Wrong is Wrong !?

September 25, 2015

When people try to give some sense of encouragement to others, they could be found funny and strange when they try to appreciate on what they do not have and they do not do in way that they are wrongly flattering them which could lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction as the truth comes out later. Hence they say, you are gorgeous to the person who is not gorgeous, and they also say, you are handsome to the person who looks ugly even. It is good to respect people as they are, but it is not good idea to give them sense of encouragement and appreciation on what they do lack and do not have since it does not benefit anyone. I hate people flattering since I know myself better than others people tell on who I am.

I, yesterday, was into one of the local radio program in a time when the Muslim holiday was going on. And I was listening to an interview made on few people regarding one big man of the religion. And one person was telling about the greatness of such man whom they honored, the man said about that claimed big man, he bought lottery ticket and when the luck of lottery was drawn to him, he declined to receive the lottery money. And one was wondering as to why the man originally bought the lottery ticket since there was a choice and an option not to buy than not to receive as once the lottery was drawn to the person.

One had similar experience of such type in previous way and system of life and religion which one used to belong in which they say that one of the founders of the religion threw away and discarded few tablets he wrote since he thought that humanity does not deserve this. This could tell two things. The first one the person though claimed as prophet who know the future events but he does not know or does not see the future in precise and clear manner since those who know the future do not discard what they reveal unless what they reveal is false or inaccurate or inappropriate. The second one is that person has failed to know the capacity of humanity before its time which should not be the case.

Since it is assumed that what they reveal is inspiration from the Absolute Reality, everything is useful and important since it is not their thought and they are not the author of such inspiration but rather they are instruments and tools where by such inspirations flow and comes thru. They are just channels and they do not have the right and choice to remove what they reveal due to the fact that what they write is useful and appropriate. When they remove tablets, this could be considered as depriving humanity what it should take and it contradicts to their mission and purpose even if they have sufferings to accept.

The point one tries to make in here on the above two given incidents that relates to such given people way of life is not to belittle the greatness and nobility of such people, but to comment on how people want to magnify and exaggerate such people greatness in way that could even belittle them. Such kinds of love and attraction to such great people are profound and commendable but to glorify and honor them in wrong and unacceptable way and approach is deplorable and disrespectful too. People sometimes think that they are doing right, but they could be in wrong and mess since when emotions try to override reason, it leads to disaster and complications of life.

Wrong is wrong whatever class of suit it wears, elegant perfume it puts on its garments, expensive shoes it wears, prestigious school and university it is teaching and it lives, whichever palace and mansion it resides, in whichever beautiful city it resides, whatever medias it possesses or interviews it gives in various medias agencies, numerous workshop and conferences it conducts, again and again, wrong is wrong and it cannot be true and correct since it is not possible to make or convert wrong into right, but it is possible to confess that one is wrong than waste one’s time and energy to make the wrong or false to be true since whatever threatening or forceful measures such wrong people try to deliver, this will make it even worse than change it to be the way they want it to be since it is not possible.

Why do such magnifying and exaggerating such peoples whom they like happen in our lives as cursing and blaming those people whom they do not like even if other people have profound greatness, capacity and experience of life than those people whom they like is an interesting features of the human affairs of life since bias and prejudice are one given factor besides other propagandas people try to employ in order to promulgate what they like and want in life since most people want to listen and take what they like and want than what it should be taken and liked.

Oral traditions are in most cases result of spontaneous thinking and emotions which could not agree with the power of reasons and rationale since spontaneity in most cases could destroy what reason has built for centuries and ages. Human beings should be driven by the power of reasons than follow the outburst of spontaneous feelings and emotions due to the fact they are human beings. For example, in yesterday more than 700 people were found dead in due to reason of stampede occurred Saudi mosque while paying pilgrimage in which the suffocation of such peoples paying pilgrimage aggravate the danger. However, it is written in their given book that the face of God is everywhere.

It is also interesting to see simple mathematical recipe of such given pilgrimage which participates more than 2 million people every year whose cost for travelling amounts at least 1000 USD on average, which amounts to 2 billion dollar annually, in a time and world 1.2 billions of people living on less than USD 1.25 per day. This is quite something to contemplate on how and where this world is heading and how this world is handling and managing its resources. In such case, as one wonders the life of starving people in the world which could feed millions of people all over but people die of paying such given respect and one imagines, what kind of paradoxical world is this in world where peoples own and their personal emotions and spontaneity dictate the whole world than the power of good rationale. And as one goes further  to the Western world, the annual cost of honey moon which people invest to marriage that is going to be broken in year time is by far expensive than this. What kind of unbalance world is this!?

In this case, there is no need to meet or see God by going to Mecca or any other worship places since it is already found in their heart as their book claim but the point in here is that they do not govern what is in their surrounding but they look for places and buildings sites. Although people pay pilgrimage as matter of paying respect they have to their founders which could e appropriate, but they should not lose their lives as result of such programs and journey since we have seen may people who paid such pilgrimage as per their given religions dictate, but they do not have reflected any in ward personal changes in cases they could even be worse.

Oral traditions play eminent role in magnifying such given types of people exaggeration and they could be fallen in wrong trap when critical investigation and analysis is made on such given aspect of their way of lives. Hence, most people are not interested in oral traditions since they cannot meet the requirement of what the power of reason asks and quests in life. They could be said and this does not mean that what have been said are all true and correct. They need further justification, investigations and research processes before they are realized as tangible and true and they are not something that can be presented as justifications and verification to the correctness of any given matter.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, one thinks and believes that it is appropriate and praiseworthy to respect people as they are since they are human and they are noble beings, and it is also proper to give good respect to those people who show something to the world as achieved and the like which is also a noble deed. However, it is unacceptable to give much respect to the owner of radio station than to the physicians who save lives of many people since the work and responsibility of the physician is by far nobler and greater than the work of the radio station owner although both have important role to play, the physicians is by far greater and nobler. And it is also inappropriate and unwise to exaggerate and magnify people’s integrity without truthful grounds too.


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