The Twin Factors

September 23, 2015

Very few things are misconceptualized by many people. Among one of them is the concept and practical translation of freedom. They could think that they are fine, but in reality, they are not free beings. They are tied up with many things and many kinds of thinking which they think are normal. Many people think that they need freedom but as one goes further on the real meaning and perception of freedom, they tell you names and lists historical freedom fighters and historical data. They live with past mindset in current century and time. And when one asks them further to relate such given aspect of the human life in to their given personal lives; they have no clue on what it is.

This is one of the aspects and indications that few people are identified as freedom fighters and they have shaped the rest by their given thinking of freedom. But, everyone can be freedom fighter in one’s own way since everyone needs to have freedom in one’s life otherwise the question of identity and personality will be handicapped. Freedom is no easy way to find since it requires quite something and thinking and attitude since it touches many aspects of the human life and conditions.

Many freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives as being heroes and heroines and martyrs to establish the system of freedom and freed society, and to claim that they are free beings in life as many freedom songs have been orchestrated in order to motivate people to seek the idea and practicality of freedom in one’s life. As people seek freedom, there is something musing in that given society.  Freedom cannot come by mere dream and wishful thinking, but thru sacrifice, conviction and determination towards something which people seek in life, courage and detachment from all kinds of present day attachments and comfort zones people have in their daily routines.

One of the most important and significant arguments which people present as justification on the need to have individual, group, societal and institutional freedom is that the existence of freedom add values to the existing way of life and it  augments the quality of life of any given social dynamics, which is indeed absolutely correct and true. As such is the case, the content and form of such sought freedom should be clearly justified and known before such claim at all level is inquired since the quest for freedom at times could be playing with fire due to the fact that the quest for freedom requires matured mindset and thinking since tolerance, respect and understanding are major components and cornerstones of translating the concept of any given freedom people seek in life.

Although it is not possible to accommodate what all people think and want to translate to the objective reality, it is possible to have an accommodating system and way of life in way the majority of society could be beneficiary towards any give system than making few people to have and enjoy life. In such given system, the majority is force to be at the corner and watch the movies of such few people are doing. But, life cannot be easy as few enjoy life and the mass suffers in a time when technology is destroying the barriers and the divide humanity is having as inherited by the human history since today is quite  a new century and different age of human enlightenment and thinking and humanity has different need.

In such unbalance world, people seek balanced thinking and world. In such unbalanced world, people want to have stabilized and balance system that can accommodate peoples thinking and views as far as such views are useful and truthful. Unbalanced world means abnormal world. It is sometimes hard to tell who is normal and abnormal in world where people live in such unbalanced and abnormal world since touchstones are in cases getting distorted due to the turbulence’s of world order by the trial and difficulties this world is facing in different time with different circumstances in due course of time.

People say, there is long way to the path of freedom in order to tell that freedom is no easy matter to achieve. One of the subtle matters and views in relation to the human affair and aspect of life is the idea and practical translation of freedom. And they say, if there is no freedom, there is no life. If there is no freedom, there is no human and social reality. If there is no freedom, there is no integrity and justice within the life of human society.

Freedom is one of the most expensive human realities since it is not only easy to have it, it is one of the most intricate subject matters by its very nature. It comes by the exercise and choice of people’s mental and physical activity. That is why well determined people use the choice of arm struggle in order to obtain their own freedom in their own fashion. In such way, people could get their own sought freedom in their own, but they in turn become oppressors as power and authority comes to their veranda since the idea and practical translation is not something simple to undertake and practically implement.

Accordingly, there are two broad aspects of freedom which people seek and experiment in life in which others are subordinates and sub-categories of such given factors and components of the idea and practical translation of freedom in people’s daily routine and life. The question of freedom of speech, freedom of writing, the idea of human right, the human quest for justice and all other related aspects of freedoms spring out from such two major given factors of freedom.

The first one is the internal one. This is to mean that individuals or societies way of life that put the idea and practical objectification of freedom in good shape or jeopardy. Further elucidating such given matter, for example, when a person lies, the idea and exercise one’s own undertaking is in limited boundaries since there are always precaution such person is making since the idea of lying put the person under given mindset and the person lives with care and tact in order to make what one has lied to be in cases as true in a way that such way of life leads a person to live with tension and stresses.

Such given mindset put the person to have restricted thinking and attitude and behavior since the person wants to be recognized by the society or others as truthful and honest and the like. This is one of the ways of life most people employ in their given undertaking. Such given contradiction of one’s reality in way that what people claim and who they are put certain conflict in that  given person’s reality which put the idea of true freedom one should obtain in one’s life in narrow home even if the person lives in mansion. In such case, the identity and personality conflict the person have will be in mess.

When a person is addicted to unacceptable habits such as use of drugs, smoking and the like, which put the health of that given person in danger. In this case, the person is tied up with such habits that put the person’s movement and activity to be dependent upon such give factors even if they look external, but they are made up by the internal choices and decisions of the persons’ own moral make up one’s life and if the individual does not allow them to enter one’s home and life, they cannot happen and exist since they are the sole product and choice of the individual internal choices and preferences of life.

The other major factor on the idea and practicality of freedom is the external factor in which the idea of oppressor is one given factor. When there is no oppression, the idea of freedom will not exist. When there is no oppressor, the quest for freedom will not happen. In such instances of life, people are force to seek what they have lost in life; people seek what they miss in life. And the idea of freedom comes to place since they are asked not to move, they cannot translate to practical reality on what they think and believe is true, and they are forced to seek freedom in their own mechanism and way. There is an outside agent and factor and force that prohibit them not to do on what they think and want to do in life.

Both internal and external factors of the idea and practical translation of freedom do shape the dynamics of the individual and societies in relation to the concept of freedom. As they are internally free, the internal freedom contribute to the external ones as they are not enslaved by the moral choice they make in life, such way of life gives courage and confidence to the external ones since both are interrelated and interconnected aspects of the human life. As people are obsessed and enslaved by the internal oppressing factors, the idea of having external factors will also be affected and influenced since the question of integrity is already paralyzed by the internal freedom factors.


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