Miracles—Mysterious Phenomenon

September 29, 2015

People say, miracles have never been by their own which clearly state that miracle cannot happen and come by its own since there is a driving force and mysterious phenomena that make miracles exist. The existence of miracles make many people to wonder and think that life is something beyond the normal routines of life on what people can physically see, touch, hear, taste, feel and the like. Hence, life becomes more colorful and meaningful when such mysterious incidents of life visit every given societies by their own given time and manner, which none can befittingly tell and explain as to the nature of reasons and motive behind except mere speculations and wild guess people deliver in their own accent since miracles are something beyond the ordinary life.

In such arena of life, the existence and happenings of miracles make many people to think of life in different perspective and they wonder people to have a different look not only about themselves but also on their given surrounding environment. Why do miracles happen? What are the root causes for such miracles to visit any given particular society by their own good time? Who is the author of any given miracle, is this people or other mysterious power and aspect?

Contemplating on different aspects of miracles which make many people to imagine and think beyond the regular way of life, people in here think that life is not only about the daily routines and activities but also on what is not noticed, but probably ignored and not considered. And such ignored and unnoticed way of life could destroy to what people have constructed for centuries and ages since such incidents do visit peoples’ lives without warning and in fact unprecedented. In such circumstances of life, people identify such happenings of life that visit what was on right to the left as miracles since they change the course of history and the way people think and believe in their given undertakings.

When people tend to believe and give high importance and relevance to miracles, they happen to be dependent and prisoners of happenings and occurrences, they become superstitious and they tend to forget that this world has no natural law that governs it. It is indeed fact that miracles exist but they are not normal and daily routines of our lives if they happen so, they are not miracles and they are no more miraculous things. Miracles are not coincidences since they have something to deliver and they are signs and symptoms of something good or bad things to happen or visit peoples’ lives in their thinking, visions, ambitions and hopes in life and thus they could be in certain cases considered as mysterious phenomena of life which tell the hidden and secretive doings, thinking and happenings of peoples of things of past and future.

A miracle is basically defined as an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being (God or gods), a miracle worker, a saint or a religious leader. Such traditional way of perceiving the way miracle occur govern the entire world since the existence of miracle is mostly associated with peoples own belief or system of life with the intention of meriting and exaggerating people way of life in their own fashion. Hence, most people associate and relate the working and correctness of their given way and system of life with some kind of miraculous drama so that their belief and conviction towards their belief systems could have made sense and have better meaning.

For example, the way and approaches the Christians expect the second coming of Jesus Christ is one of the miraculous drama in which it is written in their book that he comes with the cloud and surrounded by angels. If such a thing can happen on this objective plane of existence, this is really one of the miraculous events in the human history. However, what they expect is still till becoming one of the theaters and drama of this world that exist only in books and peoples’ minds since such kinds of happening is neither scientific nor reasonable and it is airplanes and fighting jets that soar on the big sky with the clouds due to the scientific and technological achievements humanity have made to date and such given expectation is  nowadays converted into different understanding by most Christians due to the fact they do not expect on what is literally stated in the book in that given style and fashion.

Traditionally, miracles are used by religions and religionists in order to convince the existence of supernatural power and thus they could fabricate fictitious stories and events in order to convince many people into their given domain. Although, philosophers argue that miracles could not be used as means to explain to the existence of God and other cosmos law since natural laws cannot be changed by the happening and existence of those miracles which are intended to reverse the human way of thinking about the nature of this cosmos.

Accordingly, there are two types of miracles. The first ones are fake and fabricated miracles which are done with the intention of meriting particular religious doctrine and agenda or any other belief which people promote and promulgate. The other ones are miracles which happen naturally and which make other people to think and contemplate on human existence and life on this plane of existence with a different angle and perspective than with the usual way of thinking and believing.

