Good Vs Bad—Subjective Vs Objective

October 30, 2015

As the economic summit organized in Ethiopia by the economist is going on, more than 8.2 million people are starving in the same nation. Few people who have an impact on the economic aspect of the world were assembled in lavish hall and they were discussing on the economic progress such nation has achieved and is going to achieve; numerous people in vast lands in this particular nation are looking for piece of bread. Both optimistic and pessimistic views and happenings are going on in every land and the paradox such world is undergoing is still mystery and misery to all.

Such theatrical drama of life in this world is one of the daily menu and normal practice that exist in this world. This is not to mean that there should not be discussions of such type while people are starving, but this is just to reflect on the normal theater this world is performing on stage and every second of our life in this world is paged with such kinds of ironic activities in cases quite contradictory and antagonistic, and in another aspects, similar and integrated activities are going on similar moments of time.

This way of life is one of the becoming normal way of life and the trend of such life and condition of this world—past, present and future—at any individual, society or community and institution level. Whether people try to be optimist or pessimist, positive or negative, life continues hitting on containing both good and bad aspects of life. It is not people’s optimistic thinking and belief that make good things to happen or bad things to come since there are certain phenomenon that should happen regardless of people thinking and belief which people should accept and abide since they are part of natural process of life.

Even though, it is good to wish positive things in life this does not mean that such given wish is warranty that bad things could not happen. In fact, bad things are not necessarily bad things, but things which people do not like them to happen, which are bad ones and not bad ones too. Bad is bad in place where there is no good, bad occurs. But, in case where people are accustomed to bad way of life, and such way of life is considered as normal practice, good things could be considered as bad since they have inverted the right way of life to the wrong style, and when proper things come, they are treated as bad ones. Good things in such cities are considered as stranger.

In societies where there are many poor people, the thirst people have in life is about seeking coins for life. In such cases, it is the end that justifies the means, meaning, obtaining whatever coin people obtain is the end result that makes any given person to have good or bad look in such given society, the success which people measure in life and whatever analogy, examples or presentation people have and, use in their communication and interaction in most cases is something that reflect the scarcity of coins or related to what they lack in life.

Here, a gangster that has few coins in the bank account or in one’s pocket could have prominent positions in the society since the touchstone for success in life is totally distorted by the end result which people are interested in life. Such societies are not interested on the mechanism and approaches people use in their given undertaking, but by the end result which people show and reflect. In this case, people have irrational way of life and, in cases, they are found lost in the middle of nowhere.

The world as historically witnesses is able to accommodate both bad and good things in connection with their give actors of such drama, bad and good people, thru past centuries and ages. The world we live now is cumulative effect of both good and bad things, and if bad things do not exist, good things will not follow since good things are in cases result of bad causes.

When people, for example, do bad things for once, they will not do it to the second since there are two pillars of life in this regard, the first one is care and tact and the second is the use of armament and justice. This is to say that when someone commits any bad act on other people, other people could be deceived or hurt for the first time, on the next step, that such people could not trick other people unless such people are foolish. People employ care in here and if this is not possible, such people use the rule of law to protect themselves.

What could be strange in here is that in societies where the rule of law is very fake, the justice is nil, and weak good governance and fake public administration is going on, and in such places, such society suffers unless and otherwise virtue is planted amidst society by its own and in its own fashion. This means, society should not expect much things from the state since the state has formed its own island and the society can establish law and order by its own mechanisms.

Goodness and badness are contextual, relative and subjective in certain cases as they are also objective in their own terms. Killing people is bad and a person who kills other people is called killer and this person should be put to court for justice. Giving money to the needy and to those people who can work are contextual aspect in which such generosity is good, to what type of person, why people give should be analyzed further since such giving money could make other people lazy to work and make them to be dependent. In this case, when people give money to the needy, it is good; when they give money to the gangster, it is bad. The act is same, but its relevance is contextual.


Good Hearts Vs Good Minds

October 27, 2015

Good hearts are better than good minds, said one of the old person whom one knows and met in life while having glasses of beers at the grocer. And one asked further, what it means by that since one does not find big difference between both, although one had sensed as there is such given variation based on such gentleman experience and exposures in life. And the old man gazed at one self and explained, there is a difference between both and the difference between them is reflected in history.

