Glimpse from Life

October 19, 2015

As part of one’s personal experience in life, one has come up into this given point by what the miracles of life deliver since it was confusion and frustrations that reigned over one’s reality especially in those painful two years of one’s existence and experience of life after getting back from foreign land and obtaining some kind of foreign thinking exposures of life. As one look back to those years—memory is of course good thing—it is indeed only time that removes the scars of life.

Beyond all doubts and stresses of life one was engaged in those momentous years of one’s life, the drama of one’s life was also orchestrated with some kind of extra ordinary activities in which one was survived by such senses on what nature and life delivered as part of one’s exposures in life. Dream and dreamful experience that come true on days to come and translating such dreamful experiences in way that one could protect from the harm other people could deliver and welcoming the good on what life is going to offer was found combined in one’s experience of life.

Beside the drama and hidden conspire other people design, one was and is still arranged to face, such given plots that started from one’s rented homes, at work places, café, grocers, walking and other public places and activities where one spends time is one of the pages and colors of one’s given life experience that make one to have vigilant and cautious life in the activities and steps on makes in which one walks ever step with care and wisdom. Hence, one’s life happens to be a life of soldier or military person in war, but amidst buildings, cafes, automobiles and the like. This is quite a different life scenario.

Such given drama is assisted by seeing, hearing, smelling and other related aspects of human realities such as gossiping bad thinking and cat of other people towards oneself to many people as possible are part and parcel of one’s experience of life. These are done beyond the physical means and objective plane of existence, but with an idea of something that can happen in near future. Ordinary people see what objectively exists, but the seeing, hearing, smelling and related activities are in here done on things that do not exist at present, but they happen at sometime in future events and times. This is what one experience in one’s daily routines of one’s life.

In this case, one could be considered as liar since such things that are claimed by such senses do not exist at present, but the crux lies on time factor since such claims are talking about the coming of future events as they become truthful in time since such given claims are mainly dependent upon time not as they objectively exist by now. Hence, sorting out on what given ground the claim is founded upon is the significant aspect of such human drama.

For example, when one saw with one’s given mind that this given nation will prosper as one saw in the year 2006 while one used to live abroad. This is not from the point view of seeking recognition from the existing government or seeking some kind of material benefit from any other party. One share on what one sees, hears, smell and the like. As matter of the fact that one claim that one is fifty to fifty towards this government since one appreciates when good things are on stage and one criticizes as bad things are on stage. As both things are on stage, one shares both things too.

One shares as what one sees, hears, smells and the like as they do not exist but they will happen in sometime to the future. One does not see things that can happen to the future of society not for the sake of obtaining round of applause from government minster, seeking cheap publicity from the public or whatever since one is not even interested to talk of such given matter with these kinds of people due to the fact that the one is pretty much ware that prosperity comes by hard work, well determine citizens, with profound policy and strategy and leadership and all other requirements that any given prosperity requires.

In such theatrical human drama of the 2006 foreseeing of good and future things that can happen to this given nation, this does not tell two things. The first one is that whether such prosperity will come by this government or by any other government; the second is that it is not possible to put certain time frame since such a thing can happen at any time which one has no clue. This can happen in short term period or medium range or long term and the like. Hence, it is important not to confuse that such given prosperity one saw few years back in one’s mind will come by this administration or whatever since these kinds of things are not explained and discussed in here before.

With such given human drama and theater, one foresaw many things and they happen and come true thru the process of time; one did not make such things to happen since one was not the author of such human dramas but one was channeled to see such things to happen and one just saw and one shared to many others around and to those who read such write up in few years back. This is one aspect of one’s life and one has no control and authority over not seeing or not knowing such things.

These kinds of human experiences are part and parcel of human history.  They adorn the books and ages of this world with interesting color since they describe different features of human realities. They deliver different perspectives for life and for this world. The good thing is that they do not need approval from others as they are true since they happen and none has control over such things.



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