Basically, the current scientific and technological findings and inventions humanity is making use of are one of the miraculous human dramas which are happening on this world since unbelievable and unthinkable things are coming to existence to this objective plane of existence to the advantage and benefit of the human race. In fact, in every second of our world in today, new things are invented and humanity is making advantage of such invention although such given perception do have scientific grounds and explanations though miracles do not have any scientific explanation, but the process where things are going in today in the scientific arena are reflecting in way that miraculous things are also happening with the help of the emanation and the fabrication of the human mind too.

For instance, when fishes come like as rain into the land could be considered as miracle since they come from the sky with clouds. However, such happenings do have scientific explanations and justifications on why fishes come like as the rain come down. Such kinds of unusual happenings are miracles since people do not expect such creatures come from the sky on air, but they assume that such fishes could go up to the sky due to the Tsunami factor and other natural catastrophic reasons.

Miracles are considered as means of telling the existence of supernatural power although there is no need to have miraculous dramas in today since most people in today are convinced of the existence of God without seeing or looking into miracles for many different reasons. Hence, there is no need to bring the golden cross into the mud of local city or town with the intention of collecting followers and many people into one’s domain since such kinds of theater and drama belittle the power and nature of God due to the fact that God does not use tricks, but The Truth, in order to convince people.


Wrong is Wrong !?

September 25, 2015

When people try to give some sense of encouragement to others, they could be found funny and strange when they try to appreciate on what they do not have and they do not do in way that they are wrongly flattering them which could lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction as the truth comes out later. Hence they say, you are gorgeous to the person who is not gorgeous, and they also say, you are handsome to the person who looks ugly even. It is good to respect people as they are, but it is not good idea to give them sense of encouragement and appreciation on what they do lack and do not have since it does not benefit anyone. I hate people flattering since I know myself better than others people tell on who I am.

I, yesterday, was into one of the local radio program in a time when the Muslim holiday was going on. And I was listening to an interview made on few people regarding one big man of the religion. And one person was telling about the greatness of such man whom they honored, the man said about that claimed big man, he bought lottery ticket and when the luck of lottery was drawn to him, he declined to receive the lottery money. And one was wondering as to why the man originally bought the lottery ticket since there was a choice and an option not to buy than not to receive as once the lottery was drawn to the person.

One had similar experience of such type in previous way and system of life and religion which one used to belong in which they say that one of the founders of the religion threw away and discarded few tablets he wrote since he thought that humanity does not deserve this. This could tell two things. The first one the person though claimed as prophet who know the future events but he does not know or does not see the future in precise and clear manner since those who know the future do not discard what they reveal unless what they reveal is false or inaccurate or inappropriate. The second one is that person has failed to know the capacity of humanity before its time which should not be the case.

Since it is assumed that what they reveal is inspiration from the Absolute Reality, everything is useful and important since it is not their thought and they are not the author of such inspiration but rather they are instruments and tools where by such inspirations flow and comes thru. They are just channels and they do not have the right and choice to remove what they reveal due to the fact that what they write is useful and appropriate. When they remove tablets, this could be considered as depriving humanity what it should take and it contradicts to their mission and purpose even if they have sufferings to accept.

The point one tries to make in here on the above two given incidents that relates to such given people way of life is not to belittle the greatness and nobility of such people, but to comment on how people want to magnify and exaggerate such people greatness in way that could even belittle them. Such kinds of love and attraction to such great people are profound and commendable but to glorify and honor them in wrong and unacceptable way and approach is deplorable and disrespectful too. People sometimes think that they are doing right, but they could be in wrong and mess since when emotions try to override reason, it leads to disaster and complications of life.

Wrong is wrong whatever class of suit it wears, elegant perfume it puts on its garments, expensive shoes it wears, prestigious school and university it is teaching and it lives, whichever palace and mansion it resides, in whichever beautiful city it resides, whatever medias it possesses or interviews it gives in various medias agencies, numerous workshop and conferences it conducts, again and again, wrong is wrong and it cannot be true and correct since it is not possible to make or convert wrong into right, but it is possible to confess that one is wrong than waste one’s time and energy to make the wrong or false to be true since whatever threatening or forceful measures such wrong people try to deliver, this will make it even worse than change it to be the way they want it to be since it is not possible.