Good hearts are good and true feelings which people have towards people, but good minds are good thinking that people have towards other people; in good heats, practical solutions come, in good minds idealistic thinking, and unrealistic theories emerge. And he further pointed out, in good hearts, people show compassion in practical terms, but in good minds, people show compassion by lip service.

And one got what an old man in the grocer was talking about. And then, one opened one’s eye in life and wondered on the types of people that exist in history. Accordingly, there are many types of people that exist in this world in which as there are bad ones, there are many types of bad ones that exist in which as there are worst ones, next to them there are worse ones which are better in level, and then there are bad ones who harm lesser than the worst ones and the worse ones.

One was wondering on the point this man was trying to explain in objective terms such as he was comparing between Mother Teresa and Karl Marx and the like since Mother Teresa helped many people and Karl Marx and related people developed a theory that vanished. This is quite good demonstration and observation but as one goes further, such good hearts and good minds are integrated with nice mechanism, good world will be created. When people think of such good worlds, they are assumed as illusionist or dreamers since the world is dominated by pragmatic thinking who distort the balance of the world, which put the world in such conditions and state of life.

The same is true in such types and level of connections people create with other people to the other side of the coin in which there are good people, better people and best ones. These are divided according to the types of benefits and good deeds and thinking which people have towards other people. However, what makes people to be good towards other people in most cases are measured on what they outwardly manifest and communicate to others. Thus, people judge people based on such given touchstone.

In this case, the idea of consistency, honesty, integrity and other variables are not taken into consideration. This is to mean that are such people connected and integrated with that given thinking and deeds or they depend upon type of people which they think or do is not analyzed further. To elucidate this aspect further, if some is for example assumed as generous, is this generosity works for Mr X and does not work for Mr Y, in such case such given tag which people deliver is wrong since generosity is not discriminatory, but it is the person who is discriminatory.

When virtues are married in our life, they should have an impact on our thinking and deeds otherwise they are not still in our vocabulary and dictionary of life since the power of such virtues needs certain mindset and identity along with personality and individuality. In this case, that person is Mr X or Mrs or Ms Y, but not that something that such virtues should be tagged along with their name or title which people deliver as they wish to whomsoever they like or feel like doing.

In such cases people should re-define peoples’ identity in terms of their relationship they establish with that given character or deed. Hence, the connection and relationship they establish with the hidden realities of life such as such given virtues as one aspect can only be known when people manifest and reflect to the objective world. Consequently, people reflect such virtue based on the magnitude of connection they establish with other people. Such magnitude can be measured on the amount of love and hate relationship they have with other people.

The same is true to the tag or labels society is given in terms and in favor of culture in which people say a given society is some kind of virtuous based on the manifested attributes it shows towards other, but such manifested behavior is not practically tested in terms of the love and hate relationship it establish with others. In this regard, such given virtue any given society is enveloped not checked in its integrity, honesty, consistency and the like. Is virtue an outburst of uninformed emotions and feelings or is a result of conscious undertakings?

Is it possible to say that a given individual or society is like this or that, on the type of virtues any given society or individual reflect which is based on the type of relationship and connection it establish with other objects of interaction such as people or with the character or the virtue itself? Is it possible to claim that any given society or individual is virtuous based on the type of civilizations it undertakes or not? Does virtue have color, race, nationality, sex, age, or whatever category which humans deliver? How? Why?

When any given society lacks some virtue as whole, there is no point that individuals obtain that lacked virtue unless and otherwise such individuals by virtue of their given nature or other exposures of life which they face from other society, they acquire certain virtues by the luck and exposures they face in life. In this case, such given virtues are important as far as they help such given individuals in overcoming their challenges and difficulties which they face in life.

People say, truth is harmful in wrong places, which is practically useful guidelines since in places where there are many lairs, and when one is determined to be truthful, one could not find single bread to eat since the framework where by such society is structured based on lies and deceptions. The same is true in places where there are many rude people rudeness could help individuals while they live in rude society as well since as they become soft and shy, they could lose many things that could benefit their life. But, in both conditions of life which society and individual acquire—lies and rudeness—are not beneficiary and useful to the people and society at large and to the future and common good of any society.

