Trust Vs Respect

September 3, 2015

Do problems go to people or it is people who go to problems? This is one of the features of life in this world in which most people are not interested in facing problems since they do not like to have problems in life, everyone wants to have easy life, a life without problems and problematic conditions. This is nice and good, but the solid fact is it is not possible to have life going without problems. Life cannot be called as such life unless and otherwise people do not face any kinds of problems and this means that such given people of no problems do not interact and communicate with people and the environment at large.

However, there are two different aspects that exist between problems and human relationship in which when people go towards to any given problem and when problems come and visit everyone’s’ house in its own good time. In this given case, the choice is left to everyone, but one prefers problems come by their own good time than go to the house and home of problems to complicate one’s own life. Whether people go to problems or not, problems are inevitable and inescapable features of human reality and life.

And one had conversation with someone who is into field of psychiatry while one was having glasses of beer at grocer last time, and the person was sharing his expertise idea and information about the way human mind functions and operate and the person was also listing all kinds of mental disorders and mental illnesses people could have in their life. And one was wondering after listening such lists, one did find that the person also takes one or two of them from such lists. One was also wondering according to that given lists, everyone including the president and prime minister have one or two mental difficulties.

One was telling this person at last—one had question about such field of psychiatry—are you inventing problems or the problems are coming to you? One was not sure in here that there is huge drama going on due to the nature of the field since it is not something that can be proven out like all other sciences and findings except such people try to categorize and analyze things base on information they obtain from various individuals since they are mainly concerned about thinking, behaviors and feelings and emotions on how such thinking, emotions, behaviors and actions are integrated and harmonized in that given individual life.

As one was talking to this person that in such naturally unbalanced and unfair world, do you expect balanced and organized life unless such organization and balancing is mere reflection of individuals own interpretation of life which could create other stressful and tensions of life while such people seek such things in life, which are also by default, another mental conditions and states of being, people can have as result of having such stresses of life.

In such given case, when such experts try to create or identify such things as mental conditions and problems, in way that in cases, they provoke individuals to be in mental conditions which they like to be due to sensitive aspect of such given individuals life so that they force or lead or put such people to be in mental conditions which they are arranged due to the fact they have their own agendas and mission which they want to promote. They could arrange various dramatic theaters and they make many people to cooperate their given and foolish drama, which are considered as players of such drama or artists of such given drama. These are very exceptional cases due to reasons that those given individuals are carefully selected in way they are asked to behave. In this case, they invent problems than such problems come to their offices.

To cite one example in here is that homosexuality was considered as one of the mental illnesses but in due course of time, such given illness is considered as legitimate way of life since many people enter this city who are prominent and wealthy. In such cases one wonders in here that is it personality that matters. If anything is considered as illness, illness is illness. A person who has cancer could not be relieved from such illness when the person takes big office although taking big offices could deliver financial capacity in order to obtain necessary treatment, but this does not mean that person is free from that given disease. Is illnesses are considered by majority vote? Is this a political field?

When problems come to peoples’ lives, they are productive and deliver perspectives for life. They are useful and essential aspect of human life since maturity comes as result of handling such given natural problems which people face in life. When such problems are created by people such given artificial drama, they do not even deliver as such perspectives, but such people are learnt tact and wisdom on how to tackle such foolish drama although such a thing requires certain level of maturity and mindset. In cases, they are waste of time and energy since such people are asked to add certain energy of their own in order to protect themselves from such given foolish drama and theater.

This same scenario of life works true in various arenas of life, but, people should identify what kinds of problems these are to handle. Accordingly, one face those natural problems one have in life, however one stays away from those foolish drama of problems that are invented by such jobless people since they need care and tact in one’s given interaction of one’s undertaking in life. In such given way of life, people should sort out such given priorities in time when two or more problems visit one’s life in which natural one need quite time and energy so as to find solutions whereas  those artificially fabricated ones are not even priorities and they require different mindset in order to approach them.

The natural problems come to everyone’s’ home since they are natural and everyone face such problems according to one’s level and way of interaction and communications with others in life. Whereas, the artificially fabricated ones, are those problems which people face when they are achieved or they are in the process of achieving something in life. Hence, other people become sleepless about them and they invent all kinds of drama to their undertaking in order to hinder them and create certain complications in life. The magnitude of such successes such individual have are directly related and proportional to the amount of such sheet deliberate dramas operating on them on behind or in front in their lives.

Therefore, such individuals who achieve something in life are borne out of such complications of life as they pass every given problems of such types since they develop certain capacity and understanding in life as they deliver solutions and remedies to whatever types of problems they face in life. Life is continuous process and they use past problems as to learning of the new and different ones yet to come and they use them as torching lights or the next ones yet to come. It is not possible and foolish to expect that problems will not stop coming to one’s life, but people develop peaceful mechanisms and attitude in approaching such problems with wisdom and tact, in which tolerance and forbearance are the cornerstones of such life.

What could be interesting in here that it is not on the problems, but the people who give us surprise shocks since when people deliver certain amount of respect to other people, such people should abuse such respect they are delivered and they happen to give shocks which hare surprising and one is already getting used to such given aspects of life and there will be no more surprises since one is already aware of such given theater. It is not problems that do give shocks but other people interaction and involvement of such given intentional dramas. The good thing is that there is a solution to such given aspect due to the fact that one respects everyone, but one does not trust anyone.


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