New Garment Vs Bad Body

September 9, 2015

They say, the psychology of unity of human kind is nothing more than a fairy story, something good hearted or weak headed people want to think and believe. And one of the former ancient trails of such claimed unity was that of Alexander the Great which did not escape from his own dreaming of the fusion of entire human race of his time though limited to his dream of unifying Greece Macedonian and Persians and though failed in seeing it by today. Other ambitious individuals have their own attempts of such endeavors in their own way, and how far they are successful is still a challenge and a vision that exist as being mere wish and dream within few peoples mindset and in their bed room and under their pillows.

When people create certain groups in order to create unity of mankind, they divide and destruct that claimed unity by the virtue of creating a group of whatever claim they have. They create their own limited unity with their own island and territory within their own mindset since grouping be it organized or unorganized has natural tendency to cause divide between people since it is not possible to bring the whole of the human kind under one form of thinking and belief system.

If that was the case, one would not add up to another since one of the causes that try to create universal brotherhood and unity is religion. Religion add up one up on the other under universal thinking and belief and framework, but it causes its own divide between people of the world even if they all claim that the whole of human race will be one when the promise day is come which all do not have clue on that given day, but they expect with hope, faith and with the so called promises they have in their books, which sounds to be nice actor in the novel story and movies since such divide is getting wider and larger.

What could be possible in here is that forbearance and tolerance which gives birth to common understanding healthy interpretation with each other since they all have deep rooted complications which are irreconcilable and it is not possible to bring all into one form and thinking and way of life. The ground work is going on creating such balance with all forms of belief under United Nations level and it is working on. This is very good. When they can think that they can work together for one common cause, the conflict and contradictions will be reduced even if such melting point to one could not be possible.

Accordingly, one could claim in here is that it is possible to create limited unity of mankind but it is not possible to create holistic and unified world and world order under one given form of thinking and belief system. And one of the beauties of this world is to stay with its diversity not only at individual level, but also at communities, societies and institutions levels. All other claims of unity people claim are possible under limited margin and they build one and destroy the other since this is their very nature of creating new forms of thinking and belief system. In this case, the former ones have their own agenda and issue to the new and different ones. The contradictions and the conflicts go on.

There are two basic approaches and methods going on claiming such unity. The first one is thinking and belief based mechanism. And the second one is activity based mechanism and approaches. Both of them have their positive and negative impact on such processes under way. In relation to thinking and belie system, ideologies play significant role. Adolf Hitler had an ambition to control and unify the world at one given point and there were different kinds of non-religious movements going on in such given case as the case of religion is also another factor and ingredient of such components of life.

In regard to activity based, sport is one factor. Football of course is one of the unifying factors of such activity based approaches of such life. Simple example can be cited on what is found on the current news in case of South Sudan. Football can help bring peace to war-torn South Sudan, the president of the country’s FA believes. Chabur Goc Alei was speaking after the widespread celebrations that greeted a first competitive victory for the world’s newest nation. On Saturday South Sudan, which became independent in 2011, beat this year’s Africa Cup of Nations semi-finalists Equatorial Guinea 1-0 in Juba. “Through football, we can stop the war,” Chabur told BBC Sport.

To the contrary, Football was known as one cause that dad fuel to the fire on facilitating war between nations in history. The Football War also known as the Soccer War or 100 Hour War, was a brief war fought by El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. The cause of the war was economic in nature, namely issues concerning immigration from El Salvador to Honduras. These existing tensions between the two countries coincided with rioting during a 1970 FIFA World Cup qualifier. The war began on 14 July 1969, when the Salvadoran military launched an attack against Honduras. The Organization of American States negotiated a ceasefire on the night of 18 July (hence “100 Hour War”), which took full effect on 20 July. Salvadoran troops were withdrawn in early August.

Both conditions of war and peace, unity and division, could be served by the instrumentality of activity based and thought based mechanism since people can use thinking and emotions for both constructive and destructive purposes unless and otherwise they are driven by rational and wisdom that force people to think little bit further and ahead in order to come up with better insight and higher level and sate of being, which needs quite a perspective and mindset since as in the above scenario, it is not football causing wars, but the way people using football as cause of war and peace since the nature of football is a game between two teams in which 11 people play on both sides and it is limited in one square field and spectators all around.

This world is more of theatrical place in one aspect since unpredictability besides being predictable are going hand in hand. What makes life quite interesting is it is not possible to known everything except people can speculate and make wild guess on things which they do not know. Speculations is one of the thoughts that keep things going in this world as the way they are, especially on subject matters which cannot be known since they are unknowable by their very nature due to limited capacity and knowledge humans have to date. People prefer to live by conventions since such agreements make the balance of the world to operate at room temperature.

To date, people have tried to unify the human kind by wild guesses and speculations, under thinking and ideologies and they want to serve such fabricated ideology up to giving up their lives and resources people have in life. It is good to sacrifice for those possible causes that are realistic and practical, but it is unrealistic and useless to waste one’s time, resources and energy and lives for unseemly and untruthful thoughts and ideologies. Rather it is wise to live up to ones’ own life in peaceful way than have such long walk that cannot be finished and completed since they are false and deceiving too. In this case, people are promoting stupidity and foolishness than usefulness.

We live in a time in which those communities and societies that claim as their major motto of doctrine such as oneness of mankind, but they could not be united as one—due to power and authority, understanding and interpretations reason—which indicate that such oneness of mankind is no easy joke or game people can play and dream, but it is something that make everyone to take long nap and deep breath, have lunch and coffee break, and contemplate on the other side of the coin. It is possible to have wishful thinking, but it is hard to make it practical since schism and factions are the becoming nature of organized form and way of life especially in terms of collective belief and worship.

This world should reconsider and revise belief systems and ideologies not only on their usefulness and necessity but also as to their integrity and truthfulness. When the corruptions that exist at these levels are removed, this world can be changed in the claimed rose gardens since if the head is dirt so shall be the other organs and parts of the body. Once such holistic task is done in outstanding manner, the rest will be automatic and easier and it will come by its own good time otherwise the story will be wearing new clothes on a bad body.


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