In this case, society should honesty sort out its real and truthful values based on the integrity and consistency it develops while possessing such given virtues in its daily undertaking due to the fact that any given society reflects goodness toward other people based on the type of class which people belong. In this regard, individuals and societies could tell where they are and what they do based on their given connection which they establish straight to the virtue or they depend upon what type of connection and relationship which they establish with other people or society. This honestly and genuinely tell who they are and what they do than what they claim!!

Quest Means Life

October 26, 2015

Quest is a search for meaning and thoughtful perspective for life. Quest comes into being as result of the natural curiosity everyone is endowed by nature. Quest is a thirst that comes out as result of unsatisfactory ways of life that exist on our world. Quest is a rightful reality and state of being that occurs as natural process of life. If there is no quest, there is no life. If there is no quest, there is no truth. If there is no natural thirst for meaningful way of life, there is something missing on our life.

What triggers everyone to be in such city of quest is an important feature of one’s undertaking since people are triggered to enter into such state of being due to the fact that they are entitled to be in such conditions of life; it is not because of their pocket is empty or full, but they look for something contemplative views on life that hits their reality and that could put them into some kind of state which deliver them thoughtful opinions to the inquiries people have and face in life. Hence, they entail to live in such city of quest; they have shaped themselves to be in such state of being.

Quest is state of being, and it has no end. It is just one reality of being human due to the fact that one looks for something in life. Betterment and greatness comes out of obtaining such given state of mind since life is full of mysteries whose secrets are countless. In such valley and state of mind, materials things are just tools that facilitate the human condition and way of life and they are not an end. People cannot obtain purpose and meaning for life with accumulation of material wealth since life demands beyond such given wealth and other kinds of wealth that should be integrated with such aspects people accumulate in life.

Quest does not come on air or by the wind it blows but it is based on the existing situations and conditions of the human life. One of the factors and contributing aspects on the existence of quest in life is wealth distribution in which more than 85% of the global wealth is controlled and governed by less than 15% of the entire population of the world. Such story of reversals do happen due to various factors and there are conferences and speeches going on with highly articulated theories and speeches that do not provide a reliable solution to the afflicting world at large.

And then people ask, why, and then they go on, what should be done to make it worse or better, and then they come up with practical solutions. Who can solve the problem, is this financial institutions such as banks and other lending institutions, or policy matter, or the generosity of the rich or whatever. In reality, banks are owned by rich people since they are friendlier to the rich than to the poor people.

Afterwards, such quest brings on table another dimension for life, if banks cannot solve the problems of the poor, other thinking people emerge in life such as the concept of micro-financing or social entrepreneurship who can bring vibrant change into society, who can convert numerous poor people into working and productive citizens; they practically solve the problems of the poor people. In this case, those who enter to the valley of quest for life, they come up with practical and tangible answer for life and they do not live on air, they walk on the soil; and they live beyond this world and they see things far beyond the ordinary people think.

Such people solve the material quest for the poor people. In reality, as one is hungry, one seeks for food and as one obtains food, one looks for something different, higher and better. Such need and want keep on going until everyone leaves this plane of existence. Such higher need gives birth to another need. In such continuous need, people enter the valley of quest since such state of being is continuous aspect of human way of life. Quest does not mean that one is not ready to accept answers that meet one’s inquiry, one buys such views as they are sound, reasonable and convincing, but one also keep on going further as one looks for something better and profound.

The other aspect of such quest people could come up can be connected with another incident in this world. For instance, the president of Kenya was occurred case last time at ICC, on Hague, at the Netherlands due to the conflict occurred in his nation at the election process last time, though he was freed with no charge later on. In today, Tony Blair admitted that opening war on Iraq was wrong since the government received wrong intelligence information and he asked an apology. What is quite strange in here is that ICC does not open court case against the Bush administration and British government in relation to this given case. In such cases, quest means seeking for fairness and justice and people ask, where is the justice, fairness and the like in this world.

This is to show that quest is not state of being that comes on stage without relating to what is existing on the objective world. Quest for life is a state of being which people develop certain amount of curiosity as there are problems and challenges which people face on their daily routines, they come up with practical solutions and offering different perspectives for looking such problems as if such problems are something that cannot be solved by any given practical method, such people deliver or change different perspective towards seeing a particular problem or challenge.

