October 6, 2015

Hearing and seeing are the profound gifts of nature. And one meets and interacts with many kinds of people in life, people of various backgrounds, it is quite interesting to see and hear the melodies and noises of life as it is better and greater to watch and listen to such sounds of the world too. When people live in any given system of life, people communicate and interact with both truthful and falsehood information.

People see and hear things as they exist, but when they communicate on what they see and hear, they pass such a thing on three aspects; one is they pass to others as it is, second, they tell by distorting it; then third is they tell completely lie and they tell on what they do not see and hear. And thus we judge people on what they deliver. Accordingly, those who tell exactly on what they see and hear are called truthful people, or honest; those who distort on what they see and hear known as corrupt people; and those who tell lie about what they see and hear are called as liars.

When people say, God is unknowable and it is not possible to tell about the size, color, height, width and the like of God, and they also claim that they do not want to discus about an entity which is unknowable except sharing their personal and speculative ideas, in this case, such given types of people are truthful and whatever system they have is truthful system and way of life since they are founded upon truthful grounds. When people say, God is unknowable, and at the same time, they explain the nature, color and height and width of God, this statement of belief and concept by its nature is contradictory and such kinds of people and the system they belong is corrupt.  When people claim that God is knowable and they tell every aspect of God, such types of people and their given system belong to the liars.

In most ways and systems of life, it is highly recommended that being truthful is the basic ingredients of their life and core of their means of interaction and communication. But such a thing only exists in books and paper and ink than what one could observe in peoples interaction and communication. In fact, what was quite funny and interesting is that on the analogies and examples and experience of those elderly people who fabricate all kinds of things in order to convince other people. The same pattern is followed by the younger ones since they copy and paste same approaches of life.

One thought that they were truthful, but as one passed a given experience and circumstances of life, one found out that they were lie and deception in way they are fabricated to convince other people to enter into their circle of life and make them stay in the system of life. As one make an overview on the processes and steps taken to make oneself and join their system of life, one wonders as to why people go and apply that much energy and time and resources to push into their given way and system of life.

Why do old people of expertise and experiences of life lie even if they claim that they have the truth, without even realizing that they are even lying? Why do people need be to be truthful in life? What are the pros and cons of being truthful in life? Does one have to be religious in order to be truthful? Which one of the ways of life is the most truthful system and way of life? Why? Is it possible to tell that these groups of people are the most truthful people? How? Why? One could ask several questions whose answers can be relative and subjective since most people lie in order to live for the day, in order to escape some kind of drama and the like.

One of the interesting aspects of such aspect of the human life, lying, in telling future events and happenings of life in this world in which as there are claims in books that state there are false prophets—even if one doubt of the truthful ones since none have succeeded in telling the future events in precise manner—in which such claimed false prophets tell lie and deception of future events, there are also people who propagate and promulgate such lie and deception on daily basis, by making all kinds of plastic surgeries to the original sayings of such prophets, with the intention of justifying their given claim as if it is truthful, but they end up in the middle of nowhere since they cannot do anything at future times due to the fact that they cannot argue and change what is objectively going on and happening on the objective world.

Business people, in here, lie since the objective and motive of such lie is crystal clear, to make money, to maximize one’s income and thus such people lie in order to get personal advantages and benefit as they say, business is legal robbery. Such people have enough reason even if they do not lie, this could have been better and profound since it is possible to make personal gains without lying too. Even if lying of any kinds is crime under any given law, such people lie without even realizing that they could be penalized by law but as they are getting used to it, they consider that such given way of approaching people is normal in here. But in civilized societies, this is not possible since the law has strong and enough structure to penalize such people who lie since there is an established system already underway and the business people are already aware of the consequences.

When people follow lie and deception, without even realizing that it is even lie, in fact they work day and night to promulgate such a thing and matter, there is nothing one can say except, let the light of truth show them the truthful way, but one feels till uncomfortable with such people since they guide many people to wrong way and path of life as people ask certain fundamental and significant questions about them. Even if it is good to those people who foul out themselves since such people could have been lost without them as one good aspect, due to the fact that something is better than nothing but is bad idea to those thinking people who question the integrity of such system and way of life since they give kind of electric, not cultural, shocks and they try to frustrate their lives in their own way and accent.

Such ways and systems of life are in most cases related to religious systems and political programs in which most people join them for shaping their future and lives as they exit by the entrance get they have entered and joined them. Then, life becomes the life of rat and cat due to reasons that the number of people or the population size of such deviance people is getting larger, in fact, survey could be made, this number could out number to the number of people who stick to system and way of life, which make most of the residents of the world to be passive and silent on the drama such given system of life are doing and operating on daily basis.

Such deviations which most people undertake is with the motive and keen desire and interest for searching and having meaningful and genuine life so that peoples’ stay on earth could end up with decent accomplishment and profound achievements. In this case, such numerous population sizes looks for something sensible and practical and realistic approaches ways of life that add vigor and flavor to life on the earth. Such numerous people are not mad or abnormal, but they think and believe that something should be done to and in this world so that the look of the world could be changed into beautiful that the ugly look it already has by now.

Hence, such numerous people  are bored of the existing systems and ways of life, be it religious or political, but they look for something new and different which does not belong to either of the two since the approaches and methods of life employed by such ways of life are lamentable defective and make this world to have such an amorphous shape even if there are profound accomplishments both scopes have undergone, but they could not be remedied and make peoples life interesting to such numerous population sized people.

The root cause for such peoples deviation is the existence of lie and deception since such numerous size populations have been victimized by tricks such ways of life have committed, and such given numerous people look for something and better than live by being obedient to lie and deception due to their given experiences of life. Thus, they are not and they cannot be enemies of the truth since they have experienced some kind of foolish dramas in their life. The desire and genuine interest they have for seeking and establishing truthful lives and conditions of life, they prefer to live at the corner of everything and watch the dramas of what a lie is performing on stage.  The truth is observer of the theater of the tricks in this world.


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