Why do such magnifying and exaggerating such peoples whom they like happen in our lives as cursing and blaming those people whom they do not like even if other people have profound greatness, capacity and experience of life than those people whom they like is an interesting features of the human affairs of life since bias and prejudice are one given factor besides other propagandas people try to employ in order to promulgate what they like and want in life since most people want to listen and take what they like and want than what it should be taken and liked.

Oral traditions are in most cases result of spontaneous thinking and emotions which could not agree with the power of reasons and rationale since spontaneity in most cases could destroy what reason has built for centuries and ages. Human beings should be driven by the power of reasons than follow the outburst of spontaneous feelings and emotions due to the fact they are human beings. For example, in yesterday more than 700 people were found dead in due to reason of stampede occurred Saudi mosque while paying pilgrimage in which the suffocation of such peoples paying pilgrimage aggravate the danger. However, it is written in their given book that the face of God is everywhere.

It is also interesting to see simple mathematical recipe of such given pilgrimage which participates more than 2 million people every year whose cost for travelling amounts at least 1000 USD on average, which amounts to 2 billion dollar annually, in a time and world 1.2 billions of people living on less than USD 1.25 per day. This is quite something to contemplate on how and where this world is heading and how this world is handling and managing its resources. In such case, as one wonders the life of starving people in the world which could feed millions of people all over but people die of paying such given respect and one imagines, what kind of paradoxical world is this in world where peoples own and their personal emotions and spontaneity dictate the whole world than the power of good rationale. And as one goes further  to the Western world, the annual cost of honey moon which people invest to marriage that is going to be broken in year time is by far expensive than this. What kind of unbalance world is this!?

In this case, there is no need to meet or see God by going to Mecca or any other worship places since it is already found in their heart as their book claim but the point in here is that they do not govern what is in their surrounding but they look for places and buildings sites. Although people pay pilgrimage as matter of paying respect they have to their founders which could e appropriate, but they should not lose their lives as result of such programs and journey since we have seen may people who paid such pilgrimage as per their given religions dictate, but they do not have reflected any in ward personal changes in cases they could even be worse.

Oral traditions play eminent role in magnifying such given types of people exaggeration and they could be fallen in wrong trap when critical investigation and analysis is made on such given aspect of their way of lives. Hence, most people are not interested in oral traditions since they cannot meet the requirement of what the power of reason asks and quests in life. They could be said and this does not mean that what have been said are all true and correct. They need further justification, investigations and research processes before they are realized as tangible and true and they are not something that can be presented as justifications and verification to the correctness of any given matter.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, one thinks and believes that it is appropriate and praiseworthy to respect people as they are since they are human and they are noble beings, and it is also proper to give good respect to those people who show something to the world as achieved and the like which is also a noble deed. However, it is unacceptable to give much respect to the owner of radio station than to the physicians who save lives of many people since the work and responsibility of the physician is by far nobler and greater than the work of the radio station owner although both have important role to play, the physicians is by far greater and nobler. And it is also inappropriate and unwise to exaggerate and magnify people’s integrity without truthful grounds too.

The Twin Factors

September 23, 2015

Very few things are misconceptualized by many people. Among one of them is the concept and practical translation of freedom. They could think that they are fine, but in reality, they are not free beings. They are tied up with many things and many kinds of thinking which they think are normal. Many people think that they need freedom but as one goes further on the real meaning and perception of freedom, they tell you names and lists historical freedom fighters and historical data. They live with past mindset in current century and time. And when one asks them further to relate such given aspect of the human life in to their given personal lives; they have no clue on what it is.

This is one of the aspects and indications that few people are identified as freedom fighters and they have shaped the rest by their given thinking of freedom. But, everyone can be freedom fighter in one’s own way since everyone needs to have freedom in one’s life otherwise the question of identity and personality will be handicapped. Freedom is no easy way to find since it requires quite something and thinking and attitude since it touches many aspects of the human life and conditions.

