Culture—Silence or Chaos

September 7, 2015

Culture is the sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another. Culture is transmitted, through language, material objects, ritual, institutions, and art, from one generation to the next. It is made up of languages—communications and interactions—letters and numbers, words and expressions—proverbs and analogies—and so on.

What makes any given culture good or bad is the standard it sets to value thinking and actions within that given dynamics. In cases, few cultures are lamentably defective to value new or different thinking that could originate from its own citizens. Standards should be put in way that they should see not only past and present conditions, but also what could happen in the future in way that any given thinking that could arise in the future, culture should deliver space to accommodate new and different thinking as far as they are useful and important than reject or block such thinking with blind opposition and with no rational. In this case, that given culture has to perish since it cannot lead its own citizens to prosperity and higher state of being.

When any given culture fails to go in conformity with the truth, it is that given culture that has to die than the truth since there is no compromise between the truth and culture. And few societies are known as backward since they cannot differentiate and sort out on what is truthful and what may be truthful and they live with confusion and contradiction with reality and the environment at large. They confuse the integration of emotions with the power of reasons and they give more values to spontaneity than live and lead by the dictate of rational which tries to organize the social mindset.

Any given idea or thought is an emanation of the human mind. Human beings should not be enchained to any given ideas since ideas or thoughts can be changed at any time and at any cost. Ideas are tools by which human beings function and activate their given claims. Human beings should not submit their freewill and freedom to any given ideas since human are above and beyond everything. Change is an inevitable aspect of human reality. Things change for two reason. One is thru the process of time; second is as the process and evolutionary progresses of the human mind itself pass on. In this case, it is not possible to stick to whatever ideas or thoughts people worship or believe in, let one say 50 years back, since change is the necessary law of nature and human life.

Although people develop certain ideas as common belief since there is a need for collective thinking and worship, which could be enveloped under culture, tradition or religion, such way of life and thinking should not be confused with acceptance of any other different thinking and belief even if such new and different thinking is something that could not belong to any given circle or domain, but it is true. When any given thinking is true, it should be accepted than it is put by other wrong standards at hand since it is the culture or the standard that should be revised than the new and different thinking.  Here it is not possible to put years like a century or thousand years to enslave peoples thinking so that everyone becomes a prisoner of time in world and time, freedom is the issue and concern and everyone works and fights for one’s own liberty in one’s own way.

Everything in such societies happens to become formless since society is more of emotionalized than driven by the power of reasons. If so, there could be few people who do so, but they have no such place in that given social matrix. Hence, they live up to their own since they cannot bring influence on such social dynamics since culture is not an easy mindset people have since it is something that they are daily injected in their given blood.

While such theatrical way of life is going one, people use art as means of reflecting who they are by the power of an art. In such art, paints are portrayed; poetries are written; books are published; music have been composed; theatrical drams are displayed on stages and so on. People tell who they are by the power of an art. When such artistic presentations have meaningful combination and integration, it tells the level, state and development of society at given age to another age. The paintings, music, theatrical display, poetries and books and the like should have coalesce and integrated development and stage of process of life since they are in one and other way integrated and interrelated in any given society.

When one looks at an art gallery where well painted pictures are there, one wonders and appreciates not only on the gifts and talents of the painter but also on what the painter tried to portray in way one understands. In this case, any given paint work is not only about pictures or things on the art work, but also words and motion things that come out and follow out of perception people have as they closely watch on any paint work. Here, any given paint work is not only a paint, but also words and expressions. Life in such artistic world is interconnected and interrelated by the power of understanding in which any given paint work could inspire excellent poetry and articles.

While one also reads well written poetry, one could make a paint on what the poetry try to deliver since words are also nice paints works in which they inspire people to make certain paint work in their given reality as they are inspired and obsessed with such poetry. They portray movements, pictures, images and the like. They make certain paint work in way such well scripted poetry try to deliver. Hence, people are somehow connected to the world of words and pains by the poetry or any given article which they read by one of the powers of human realities—understanding.

Thru the power of understanding, people interpret and misinterpret what they know according to their given capacity and learning. Such power of understanding is the one that shape human reality, society and what they call generations. When people have correct power of understanding and they utilize such power in effective and efficient manner, they learn something and they achieve something in life. Such given understanding is mainly concerned with comprehending and analyzing thoughts and concepts that should be crystallized to the objective world in both tangible and intangible way and manner.

A society that utilizes its power of understanding along with interpretations nicely has greater probability of keeping that same momentum and passes such profound undertaking to the next one since it is already on the right truck. Where as a society that utilize the power of understanding in lesser way has many jobs to do before it gets to the point and keep that given momentum to the next one since it does not already has done the right job that should be done on such given noble and human undertaking.

Society is comprised of many individuals. To develop and possess correct way of understanding in any given society, one inspired and determined person—leader—could be enough. Society could get inspired and motivated by such leadership in order to have interesting, exciting and meaningful life. And such understanding is not something that can be acquired with armament or force, but with well thoughtful ideas and concepts that can be doctrinated in any given household with volition and joy, not with lack of interest and choice in life. In this case, life could be interesting and spicy since everyone receives meaningful ideas with thoughtful action that add certain flavor to existence on the earth.

When the look of society is amorphous, everyone is accountable and responsible to such amorphous since everyone contributes to this shape knowingly or unknowingly. And one of the reasons why the look of society becomes amorphous is silence. Silence is one of the enemies of the power of understanding since people should share what they know and understand in whatever media of communication to others. When any give society have many people who are afraid to talk sensitive aspects in their own manner in which they are manipulated by the power of fear—not free to talk—such society looks ugly.

People become silent since they are forced due to the fact that leaders of such societies at all level become oppressive or are the type of people who are egoistic and they do not listen to other people for many reasons and purposes. In this given case, there are people who can change the shape of such shape to something that has meaning and color, and the passivity is creating certain damage and do contribute to the look of amorphous shape.

Of the contributing factor is leadership and the other one is such peoples silence on such look. In this case, the fate and color of such given society is under big dilemma and such society lives being sandwich between two huge forces, one is the power of armed force and the other is the power of silence. Armaments cannot stop the silencing of society but it in cases could make it even worse to such people’s dumb-fullness. Society in here is in state of confusion and frustration since it lives in two diametrically opposite scenarios of people’s lives and state of being. Such society should vanish or perish since it is not even healthy and it kills its future in today.

When any society has meaningful stage and process of development—integration and combination—of such arts from one age and time to another age and time in coherent manner, such society has healthy life and it can aspire the best of what it should since it has already made its foundation with strong basement and its wellbeing is firmly established. Otherwise, such stage of development and integration is fragmented from time to time, from an age to age, and everyone walks to direction one wants to go on, in cases quite antagonistically, where law and order are under question, such chaotic way of functioning put society’s state of development in jeopardy and its future will be in darkness since it has not set such integration and interrelation of its components of culture with unshakeable foundations.


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