Nature and Smell

October 19, 2015

I was in café over this weekend while having cup of coffee at one of the cafe in town in here. And then, a man entered into this café, and good smell along with bad feeling came into the cafe following the entrance of this man; the perfume was very loud and everybody can smell it. But, one did not feel good it is no because of elegance of the perfume, but rather, something made one feel not good. One was wondering and as an experience of one’s life, when one smells good, good feeling follow after. In this given case, the reverse happened; one thought that there must be strange thing which one could figure out later since behind every good smell, there must be good feeling.

Good feelings come as result of good mindset people have and there are in cases such feelings come to one’s reality by the cause of external factors such as good weather, good smells, and all kinds of things that is related to such aspect of the human way of life make oneself to feel good even if the ready mindset one make up within oneself is the most important factor and element and component of life.

And one wonders as to the drama of one’s life which appear in due course of time and time and again, there are certain smells that come, which does not exist on the objective plane of existence. And such types of smells are both elegant and bad ones, but they are found to have some sort of translation and connections with what is going to happen in afterwards of one’s life especially with those people one whom used or is going to interact by the near future. Such smells happens to be indicators on what is going to happen in near future to one’s reality. Nature and gift of nature is awesome!!

The first incident happened in relation to this is when one use to live in abroad with more than two women, and one smells something bad on them and even if they were nicely perfumed. And later on, one found on that women were plotting bad on oneself which one find out later on in one’s own way. And then after one came home, and one had similar experience of such type with an old man in here who had some kind of prominence in that given community, while the man was hugging on saying welcome, one smell something bad smell on the hug which one keep to oneself on the some kind of drama that is going to come afterwards. And one found out that the man was plotting evil on oneself.

This bad smell is not related to their physical appearance in fact all of them are very clean and they are very neat in what they have on their physical and the garments which they put on their bodies. One was wondering, in fact confused due to the fact that the place where one use to work in is work is very neat and clean, and one used to take shower in every day at that given place and tie since one have access to hot water. This demonstration is not related to the physical body cleanliness, but some kind of realities which do not exist on the objective plane of existence in one form, but they happen to be indicators of something that is going to happen in the future.

To the contrary, on one day, while one was having along walk alone, something elegant smell visit to one’s reality and one was not even perfumed, and there was no one around. And one felt that something good is going to happen. And that happened, which was after two years of my jobless drama in here, one got the first job on March 5, 2008, which was advertised on the newspaper, after passing interviews and all other requirements that given job required. And in here, one made a pause and wonder as to the dram of such smell thing with feelings coming afterwards.

Accordingly, such mysterious connection one makes with nature is one way of guidance even if such kinds of things do lead to superstations but there was no mistake which one find out since what one smell is going to happen in way how and what the smell is going to deliver in one’s reality and such given human drama of one’s reality of life is still going on. One wonders to oneself in here is that life has many things to offer as one enters in such city of wonderment and miracles since life is mystery too.

Nature has many things to deliver in its own fashion,. The human mind is trying to imitate nature by the way civilization and technology dictate. Can nature be replaced by civilization and technology? One does not think so. Even if it is good to taste and smell what technology and civilizations offers, it is not possible to deny what nature can bestow life on the earth. It is good to combine and integrate what both bestow in way that one help the other and one can be harmonized with the other.

Perfume is what civilization has brought to human reality but the power of smell is what nature bestows to human reality. Both can be integrated in way one does not disturb the other. When the perfume is strong or bad, nature is disturbed, when the perfume is soft and nice, nature is helped and can make one sing nice melody of life. In this case, life gets more meaning, as one obtains understanding and perception of life in one’s own way, which can be gained as result one’s power of interpretation and understanding of life which come as part of one’s practical experience of life.

As part of one’s practical and observable experience of life, when such bad or good smells come to one’s reality, one knows how to manage such smells come that does not exist on such objective plane of existence, since they tell of something that is going to happen afterwards. One listens to such noises and melody of life with cautions and being vigilant on the activities and undertakings one is going to have. Such kinds of smelling experience are not frequent, but the hearing and the seeing things come on very frequent basis and they become part of regular daily activities of one’s life

Life is beyond the physical means and way of life since there are many ungoverned and undiscovered human realities in which most people out of unawareness and pride make them void to happen in their given realities due to various factors. Such given aspect of human realities cannot come to peoples’ reality since they seek it, but due to unknown causes and factors but for sound reason and purpose. They are part of human reality which such gifted people can only enjoy and the rest is deprived due to their own reasons, which they should answer on why they lack such gift of nature.

For such given experience of one’s exposures in life, which is till going on, one does not need approvals or rejection from others, or witnesses and others testimonials since they are part of one’ life and experiences. One does not also need sponsors and funding for such human realities and activities since one is not an entertaining program or a person whom other people could entertain. One has one’s own intention and serious business in this regard. Life goes on and one hits on every day since this is part of one’s life!!


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