Many freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives as being heroes and heroines and martyrs to establish the system of freedom and freed society, and to claim that they are free beings in life as many freedom songs have been orchestrated in order to motivate people to seek the idea and practicality of freedom in one’s life. As people seek freedom, there is something musing in that given society.  Freedom cannot come by mere dream and wishful thinking, but thru sacrifice, conviction and determination towards something which people seek in life, courage and detachment from all kinds of present day attachments and comfort zones people have in their daily routines.

One of the most important and significant arguments which people present as justification on the need to have individual, group, societal and institutional freedom is that the existence of freedom add values to the existing way of life and it  augments the quality of life of any given social dynamics, which is indeed absolutely correct and true. As such is the case, the content and form of such sought freedom should be clearly justified and known before such claim at all level is inquired since the quest for freedom at times could be playing with fire due to the fact that the quest for freedom requires matured mindset and thinking since tolerance, respect and understanding are major components and cornerstones of translating the concept of any given freedom people seek in life.

Although it is not possible to accommodate what all people think and want to translate to the objective reality, it is possible to have an accommodating system and way of life in way the majority of society could be beneficiary towards any give system than making few people to have and enjoy life. In such given system, the majority is force to be at the corner and watch the movies of such few people are doing. But, life cannot be easy as few enjoy life and the mass suffers in a time when technology is destroying the barriers and the divide humanity is having as inherited by the human history since today is quite  a new century and different age of human enlightenment and thinking and humanity has different need.

In such unbalance world, people seek balanced thinking and world. In such unbalanced world, people want to have stabilized and balance system that can accommodate peoples thinking and views as far as such views are useful and truthful. Unbalanced world means abnormal world. It is sometimes hard to tell who is normal and abnormal in world where people live in such unbalanced and abnormal world since touchstones are in cases getting distorted due to the turbulence’s of world order by the trial and difficulties this world is facing in different time with different circumstances in due course of time.

People say, there is long way to the path of freedom in order to tell that freedom is no easy matter to achieve. One of the subtle matters and views in relation to the human affair and aspect of life is the idea and practical translation of freedom. And they say, if there is no freedom, there is no life. If there is no freedom, there is no human and social reality. If there is no freedom, there is no integrity and justice within the life of human society.

Freedom is one of the most expensive human realities since it is not only easy to have it, it is one of the most intricate subject matters by its very nature. It comes by the exercise and choice of people’s mental and physical activity. That is why well determined people use the choice of arm struggle in order to obtain their own freedom in their own fashion. In such way, people could get their own sought freedom in their own, but they in turn become oppressors as power and authority comes to their veranda since the idea and practical translation is not something simple to undertake and practically implement.

Accordingly, there are two broad aspects of freedom which people seek and experiment in life in which others are subordinates and sub-categories of such given factors and components of the idea and practical translation of freedom in people’s daily routine and life. The question of freedom of speech, freedom of writing, the idea of human right, the human quest for justice and all other related aspects of freedoms spring out from such two major given factors of freedom.

The first one is the internal one. This is to mean that individuals or societies way of life that put the idea and practical objectification of freedom in good shape or jeopardy. Further elucidating such given matter, for example, when a person lies, the idea and exercise one’s own undertaking is in limited boundaries since there are always precaution such person is making since the idea of lying put the person under given mindset and the person lives with care and tact in order to make what one has lied to be in cases as true in a way that such way of life leads a person to live with tension and stresses.

Such given mindset put the person to have restricted thinking and attitude and behavior since the person wants to be recognized by the society or others as truthful and honest and the like. This is one of the ways of life most people employ in their given undertaking. Such given contradiction of one’s reality in way that what people claim and who they are put certain conflict in that  given person’s reality which put the idea of true freedom one should obtain in one’s life in narrow home even if the person lives in mansion. In such case, the identity and personality conflict the person have will be in mess.

