Action not Preaching

October 16, 2015

To thousands of people who had gathered for his weekly address, Pope Francis said: “Before I begin the Catechism, in the name of the Church, I want to ask you for forgiveness for the scandals that have occurred recently either in Rome or in the Vatican. I ask you for forgiveness. Pope Francis has made a surprise public apology for recent scandals “either in Rome or in the Vatican”. He made the apology at his weekly general audience in St Peter’s Square, but did not specify which scandals. He is thought to be referring to a senior Polish priest who was dismissed from his Vatican post after announcing he was in a gay relationship. The Pope’s spokesman said the pontiff had not been referring to the recent resignation of Rome’s mayor

People say, something is better than nothing and people hit on their daily undertaking regardless of the positive and negative human dramas are going on stage though existing human made institutions are trying something in order to solve the human problems and they try to help humanity in their own fashion and style in which such existence and systems are better than nothing due to the fact they do something than doing simply nothing. When people look for something better and best which come by other alternative and approaches of life which people put on the menu of life and table, this will be excellent. However, to think and act differently is not only a choice but also requirement of the day.

Very few people wake up from their slumber and think that I need certain kinds of thinking and way of life other than the existing ones since the existing systems are lamentably defective to help the most afflicting human society in expeditious manner. This is truly understandable. But of course, people have their own problems and they are dealing with the difficulties of life in some way or another. And they seek certain remedial thinking and way of life in order to make life better since they presume that problems are created by two ways.

The first one is when they interact with other people, with other systems or institutions, which are external factors. The second one is due to their own shortcomings and weaknesses, which is internal factor. And in order to solve their internal problems people devise their own methods with their own and they try to correct themselves based on their given experiences of life, advice they obtain from other people and the like.

On the other hand, when they face problems or difficulties with other people, institutions and the like, they could face certain given complications or problems, in which such kinds of problems could vary as per the nature and object of interaction and communications. Hence, people deliver different kinds of solutions to the different types of problems which they face since every problem has its own respective solution.

Although the internal factor has something to contribute to the external factor, there are certain kinds of problems that come solely by the nature of external factors in which the internal factor could be less contributing ones. In this case, as once the factor is purely sorted out, people devise their own strategy based on the nature and  character of object of interaction since the internal ones are figured out and it  is the external factors that create more problems.

Accordingly, one should carefully analyze the nature of external factors as to why they create such complications and problems and how do other people interact and face such given cause of problems so that right and appropriate remedy could be delivered out since all problems cannot have similar solutions. The weight of problems matter to the type of solutions people should deliver in which weighty problems could require enough time, energy and resources. What could be interesting in here is that there are complicated and sophisticated problems society face that get solved out by the process of time without even incurring much costs which make life more of mystery.

Amongst such kinds of problems society could face is that when laws, policies and systems are made and implemented by the virtue of few people in which few core people decide on the fate of the mass than the working of system and rule of law, when such people are remove due to death or other causes, such given kinds of practice will not be on stage since it was individuals who manipulate and override the rule of law than the law or the system itself.

In such biased, confused and unfair system, individuals are urged to come up with their own mindset since trick and other human factors and elements are the ones that govern the dynamics of such types of societies. Hence, wise people come up with their own way of life on how to cope up with such given societies out of experiences and exposure of life they develop since they live amidst the society.

And it is not based on rumors or other people gossip and advice they come up, but with something practical and tangible experience of life they face with individuals, society itself and institutions which they interact, and they live with the right mindset they should so that their life can be of no chaos and noise since they have already developed right mechanism and state of mind on how to handle and look such way of life in any given social dynamics in societies where individuals play significant roles and in fact play games on the fate of society than the rule of law.

In this given case, society needs moral revivalism due to the fact that such given societies requires system overhaul, as the vehicle require when it is old an engine overhaul, in its daily undertakings and structures, which require not only effective system and rule of law, well behaved and disciplined individuals determined for true change than ready for trick and deception, and beyond such factors, thinking people who can see what is beyond and hidden on the stage. It is not what they say that matters but what is going on that speaks the truth on louder scales.

They say, “Vain is the word of a philosopher,” Epicurus once said, “which does not heal the suffering of man.” Centuries later, Thoreau expressed this same thought: “To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school . . . it is to solve some of the problems of life, not only theoretically, but practically.”

And some of the best philosophers never wrote anything down–they just lived exemplary lives and provided an example which we can now learn from. That too, was philosophy. It was practical and it was applicable and it made life better. Amongst one of them and one of the profound examples of such type is the Greek thinker, Socrates. Socrates never wrote anything but his thinking was channeled by the instrumentality of Pluto who was one of his students of that given time.

Such real change should originate by the authorship of society itself and when such society is awake from the deep sleep it has been injected by life, the real transformation will be on stage. Until then, everyone enjoys and has fun on its comfort zone until the right time for awakening is come. Such awakening is a force and process of life that happen by the natural stages of evolvement of society which the society itself has no control over. Is it possible to pass the teenage to adulthood to any given individual life, Not. This will surely come to every society by its own good time.

This is not the time to quote wordings from books and traditions, but it is time to think of right solutions to apply to the current problems afflicting humanity. This is not the time for waiting fulfillment of prophecy with bare hands, but to get determined for collaborative actions in order to remedy societal challenges and difficulties. This is not the time to wait for what preachers are saying on Sunday, but to think, and reflect on practical solutions that should solve the existing human problems in human ways so that better and quality life should come on everyone’s home and veranda.


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