Right People Vs Wrong Life

October 9, 2015

They say wrong people lead right life and right people lead wrong life. This is one of the characteristics of wrong societies whatever political party and leadership they have and practice. This is one of the interesting comments one ever heard since the look and content of any society is mainly depend upon on how far such society manifest and reflect justice and fairness in its undertakings. In this case, the right people should have right life and the wrong people should take the wrong ones.

This does not mean that right people are not having and enjoying the right life. What could be weighty and worthwhile in the above mentioned saying is that such people outnumber the right people with the right life. In such case, such given society is busy with trivial activities and undertaking of human life in which most people become interested with cheap aspect of human lives and the  interferences most people make in other peoples lives become normal,. This is like the number of people who intrude into others home is greater than those who enter in appropriate manner, in such case chaos and frustration become the identity of such given society. Such society is the most ugly society since most focus on trivial of people affair than ideas and thinking that change the life and thinking of society. Life get stuck in here.

Why do such societies have such given way of life? Is this something related to leadership and governance? Is this something related to social dynamics, practice and thinking of society which are founded upon wrong cultures, habit and mindset? Is this because of individuals less role and determination for commitment to change and transformation? Is this because other factors which they call mysterious? And who is responsible to change this condition of life into better and higher?

For instance, as one was wondering on such valley of life in which people take whatever things it take to life, one come to an argument that if one is given chance of monthly income under two scenarios of life, which one of the two scenarios of life one is going to take. The first one is, one is given chance to receive monthly income of 20,000 in money and the hassle such job delivers to cash equivalent of 10,000; the other scenario of life is one is to receive a monthly income of 50,000 in cash and the hassle such job deliver which could be equivalent to 75,000.

And one of the person whom one shared said, I want to take the second scenario of life since the person said I like the money and I will develop a mechanism to resist the hassle so that I can have better life which I should enjoy with the money I obtain. While the second person said, I cannot take any kind of hassle and will take the lesser money with a lesser hassles of life. He also said that the hassle will make me cost for illnesses that could cost me more that the monthly income I obtain.

In both scenarios of life, both are correct by their own since they have their own ways and accents of life. In fact, on the second scenarios of life, there are business people in here who have economic or financial resources but they lack maturity and sound personality since they have some kind of foolish drama which they play on others even if they have money as they say, money talks in every language and they assume that they buy peoples reality not only their professional services but also their integrity due to the fact that there are some kind of people who are foolish and they live for money than integrity they should keep it in life.

The look of society looks nicer when the right people live the right life since such kind of system is no easy especially in growing nations and societies. As the society grows in economy, complications also grow. It needs quite a mindset to balance such growth as one can simply see that there are even individuals who show strange attitudes and behavior as they get few coins in their pockets as they change from the world of no penny to the world of peony, which is the becoming character of life in this world especially in here too.

As part of one’s experience of life with others as one observe, if they were a people who say when they have no penny, while they are in contradiction or conflict with other people, I will leave this matte to God or the type of God which they worship, they are busy in churches and other worship places for seeking help, they ask many people to pray for them and the like. But these same people when they obtain few coins in their pockets, and they are also in bad conditions with other people, they start saying, I will talk to my lawyer and they become busy in court places since they start talking by the penny they have in their pockets. Or the start sponsoring gangsters as good and healthy companies sponsors social activities to promote their businesses.

When there are more people of the first scenario of life in which the amount of money they give is greater than the amount and kinds of hassle they deliver to employees, life become enjoyable and fantastic and healthier and less stressful people will be on stage. Whereas as there are many people who give less money than the amount of stresses and complications they deliver, life become boring and the look of society in here is ugly and amorphous ones. The point in here is that we live by the second scenarios of life in which most of such people in here are like that ones who are not even ready to make other peoples live easier and simpler.

What is quite funny and strange in here is that most of the second types, employers, of people are heard of proclaiming themselves as revolutionaries in changing the hives of societies where they live and deliver stressful conditions towards their given employees in which as such kinds of people are on stage that have tricky approaches and methods of life which they employ towards themselves, significant change in the life of society is chimera since they have resources and they cannot let move the society forward.

Most people live in here by the so called “grace of God” which they have in their own and by tier own mindset due to the fact such way of thinking shape them out to be powerless  in certain cases of their given daily undertaking while they face second kinds of employers even if such given approach in life make them superstitious and expectant and dependant than have their own independence and make courageous move in order to change their thinking and way of life since money talks than any other forces of nature in life of cities and urbanization way of life, which the present day urges and demands as part of life.

Whatever type of life is going, whichever type of people are residing, the look and content of society looks nicer as there are justice and fairness in any given society in which when the right people obtain the right life style than the wrong people obtain the right life style, as such proportion and ratio is unbalanced, the life of society is in danger which is like the person who is sick and feeling like to death, but not seeing physician for treatment or it is like a cancer that kills thru time as normal as more people are into such way of life.

Life becomes interesting and enjoyable when justified and fair minded people are in abundant than wrong people are in our verandas since life is no about obtaining money but also about fair-mindedness and profound thinking. For this one does not need to support or oppose, or become a member of, any given political party or religious agenda or group since this can be possible by one’s own mindset and thinking that one come up with exposure and experiences from life. Life tells many things than many other agents of knowledge or people since one’s given experience is the best counselor in life.

Great people, which are few in number, of the world sees what is going on behind the stage and what is going to happen even to the future of society where as most people of the world especially in here cannot even recognize and notice what is going on their veranda and on their neighbors. We live in such paradox world where people are busy and are happy with trivial activities of today by killing their profound and bright tomorrow since life is mainly depend upon capacity and maturity. Most people are trapped with the trivial and especially on what the media feeds and inject them with such vaccine of deep sleep in every day and such media are also dependent upon what the western medias supply.

These chain of activities and interactions create some sort of identity confusion to the mass since they  are not even aware of the drama that is going on stage and why others supply such information. This is like eating some kind of nice food without knowing from what types of ingredients are made. As later on, people are told of the ingredients of the nice food which they ate was made of such as from dog or human flesh, they start crying out and they cannot eat food for longer time until such anxiety comes out from their reality. Most of the thighs we have in this world could be related in here if people do not have the clue on why such information n are supplied and they transmit to the public without even making further research on the purpose and nature of information too. Until people are awake from the deep sleep they are injected, let them enjoy the nightmares they have at hand on their homes until the dawn of truth visits their home in their own good times.


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