at large.

And then people ask, why, and then they go on, what should be done to make it worse or better, and then they come up with practical solutions. Who can solve the problem, is this financial institutions such as banks and other lending institutions, or policy matter, or the generosity of the rich or whatever. In reality, banks are owned by rich people since they are friendlier to the rich than to the poor people.

Afterwards, such quest brings on table another dimension for life, if banks cannot solve the problems of the poor, other thinking people emerge in life such as the concept of micro-financing or social entrepreneurship who can bring vibrant change into society, who can convert numerous poor people into working and productive citizens; they practically solve the problems of the poor people. In this case, those who enter to the valley of quest for life, they come up with practical and tangible answer for life and they do not live on air, they walk on the soil; and they live beyond this world and they see things far beyond the ordinary people think.

Such people solve the material quest for the poor people. In reality, as one is hungry, one seeks for food and as one obtains food, one looks for something different, higher and better. Such need and want keep on going until everyone leaves this plane of existence. Such higher need gives birth to another need. In such continuous need, people enter the valley of quest since such state of being is continuous aspect of human way of life. Quest does not mean that one is not ready to accept answers that meet one’s inquiry, one buys such views as they are sound, reasonable and convincing, but one also keep on going further as one looks for something better and profound.

The other aspect of such quest people could come up can be connected with another incident in this world. For instance, the president of Kenya was occurred case last time at ICC, on Hague, at the Netherlands due to the conflict occurred in his nation at the election process last time, though he was freed with no charge later on. In today, Tony Blair admitted that opening war on Iraq was wrong since the government received wrong intelligence information and he asked an apology. What is quite strange in here is that ICC does not open court case against the Bush administration and British government in relation to this given case. In such cases, quest means seeking for fairness and justice and people ask, where is the justice, fairness and the like in this world.

This is to show that quest is not state of being that comes on stage without relating to what is existing on the objective world. Quest for life is a state of being which people develop certain amount of curiosity as there are problems and challenges which people face on their daily routines, they come up with practical solutions and offering different perspectives for looking such problems as if such problems are something that cannot be solved by any given practical method, such people deliver or change different perspective towards seeing a particular problem or challenge.

In such case, the problems could not exist as problems even if they are problems but the way and attitude people have towards such problem change. For example, when one has flu, there is way to remove it from one’s reality; however, when one faces diabetes or cancer, there is no way such disease can be cured except taking the appropriate advice and counsels which the physicians deliver.

Beyond all facts, it is the attitude and the way the person manages such illness which is the significant factor and aspect of one’s life, meaning, this does not mean that one pretends as if one has no diabetes or cancer, but one changes one’s attitude and thinking against such long time illnesses. Instead of seeing them as enemies, one sees as friends and one does not do anything which they do not like and one could live with respecting their boundary and they respect too. In this case, way of life is created that does not lead to harmful consequences too.

When one completes one cycle of quest, another one begins. In this case, one kills the former self and get into another station and stage of quest, which gives birth to another personality and identity. As more quests knock one’s home, one changes in thinking, attitude, behavior and personality. Hence, the former self is dead, and the new self is borne. In such transaction of the quest people face in life, their personality, identity along with their given individuality takes its own shape, form, color, taste and reality. Quest removes personalities it does not like and afterwards it creates a new identity on one’s being and reality.

Quest is process of life, integrating problems with practical solutions thru delivering a perspective with continuous state of being and condition of life. There is no definite recipe for quest since the fuel that trigger quest is curiosity and the road quest travels on is questions and answers. The vehicle quest drives is loyalty. The destination place where the quest leads is to the point of The Truth.  The Truth is discovered and undiscovered; revealed and concealed.


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