Whatever and Whichever

October 13, 2015

Quest for freedom makes life interesting since it is one of the fundamental aspect of human life and such path of life do make life to be of no easy matter as others say, there is no easy way or comfort on the path of freedom since freedom is not only a necessary aspect of human life but also  a subject of controversy since as we have seen in history, those people or groups who fought for freedom happen to be oppressors in their course of time as they assume authority and office by their own good time. Hence, one makes one’s own way to freedom in one’s own accent without touching one’s neighbor and  without harming oneself since it is possible to live by keeping such balance and harmony in life.

When people especially dedicate themselves towards something, they are putting themselves in paradoxical world since the idea of freedom and joining a particular group could be in contradiction as they enter thru the many gates of every group or ideology that they follow since they are already having programmed ideology which they are injected in every day and they are asked to behave and think in certain manner and fashion, be it good or bad, but the concept of freedom will be in paralyses since freedom is not only about choosing alternatives but also inventing another alternatives a s they have already crossed certain boundaries and limits such group or programmed ideology dictate. In such case, peoples thinking and feeling words something could shift to different paradigm and people start looking their own alternatives and journey of life by their own accent of life.

This does not mean that one is disrespectful to former system and way of life, but rather one is grateful and thankful for the past way of life and one looks with bright hope and vision to fulfill one’s own future by one’ own way of life. In such valley of life, experience is the best teacher in life. Hence, one starts one’s journey of life with one’s own thinking and experience in life in which one uses past good experiences of life as bridge to the future making of one’s undertaking. In such given undertaking, there are various kinds of people who are found thinking and doing both good and bad things which are obvious and part of one’s life experience. And to the good ones, one praises, but to the bad ones, one observe their move with care and tact so that they could change in the process of time based on their given experience of life dictate as many others do.

People’s emotion, thinking, feelings and attitudes they show and reflect towards something which they like or hate changes as the mood and exigency of time of changes and hence it is also of significant importance to revise their classification and category as per the nature and character of their reflections which change thru the process and course of time. People change. Change is inevitable. Accordingly, their classification and category which they belong also change in due by the lessons of time.

When people are in engagement with something which they like, they have different levels and stage of interaction and connection which they develop towards the object of interaction and communication. They like something since they have something in common or they are attracted towards that something since something has impressed them. To the contrary, there are also people who are found on the opposite or negative aspect in which they dislike something or they are not attracted

Both category and kinds of people exist in the involvements which they make with any given object of interaction—positive and negative—and life goes on since this is one of the very nature of this world, but the point lies not on the support and opposition, but the motive behind such given human drama. Why do people support or oppose any given human drama is one important aspect, meaning, is the intent pure or impure another matter which they know to themselves than they disclose to others?

Beyond such given factor, any given undertaking goes on whether it collects supporters or opponents since it should continue going ahead due to the purpose and nature of undertaking in which those who are influenced by peoples vote could be killed or removed as the number of opponents are in abundant and those undertakings do continue and flourish since the motive behind such human drama is not into collecting people into such given undertaking, but it is just sharing opinions and facts.

While such theater is on stage, one wonders as to the number and kinds of people who exist in both camps and categories of people in which in those negative camps, there are three kinds of people that dwell. The first ones are those opponents who oppose with blindness in which bias and prejudice are the very nature of their hatred due to the fact the way of life which they practice make them to be in such bad situation and circumstances of life, and they can go up to killing the life of others or authors of any given undertakings which they do not like. They have to revise themselves first.

In the second kinds of such given opponents, there are people who do not like to hear and read about any given undertaking which they do not like, and they do not take any action in relations such given undertaking since they cannot or they are cowardice. The third ones are those who buy few things in way that they are convinced to take something as fact and they do not want to be embarrassed and from the fear of rejecting the truth since it is fact and reality but they have the hatred going on due to the fact that they detach themselves from the way of life they are already molded in.

The second category of people are those who like something or any given undertaking and they have varied level and steps of attachment they create toward something which they like. In this category people, the first ones are the part time lovers in which when they feel like something to be connected to such undertaking, they just keep in touch and they do it as par time basis. They are called as admirers or fans.

The second ones are those people who want to know the motive behind such drama beside admiring and they are curious to know the nature and character of any given undertakings in which the genuine affections they have come up make them to see things far beyond what is on the face value and they see it on positive scale of measurements as to the nature and significance of such given undertaking. The third ones are followers since they are in total affection towards something which they like, and they follow to what any given undertaking tells. They try to be honest with their feelings and affection they have towards that given undertaking which they like to practice and follow.

Mathematicians claim that there is infinity between number 1 and2 which is to mean that the many decimals and dots that exist between these two numbers is infinite. The same is true on the gap and difference that exist between such given classifications and categories of people within people in which everyone has one’s own accent and distinct character and nature which people reflect in their given life. What is dictating in doing such classifications and categorization is the majority or the most part which people reflect.

Whatever kinds of people exist and whichever kinds of feeling and thinking are on stage, one keep on going on what one should do since this is not done with the intention of seeking anyone’s round of applause or from the fear of any kind of rejection. One has one’s own purpose and motive which is crystal clear, sharing opinions and facts about life in one’s own accent. One does not need any help from anyone since one can do things by one’s own way and world.

Henry David Thoreau once said, “I was not designed to be forced. I will breath after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest”. Life goes on and one keeps on going in doing what one likes in life by one’s own accent than by what others can dictate. Life tells many things than what other people could deliver. I will breathe after my own accent and style and none have the right, power, and control over one’s life and on the choice one makes in life. Thanks to nature and life, let us hear and see who is the sturdy!!


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