In such case, the problems could not exist as problems even if they are problems but the way and attitude people have towards such problem change. For example, when one has flu, there is way to remove it from one’s reality; however, when one faces diabetes or cancer, there is no way such disease can be cured except taking the appropriate advice and counsels which the physicians deliver.

Beyond all facts, it is the attitude and the way the person manages such illness which is the significant factor and aspect of one’s life, meaning, this does not mean that one pretends as if one has no diabetes or cancer, but one changes one’s attitude and thinking against such long time illnesses. Instead of seeing them as enemies, one sees as friends and one does not do anything which they do not like and one could live with respecting their boundary and they respect too. In this case, way of life is created that does not lead to harmful consequences too.

When one completes one cycle of quest, another one begins. In this case, one kills the former self and get into another station and stage of quest, which gives birth to another personality and identity. As more quests knock one’s home, one changes in thinking, attitude, behavior and personality. Hence, the former self is dead, and the new self is borne. In such transaction of the quest people face in life, their personality, identity along with their given individuality takes its own shape, form, color, taste and reality. Quest removes personalities it does not like and afterwards it creates a new identity on one’s being and reality.

Quest is process of life, integrating problems with practical solutions thru delivering a perspective with continuous state of being and condition of life. There is no definite recipe for quest since the fuel that trigger quest is curiosity and the road quest travels on is questions and answers. The vehicle quest drives is loyalty. The destination place where the quest leads is to the point of The Truth.  The Truth is discovered and undiscovered; revealed and concealed.

Brief Stay in the City of Investigative Journalism

October 23, 2015

A While ago I had a discussion with an old man of pensioned who live all his life being professional and offering professional service. The person was sharing his interesting experience on how society handles its daily routines with maintaining and establishing rule of law in its domain. As he was sharing his experience, such given society used to draft and implement policies and laws based on every instance and issues that hit that given society.

And as such practice was going on, it end up drafting and issuing laws based on a single person act and thinking and it starts focusing on daily routines and activities of certain targeted individuals move and the moment it noticed any given act or thinking which it does not like, it establishes certain law based on such given thinking and act, and then it removes them in order to legitimate its activities and workings.

As such given undertaking was going on, one day, it faced a circumstance which contradicts on what it was doing since such given society was issuing and practicing laws not based on appropriateness and relevance, but based on few individuals thinking and doing, it come with an issue that the society itself to be punished by its doing since one of the things that is considered as normal practice by this given society is punishable by one of the law it issued in order to attack few individuals.

In this case, such society comes up with an idea that is likened to be like, it is lawful to sow wheat, but it is unlawful to eat bread. The fate of such give types of society is crystal clear since the focus of drafting and issuing laws is not to establish law and order within society but to attack and remove certain targeted individuals which it does not like. In such society progress and development in terms of the human way of life which encompasses freedom and justice is paralyzed due to the fact that it induces fear in favor of laws and regulations.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, such laws could need another laws which should remove them so that if such laws prohibit any given activity and thinking, another laws should be drafted and issued which permit the thinking and acting of such given prohibited thinking and activities. Such kind of society puts itself in its own jail since the primal purpose and objective of law is to establish peace and order with any given social dynamics, but not to focus o individuals with the intention of attacking and removing them because of their thinking and belief.

In this case, authorities and few people who assume any given office in such societies could abuse the nature of the law and they promulgate their personal agendas on other people in way their personal desires and ambition is merited and they play games with the nature of the law until they are finally chased out and removed by such given law which they originally formulate in order to attack other people since the motive behind such drama is not pure and the intent Is not having focus in creating common good and future.

There are people who work in the profession that they claim, think and assume that every daily news is investigative journalistic reports, but in practical aspect, they are not. How come a news of reporting regarding the opening of big factory and its inauguration activities and ceremonies be an investigative report? Investigative report is type of news reporting which takes into account details of accounts and analysis along with inquisitive views with the intention of seeking to the truth, but not seeking round of applause from the society or public approvals, or support of government authorities. Even if such people work in the profession, their claim is incorrect and they probably want to hide something of great importance and they are doing something bad behind which one is pretty much aware of their given drama long time ago as they try to belittle the significance and great relevance of the quite need of investigative journalism in society. They are part and parcel of investigation of this given task one is doing.

