Donors Vs Recipients

September 4, 2015

I was reading an impressive article published on CNN regarding the donation of sporting club in Germany, Bayer Munich, as Europe wrestles with an unprecedented wave of refugees, Germany’s two biggest football teams have offered their support to migrants arriving in the country. German champion Bayern Munich announced Thursday it will donate €1 million ($1.1 million) to relevant charitable projects, while the team’s players will walk out for its next match holding hands with young refugees.

Soccer is a game which was started by few people as tradition and a pastime and later on it developed to take form and structures in nation after nations by taking another step in its age of development to commerce and industry, generating incomes and becoming sources of  finance to many people, which do  eventually lead to discharge its own corporate social responsibility, involving itself with solving society’s social and economic problems as one good example is the Germany, Bayer Munich and others which do same like Munich are nice examples of such given undertaking.

Generosity is one of the important and essential human attributes of life since those who have something should be generous to those who lack something since the advantageous should help the disadvantageous for many reasons and purposes. This is not gift, but rather a duty those who have something to show towards those who do not. This is important and necessary due to the fact that we live in unfair and unbalanced world and those people and organizations that offer something towards the needy and the disadvantageous and try to make balance and make this world to be fair should be appreciated and encouraged. This is one of the good aspects of this world.

The poor and the needy have two aspects of life in which it should be fixed based on such given features of life. Such given problem of poor people could be likened to a person who is infected with malaria. When the person is suffering from such illness, as one approach the physician, the patient could receive or will get prescribed two types of medicine in order to get cured. The first one is the pain killer, which helps to remove headache, fever and related aspects of the disease and the second one is the right medicine to kill the virus that causes malaria. Both hare important and essential in order to get the person get cured from such illness.

Likewise, when poor nations face such complicated conditions of life, especially at this point of time in which they are in the middle of time and processes of inheriting problems of past along with the current ones which they add by their own, they need two types of remedies. The first one is the immediate one and the short term which can be assisted or donated by the west or the wealthy; the second one is mid and long term ones which should create capacity and strength as they are obtaining short terms aids which can simultaneously help the next phase of their development should be generated and developed domestically by having visionary leaders, farsighted policy makers, revolutionary minds, courageous people, well trained minds, determined and honest citizens.

In this case, such nations can come with betterment and growth as they genuinely learn from their past failures and they build up their strengthens with the prime motive and intention of eradicating poverty, and developing their own mechanisms as per the context of their own cultural, social and political mindset whose end result is reflected on the economic growth which they come up in such a way that such growth should be distributed fairly thru entering in every house hold and in every citizen’s life. This is no quite easy walk since it requires mindset, determination, sacrifice, detachment, and the like, not within the institutional thinking and structural make up but also in social and individual thinking and behavioral makeup.

What could be threatening in here is that when poor nations and societies become dependent of donations and aid forever, this is not good thing to consider as the person is infected with malaria on every time, which could create its own further health complications which can make them perish so easily as those who deliver such aids give them their back. The person could be affected once, but not in every time and conditions. When poor society’s and nations are always dependent upon donations and aids, they jeopardize their bigger aspiration and plan for development which is obvious since they are tied up with foreign grants, donations and loans which cannot let them their own domestic growth since behind such aspects there is given political agendas and theater although there are various claims going, but they cannot obtain the required transformation and change within their domain.

When such give aspect of such society’s life is going on forever, there are chains of hierarchies and people who become beneficiary and lords of poverty since both the donor and the receivers have some hidden drama which the play on as they want to continue such programs of deliberations, there are always people who are suspicious of such given drama since the longer periods and years of donation, the lesser problems such given donations resolve, the greater wealth accumulation of few individuals who make money out of such given aids. These are related aspects since this si what is going on the stage and what is happening in the life of poor societies.

When appropriate monitoring and evaluations programs on every project and program are conducted on expeditious manner, such problems could be managed nicely but most are heard of complaining that such experts in monitoring and evaluations are part and parcel of such human drama since they are also human and there is no such progress shown in this given aspect to date. This does not mean that all of the donating groups and institutors are like that, since there are also profound donors who do such task and job in saintly, professional, scientific and accountable manner. Both aspects of life in such given arena of life are going on and it is such sensitive aspect that should be addressed in distinct manner as per the nature, character, activities and programs of donors along with their undertaking and performances as well.

Accordingly, it is not appropriate to judge and categorizes all donors and donations into nothingness and empty, which could be result of bias and prejudice people, could have; it is not also wise to praise and glorify every donor by the penny they deliver. People should figure out which donors are useful and essential and which ones are not. Although such judgments are done by institutions, such institutions could not be free from biases, and prejudice along with corruptions too.

When donors fail, the failure goes to the recipients too since they equally share the responsibility and accountability for many reasons. It is for one common purpose they are working on and it is not appropriate to blame donors all the time since the failure could go to the recipient on how such donations of past are treated and managed. When there is lack of determination to change one’s nation and society to better and different level of development, donors cannot export heart and mind since such things emanate from the deeper inside of the recipient to transform and change oneself to higher level of development and way of life.


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