October 1, 2015

Life has more meaning and taste when things are interconnected and interrelated in meaningful way and manner so as to obtain better perspective and lights of guidance to existence on the earth. When things are interconnected, this should be in way that it makes more sense and better understanding on one’s grasp of life in this world otherwise it would be meaningless.

What is quite interesting about such give aspect of life is that there is quite meaningful perception in relating individual way of life with that of societal or institutional or community life since such given components and elements of this world are part and parcel of the activities of life in way one touches the other in one or the other way by their own fashion and style.

As any given individual has both aspects of life—good and bad—societal, community or institutional lives face same as they activate in their daily routine depending on the type and object of interactions and communications they face in life. The good and bad exist at any give individual, societal or community or instructional lives since they are inevitable aspect of life on the earth.

An individual faces kinds of good and bad things in life in which one given individual could be completely physically healthy which is not warranty that the given person is in compete state of health due to the fact that the human reality has different facets in which how and what that given person thinking, behavior and attitudes in life is different matter to consider which are related to emotional, intellectual, and other aspects are one thing to consider even if the physical health conditions is assumed that it contribute to the other well beings of the human reality even if they are not warranty to such given aspect of the human reality.

Accordingly, any given individual could face cancer, diabetes, and other non curable diseases one face in life; there are also other curable disease people face in life in which every individual could pass both circumstances of life in different occasions of life. Such given aspect of life is assumed that people face illnesses naturally and also with other related human causes which people do in their daily interaction and communication with the environment at large.

The same is true to society or any give institution in which both of them could face certain kinds of illnesses of both types in due course of time by the process of life, but not in way that any given individual is physically sick, but such social or institutional illnesses could be reflected on their given thinking machinery, attitude, behavior and the like in which any given society could face certain types of curable and non curable diseases in their own domain thru the process of life it acquires due to the fact that society or institution is combination and integration of many individuals thinking and behaviors too.

Hence, people could observe certain kinds of social illness in any given society living with adaptation in which the society could consider such given thinking or behavior as normal due to the fact the it gets used to such kinds of thinking and behaviors but others could not accept or legitimize such thinking and behaviors as normal since they have their own way of valuing and judging social and institutional thinking and behavior, and they could also assume that such given society or institution is sick, it requires remedies.

Societal or institutional illness vary from society to society since the evolving time and evolutionary processes of life any give society or institution undergo is one factor in which there are societies that could adapt to certain bad habit and thinking and they cannot get rid of such things since it is not easy and simple to remove bad practices within that give social dynamics due to reasons that many of them are falling into such romanticism of such acts and they cannot stop since they are highly attached and attracted to such practice for their life time.

Most of the thinking and acts such societies have in most cases are wrong and fake which could be detected by the developmental stage and processes they are having at this point of time. Any act and thinking that facilitate the developmental activities of that given particular society in positive manner is good; if such given act and thinking such society has negative impact on the developmental stage and process of such society is bad and wrong and unacceptable.

Development is a process of life which individual, societies and institutions undertake in integrated and harmonious way so as to solve their material, intellectual, emotional, economic, political, social, psychological and other related problems in healthy and positive ways and manner in which sustainability, strategic thinking and planning along with firm conviction and determination in achieving the common good and objective are the corner stone to such way of life to any given particular social dynamics.

When any given society has numerous population size and such abundance human resource is meaningful and healthy as such given society seizes the opportunity of such given numbers of populations to the best of its utilization in ever avenue of life otherwise they are just numbers and they put burden to the fate of society. Huge population size is important when society utilizes such given resources in effective and efficient manner. Otherwise, such numerous size of population along with existing social and institutional illness they faces could obese the look and health of the society at large since social and institutional illness could only be remedied and medicated by well determined and farsighted visionary leaders.


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