As such is the case, investigative journalism plays significant role in shaping society’s future by bringing everything—Hidden Truth—to law and order, presenting logical arguments on such wrong doings, challenging such given aw and rulings along with its authorities, bringing such given people who abuse the nature of their responsibilities and authorities to justice. However, it is no easy job and task. It requires quite capacity and mindset, courage and detachment, honesty and integrity, loyalty and obedience to the truth than to the society.

Most prominent people who are public figures are found in this realm of corruption which are found out by investigative journalists since they use their power and authorities as cover for gaining personal advantages and ambitions over others, they abuse the nature of their responsibilities and positions in their plot of the conspiracy theory such people are playing on stage.

However, if care and tact is not applied, such investigative reports could demand other investigative reports since such arena could not be free from bias and prejudices, and due to lack of courage and detachment, loss of integrity and honesty of such journalists their reports could not be free from errors as those laws require another law to remedy since such journalists are human. As police department requires another investigative police department within its own domain in order to investigative and protect crimes committed by the police personnel; as military personnel require other department within its domain in order to rectify the crime such military personnel are doing.

Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report. Investigative journalism is a primary source of information. Most investigative journalism is conducted by newspapers, wire services, and freelance journalists. Practitioners sometimes use the term “accountability reporting”.

Researches indicate that an investigative reporter may make use of one or more of these tools, among others, on a single story:

  • Analysis of documents, such as lawsuits and other legal documents, tax records, government reports, regulatory reports, and corporate financial filings
  • Databases of public records
  • Investigation of technical issues, including scrutiny of government and business practices and their effects
  • Research into social and legal issues
  • Subscription research sources
  • Numerous interviews with on-the-record sources as well as, in some instances, interviews with anonymous sources(for example whistleblowers)

While definitions of investigative reporting vary, among professional journalism groups there is broad agreement of its major components: systematic, in-depth, and original research and reporting, often involving the unearthing of secrets. Others note that its practice often involves heavy use of public records and data, with a focus on social justice and accountability.

Investigative reports are done based on indicative information which such journalists receive from individuals, society and institutions at large. Such reports are made by make inquisitive and investigative analysis and researches which require quite broad capacity and higher level of understanding on the matter to be investigated. It requires variety methods of researching techniques since sensitive issues are entertained and made by this report.

Such reports are not like daily news reports people see and read on the Medias, but rather they are reports that are done base on careful examination and investigation of the matter which such people are interested to carry out. It requires quite a passion for the job. Such passion is derive out of firm conviction and determination such people have towards true and real change which any give society should undertake and from sense of responsibility they feel as citizen, and of course, such passion could lead towards to knowing the truth, but not seeking cheap publicity or any other ulterior motive behind.

Whatever definition and interpretation is delivered, investigative journalism is heavy burden and responsibility which such journalist should perform in order to find out the truth of any given hidden matte which is carried out especially by authorities or public figures, in most cases, and other harmful acts which hare going on by others that harm the fate and good future of society.

In this case, one of areas that could require investigative research is the Media itself on how far it is free from bias and prejudices, fair and pure in its intention of arranging and presenting its programs, sources of funding, and how far it is free from corrupt working in its pretention of information, in its usage of words and the like. The primal accountability of investigative journalism is to the truth, then to the state and society at large. In this broadest sense, which such investigative reports are done, they should free from significant mistakes that distort and misdirect individuals, society and institutions.

Albert Einstein said, Great people focus on ideas; medium people focus on events; and small people focus on people. This is as one think one of the profound guidance people should carry on although as there are times people should be interested in people, events and idea at different times, but what could matter is to create and maintain the balance.

Public Wrong Vs Future True

October 21, 2015

In ordinary language, the term crime denotes an unlawful act punishable by a state. The term “crime” does not, in modern  criminal law, have any simple and universally accepted definition, though statutory definitions have been provided for certain purposes. The most popular view is that crime is a category created by law; in other words, something is a crime if declared as such by the relevant and applicable law. One proposed definition is that a crime or offence (or criminal offence) is an act harmful not only to some individual or individuals but also to a community, society or the state (“a public wrong”). Such acts are forbidden and punishable by law.

