A Tummy in Thinking Realm

October 15, 2015

A belly is a strange part of the human body which dictates on the other parts and organs of the human anatomy with the kind of style and fashion of follow me, go after me and the like. This is to mean that a belly is a part of the human body which comes to existence thru the process of life as people eat unhealthy food, or taking excess amount which the body needs and with many other different reasons. Medically, belly is not advised and it also makes physical fitness to be in difficult situation and amorphous shape.

Accordingly, one can correlate such given conditions of the human fitness in the thinking and other human realms which people come up in the process of time and they ask many people just to follow them. Such kinds of belly form of thinking and attitude in life are in abundant. They are found in the musical world, sporting areas, political arenas, religious fields and many other scopes of life such types of people are working on, and the moment they get achieved with their workings, they ask many other people to follow them and they want to dictate many other people in way they are perfect exemplars of life even if they do not say it in exact terms and in louder voices, they try impose their style into others with many different gestures of life they demonstrate.

In life, it is good to be achieved in the workings which people carry out in their given daily routines, but it is not good idea to impose what one think or what one thinks of a life principle on other people since everyone should have one’s own doctrine and principle of life. By virtues of the process of life to date, many people do not have their own principle in life due to capacity, awareness and other reasons and they cannot come up with certain mindset. In such cases, people are trapped with religious dogmas and other doctrines of life.

However, being human means being thinker and everyone ideally is entitled to be dwelling in the world of thinking due to the fact every one carries the tool to think, the human mind. And every one comes with one’s own a perspective and definition for life based on  ones’ own given exposures and experience of life which one faces in the process and course of life. But, the way this world is fashioned allow only few people to be living in the world of thinking and the mass is observant and recipient of such human drama as they say all animals are equal but few animals are more equal.

And thus people develop their own given mindset and as they can share such varied experiences and principles of life with each other in their own fashion so that life can have better taste and beautiful color when the so called society and community life is created, such given life will have more meaning and life becomes thoughtful since the values and thinking of such community life is made up with the totality of such given individual life experiences and principles along with the synergistic effect.

When few people get achieved in life, they start coming with a perspective of their own, and in most cases they might not know as to the mystery or secret of their successes, but they explain to such effect as what they could understand or could tell to others. In reality, the real cause of their story might be different than what they claim. As other people try to follow such peoples’ experience of life along the claimed principles, they might not succeed accordingly.

The point in here is that success has its own mystery and secret and the method one employ could work for one person and might not work right to the many others. And such achieved people try to dictate many other people in way the formula they employ in their given life is correct and then it helped them to get achieved. In its hidden story of their page of life, they might not understand why they get achieved since there are many dramas going on this world of existence on why people are achieved as there are correct workings going on and there are also incorrect ones and bad human dramas of life.

Achievement and accomplishments in life especially in the work fields or any scope of life which people undertake is excellent and profound, but dictating other people in style of follow me or be after me is not a good idea since other people should and could excel far beyond than such given claimed achievement and accomplishments. When people are designed to get achieved base on such give exemplars, their limit and how far they can go is already told, but other people should excel such given peoples reached point, since as there are many duplicates in life, this world cannot progress and life gets boring

This should happen in every arena of life, be it in religious perfect models of life, political fields and other scopes of life since there is no human limit which people should be afraid of due to the fact there are many people who have excelled and went far beyond than the scale of measurements which the human drama has put and this world has designed but they were not even noticed and recognized for many different factors.

While living in such belly world, people should wake up from the deep sleep this world has injected everyone on daily basis so that slim world can be created. This can come by having healthy foods, doing physical exercises, and avoiding other unnecessary things which the human body looks for. The same is true in the thinking realm!!


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