Beer with Coca Bottle

October 8, 2015

People give critics on people, system and way of life and any other aspects which they like to deliver due to reasons of sense of responsibility and accountability, which is the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. This is fine and healthy which requires quite matured mindset in order to accept what people genuinely offer since they have found out something worthwhile to comment and give an idea so that corrections could be made.

In such connection, it is not only the perception and the idea that matter, but also the attitude and behavior in which such given critical idea presented is one given factor. The tone and the style that people use in order to deliver certain kinds of criticism towards someone or something is also tantamount to the critical views since both are inseparable aspects of the human way of life. People need some kind of respect when they are offered certain amount of criticism which is indeed appropriate.

When both are integrated, the critical idea and appropriate attitude and behavior, the critics gets meaning, weight and worth since criticism needs mindset and maturity and both are requirements to obtain positive feedback from the recipient of the criticisms. This is like when people want to offer some kind of beer, they should be offered with the right glass designated to such given beer, but not with the bottle that contain the trademark of Coca-Cola or Pepsi since such beer has its own trademark, even if another beer bottle of different trade mark is not even acceptable which could lead to penal codes and punishment.

Critics are results of some kind of disappointments and dissatisfaction with the object of criticism thus people deliver their own suggestion out of two conditions. The first one is out of desire and intention that change and transformation should come; the second one is out of bad intention and motive that to remove or destroy the object of criticism. The first one is identified by others as positive criticisms and the second is recognized by others as negative criticisms.

When people deliver positive criticisms, it is reflections of the degree of love and affection towards the object of criticism and thus they present their view in form of criticism so that change and betterment should come. This is done the sole and keen desire and motive of looking for something higher and profound. The weight and potency of such given kinds of criticism is dependent upon the capacity and maturity of those who deliver such critics. That is why other people tell that such given kinds of criticism are constructive criticism.

While people deliver negative critics, it is hate factor even if they used to belong or not to that given object of criticism, they look for something negative and they use shortcomings and vacuum that exist on that given object of criticism and they deliver based on such given drawbacks which they look for. It is hate factor that is the governing attitude and thus such people deliver views with the intention of destroying such given object of criticism and this why they call such given types of criticisms as destructive ones since the motive and drama behind such suggestion is destroying.

In both kinds of critics, especially when it is dome to system or way of life in which group of people belong, there are two types of people that exist in such given kinds of criticism. Within the first ones are those who belong and are active in that given system and way of life in which the primal motive is to have their system and way of life look better and great which is indeed healthy; the other ones are those people who left that given system and way of life out of bad drama or by their own reason, and even if they do not belong to that given system and way of life, they want to see changes and betterment visit that given system or way of life since they are naturally genuine and well wishers of the world.

In the second case, there are people who used to belong to such system and way of life, and they left that given system and way of life since they became victim of some kind bad dramas going on, they are determine to continuously attack that give system as revenge seeking mentality and they want to remove that give system. The second ones are those who do not belong to the system, but they have their own agenda towards such systems and they continuously attack since they want to remove that given system and way of life.

In both condition of way of life, criticism s offered, wise are they who make use of such advantages to whichever types of criticism as they are delivered, they take such views in order to correct themselves since both have different intentions, but same purpose, which is based on vacuums’ and shortcomings, and as far as whatever criticism to whichever direction is come, people should take advantage of both direction to the good of the future of themselves as such suggestions are truthful and good for betterment.

Although it is not possible to correct all kinds of mistakes and failures overnight, people should be determined to make all kinds of efforts in making use of such criticism which come from every angle and direction to the common good and future since good things do not always come from the so called friends—but in cases from enemies, which could need wise and tact in fact in approaching and making use of— though the intention could be different and as far as such critics are relevant, useful and truthful.


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