Crime is crime as far as the act is harmful to individual or society or the state. However, there are certain tricky or vacuum aspects of such given crime thing in which there are individuals who could be labeled and categorized as criminals in one given period since they have come up with critical thinking and revolutionary ideas and many people could be into their thinking, and few societies prefer to give them some kind of label such as criminals by justifying them from their given laws, articles and codes in way they could end up as criminals. The strange thing is that such societies could be found judged by the concepts such people deliver, who could be considered as criminals in one time but great thinkers in another time. Time is the factor.

One of the major articles these people are categorized is with an act of treason and something related to such given case that could make them penalize under capital punishment. It is quite strange in here that such societies break the law in order to protect their law. Unless and otherwise, such societies want to fabricate fictitious stories and evidences against such people, in reality, it is possible to protect the law by preserving the law than breaking the law. However, they use lies, tricks, and deceptions in order to justify such given people as criminals so that they come up with the end goal such as to remove them. This is one aspect of life in this world, past, present and the future too.

If crime is defined and considered as public wrong, great thinkers of our planet in past are criminals since they were doing an act harmful to individuals, society or to the state such as Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and the like due to the fact that they were considered as criminals of that given period, but in today, they are accepted as revolutionary minds and thinkers due to time factor and change or shift of mind that happened to the world by creating their own thinking society. For example, in 1999, homosexual was a crime in 43% of Latin American countries. By 2008, all countries had decriminalized it. Cuba used to imprison homosexuals. In 2008, Spain had legalized same sex marriage. In 2010, Argentina, in 2013 Brazil and Uruguay had legalize same sex marriage.

Hence, the very concept and definition of crime is something contextual and subjective and relative and is wide open to play games on people whom society or few key people of society dislike since it is not descriptive as to what an act harmful to society or individuals mean in cases when different and new practices that come in due course of time as they are found harmful at present but something useful and beneficiary to society into the future.

Society and individuals are always change resistant when new and different things are come since it is not an easy task to make some kind of detachment from what they get used to and are fond of practicing even if they are wrong, they prefer the wrong ones than the new and different, and correct and right ones. This is one of the trend and traditions that exist in this world. This is one of the inherent characteristics of every society, at all level, be it universal or local, be it civilized or uncivilized. What could vary in here is the degree to which they are change resistant in which some societies are fast to divert whereas most are rigid ones.

Why do societies prefer to label those thinkers of past or present and future ones yet to come under tag and category of crime so that what such given people think and dream might not be translated into objective reality? Why do societies prefer to reflect strong and fierce oppositions to such thinkers who change the course and fate of this world from left to right even if they could resist them at the beginning, they could not stop the to obtain wide spread coverage, not only in one given society but also to the entire world at large as history is a testimony?

Fear is one major reason in which the fear factor, the attachment people have to existing way of life create some kind of bombshell to society and they think that they are safe guarded in way that many people do share same shelter. This is one of the misconceptions many people have in this world. Does earth quake not come to one place since most of the people are Christians or Muslims or there are many prominent people in one society the like?

In reality, numbers are do not and cannot dictate the validity and correctness of any given way of life and reality since it is matter of our knowledge that truth and humanity lived with sharp contradictions in history and as many people do share one given way of life, this does not tell it is correct and true. Even the mentioned great thinkers of world in past were few in numbers at the beginning and they were considered as mad people, followers of demon and the like. As time goes by, their thinking and way of life become the exigency of their time, and in today, they have enveloped the whole earth.

This fear is the fear of losing power and authority on the side of leaders of society and the other fear is the fear of losing the current way of life could uphold to uncertainty and anxiety of on what the new and different ones could deliver on the side of the major part of society level. Both fears are attachments with the existing way of life, but their degree of manifestation and reflection is something different, which depends on how far they can go.  This is one given aspect in history.

The other aspect of such fear is indeed appropriate and proper since when new and different ways of life do come, they change everything; they change vocabulary and dictionary of life in any given social dynamics. Due to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of such new and different aspects ways of life, chaos and frustration could happen in any give society. From the fear of such chaos that could happen in any given society due to distortion or mishandling of new concepts and ways of life, society could prefer to oppress the new and different ones yet to come so that the existing peaceful and calm condition could be worthier than the chaos and frustrations of the new ones yet to deliver even if they are correct and true.

Whatever and whichever types of fear do exist, when something new and different thinking and way of life is come, as far as it is truthful, useful and necessary, it gets wide spread and much coverage and many people could be into such given way of life since it has power over everything and everyone and none can control such things as history is good testimony. Whatever fear and comfort zones people create at present, good things will be on stage as there are fierce oppositions do exist and worst enemies they have as they say even God has enemies.

Divine or Human Intervention!?

October 20, 2015

Can God solve economic problems of societies in times and places where policies along with their respective strategies are handicapped to answer the economic quest people have in the nation? Can God solve such given economic problems by creating some sort of magic market to the world at large or it is time that creates the need of the world in its own due time? One found out an interesting new yesterday on the web regarding Zambia demand God in order to have the copper market up so that the demand of copper could be in every land. The news goes like as follows.

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu prayed to God to “heal” his country’s ailing currency on Sunday, with bars shut and football matches cancelled on a national day of prayer to end a record slump.

Lungu ordered the prayer session last month after the kwacha fell 45 percent against the dollar since the start of the year due to a sharp drop in the price of copper, the country’s main export. The kwacha’s 45-percent slump against the dollar this year has been the worst of all 155 currencies tracked by Bloomberg news service.

Critics of the government have accused Lungu of failing to tackle the causes of country’s economy troubles, saying that the prayer day was a distraction.

There are two different perspectives in terms of this given human aspect in which the first one is related to what the government claims and take which is to supplicate to God, and the other one is to what the critic of the government side claims which is demanding to the shift of policy makings which are in other words as one tradition clearly state, tie your camel and beg your God for the assistance.

It is quite interesting to see one whole nation closing its one day activities and asking its people to supplicate to God for seeking mercy in order to ask some kind of hidden assistance from what they claim to be known as God. There is no wrong with such practice, but there is wrong with such practice when every nation tries to imitate such practice since it is not only good idea and realistic but also it makes people to be dependent of some kind of magic power than their gifted ability and skill, and hard work in whatever and whichever area of life which they need to undertake.

Assuming in here is that another country which depend on gold, happen to be in such situation and another county on oil happen to be in such given condition, is it supplicating to God that is the most important thing or having alternative plans on short term, medium term or long term ones since there must be all kinds of alternative approaches of life so that people make different kinds of trials in order to achieve something better and best.

As leader, people should devise all kinds of possible strategies and the churches will keep on praying on daily basis too and both undertakings can go on parallel conditions of life than focus on such given kinds of traditional practices which does not only seemly but also is not the requirement of this age. God cannot devise policies, strategies, implementation plans and determination and courage and this was the case, poor nations would not be found in such given scenario of life since they focus on such given and obsolete practices most.

What could be worth to mention in here is that there is no point and need to refer and quote statements and words from books such as the Bible says gold and silver belong to God. If we pray, God will restore our economy since it goes without saying that nature has bestowed every land with some kind of natural treasures and this is something evident. The vital point is on how far humanity is making use of such resources along with other natural and human resources in integrated and harmonious manner.

Failure to exploit such resources is due to inadequacy, inefficiency, ineffectiveness and the like which nations and societies have come up not what nature has bestowed. There is no failure in nature, most failures has come up with the human factor such as greed, lust, ignorance and the like in which humans in every respective society possess. Virtue is the sign of civilization. When more virtues exist in any society and most virtuous members of society do exist in ever society, the sign of prosperity is rest assured and warranted.

This is quite weighty and worth to mention and state that what the critics on the government clearly state goes like, critics of the government have accused Lungu of failing to tackle the causes of country’s economy troubles, saying that the prayer day was a distraction. It sounds like that such people are trying to solve problems  with another problem since the problem is related to currency decline and such problem cannot be solved by prayer, but by devising suitable policies and strategies on how to penetrate the copper or other possible resources they have into international market so that they can gain back the right currency exchange rate.

In this given case, they can do two things. The first one is they copy and paste other countries experience of same nature which they can obtain due to the fact that this is not the first country in the world of such kind of crisis but there are many nations who have faced such crisis due to the market and exchange rate fluctuations in history. The second one is they can invent their own solution by asking experts of their respective nations in relation to such specific problems on their given thinking and ideologies even if they are not in political alignment and thinking. As far as they have logical and truthful arguments, they should be accepted. God could also send solutions thru such people.

God does not create such given currency even if nature bestowed copper and other resources. The problem is not with lack of natural resource, but with what the market offers that have an impact on the currency exchange rates. Divine intervention could work on problems that exist between nature and humans, not in between humans, since this is very human problem that require human made solutions. If the problem was shortage of rain and other natural causes that result in shortage of food, divine intervention could be one good alternative.

Glimpse from Life

October 19, 2015

As part of one’s personal experience in life, one has come up into this given point by what the miracles of life deliver since it was confusion and frustrations that reigned over one’s reality especially in those painful two years of one’s existence and experience of life after getting back from foreign land and obtaining some kind of foreign thinking exposures of life. As one look back to those years—memory is of course good thing—it is indeed only time that removes the scars of life.

Beyond all doubts and stresses of life one was engaged in those momentous years of one’s life, the drama of one’s life was also orchestrated with some kind of extra ordinary activities in which one was survived by such senses on what nature and life delivered as part of one’s exposures in life. Dream and dreamful experience that come true on days to come and translating such dreamful experiences in way that one could protect from the harm other people could deliver and welcoming the good on what life is going to offer was found combined in one’s experience of life.

Beside the drama and hidden conspire other people design, one was and is still arranged to face, such given plots that started from one’s rented homes, at work places, café, grocers, walking and other public places and activities where one spends time is one of the pages and colors of one’s given life experience that make one to have vigilant and cautious life in the activities and steps on makes in which one walks ever step with care and wisdom. Hence, one’s life happens to be a life of soldier or military person in war, but amidst buildings, cafes, automobiles and the like. This is quite a different life scenario.

Such given drama is assisted by seeing, hearing, smelling and other related aspects of human realities such as gossiping bad thinking and cat of other people towards oneself to many people as possible are part and parcel of one’s experience of life. These are done beyond the physical means and objective plane of existence, but with an idea of something that can happen in near future. Ordinary people see what objectively exists, but the seeing, hearing, smelling and related activities are in here done on things that do not exist at present, but they happen at sometime in future events and times. This is what one experience in one’s daily routines of one’s life.

In this case, one could be considered as liar since such things that are claimed by such senses do not exist at present, but the crux lies on time factor since such claims are talking about the coming of future events as they become truthful in time since such given claims are mainly dependent upon time not as they objectively exist by now. Hence, sorting out on what given ground the claim is founded upon is the significant aspect of such human drama.

For example, when one saw with one’s given mind that this given nation will prosper as one saw in the year 2006 while one used to live abroad. This is not from the point view of seeking recognition from the existing government or seeking some kind of material benefit from any other party. One share on what one sees, hears, smell and the like. As matter of the fact that one claim that one is fifty to fifty towards this government since one appreciates when good things are on stage and one criticizes as bad things are on stage. As both things are on stage, one shares both things too.

One shares as what one sees, hears, smells and the like as they do not exist but they will happen in sometime to the future. One does not see things that can happen to the future of society not for the sake of obtaining round of applause from government minster, seeking cheap publicity from the public or whatever since one is not even interested to talk of such given matter with these kinds of people due to the fact that the one is pretty much ware that prosperity comes by hard work, well determine citizens, with profound policy and strategy and leadership and all other requirements that any given prosperity requires.

In such theatrical human drama of the 2006 foreseeing of good and future things that can happen to this given nation, this does not tell two things. The first one is that whether such prosperity will come by this government or by any other government; the second is that it is not possible to put certain time frame since such a thing can happen at any time which one has no clue. This can happen in short term period or medium range or long term and the like. Hence, it is important not to confuse that such given prosperity one saw few years back in one’s mind will come by this administration or whatever since these kinds of things are not explained and discussed in here before.

With such given human drama and theater, one foresaw many things and they happen and come true thru the process of time; one did not make such things to happen since one was not the author of such human dramas but one was channeled to see such things to happen and one just saw and one shared to many others around and to those who read such write up in few years back. This is one aspect of one’s life and one has no control and authority over not seeing or not knowing such things.

These kinds of human experiences are part and parcel of human history.  They adorn the books and ages of this world with interesting color since they describe different features of human realities. They deliver different perspectives for life and for this world. The good thing is that they do not need approval from others as they are true since they happen and none has control over such things.