When a person is addicted to unacceptable habits such as use of drugs, smoking and the like, which put the health of that given person in danger. In this case, the person is tied up with such habits that put the person’s movement and activity to be dependent upon such give factors even if they look external, but they are made up by the internal choices and decisions of the persons’ own moral make up one’s life and if the individual does not allow them to enter one’s home and life, they cannot happen and exist since they are the sole product and choice of the individual internal choices and preferences of life.

The other major factor on the idea and practicality of freedom is the external factor in which the idea of oppressor is one given factor. When there is no oppression, the idea of freedom will not exist. When there is no oppressor, the quest for freedom will not happen. In such instances of life, people are force to seek what they have lost in life; people seek what they miss in life. And the idea of freedom comes to place since they are asked not to move, they cannot translate to practical reality on what they think and believe is true, and they are forced to seek freedom in their own mechanism and way. There is an outside agent and factor and force that prohibit them not to do on what they think and want to do in life.

Both internal and external factors of the idea and practical translation of freedom do shape the dynamics of the individual and societies in relation to the concept of freedom. As they are internally free, the internal freedom contribute to the external ones as they are not enslaved by the moral choice they make in life, such way of life gives courage and confidence to the external ones since both are interrelated and interconnected aspects of the human life. As people are obsessed and enslaved by the internal oppressing factors, the idea of having external factors will also be affected and influenced since the question of integrity is already paralyzed by the internal freedom factors.

Politics—Tool of Life

September 21, 2015

They say and understand that politics is the name for the way groups of people make decisions about running the country. Presumably, politics is way of life people employ as tool to administer and manage the affairs of any given nation. Hence, politics is a follower of any given idea and thinking but a leader of society. Both follower and leader aspect of any given politics make any particular political system look to be nice or ugly. It requires a mindset when it become a follower of any given idea since it require a discipline, at the same time when it leads a particular society and nations, it need a mindset and discipline too. In this case, the discipline it sets while being follower and leader should be consistent within its own domain since one is interconnected with the other.

Practically speaking, as part of an experience of life, most societies do not have such political ideology of their own but they copy and paste from others by making few adjustments on what they claim. In this instance, such given political thinking and ideologies shape their given political and social dynamics by what they inherit from others even if they claim that they have their own ideology. In fact, one could find them they jump from one ideology to another without making pause and the shift they make in such given aspect of their life is not even noticed by their own since they always take from others but claim as if it is their own invention and thinking.

They sometimes change like HIV virus from one form structure to another, and they are uncatchable in cases , they are quite unpredictable to tell where they are heading since their experience tell that they have no specific thinking and any given ideology which they claim as they copy from others continuously. They end up in the middle of nowhere since the enterprise they have at hand is not their own and they do not have specific identity due to the fact they are already abducted by others ideology and they lose their social and cultural identity and they cannot get back to their original identity and they cannot reverse as they wake up from their deep sleep injected by others given ideologies in life.

Politics is a system where by societies create peace and security in their given societal dynamics by the harmonious integration and management they make thru integrating natural, individual social and institutional resources. In order to maximize the potential and benefit of social dynamics any given political system undertakes, politicians choose their own mechanism—program and ideology—as being instrumental in order to make use of such resources for the common good of society with effective and efficient manner. And citizens could make and take their own material, intellectual, emotional and other benefits from such given political system. Good political system makes its most citizens beneficiary from its undertaking in way that the majority can assist the minority as well.

Politics is defined as the practice and theory of influencing other people. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance — organized control over a human community, particularly a state. Furthermore, politics is the study or practice of the distribution of power and resources within a given community (a usually hierarchically organized population) as well as the interrelationship(s) between communities. A variety of methods are employed in politics, which include promoting or forcing one’s own political views among people, negotiation with other political subjects, making laws, and exercising force, including warfare against adversaries.

Politics is exercised on a wide range of social levels, from clans and tribes of traditional societies, through modern local governments, companies and institutions up to sovereign states, to the international level. It is very often said that politics is about power. A political system is a framework which defines acceptable political methods within a given society. History of political thought can be traced back to early antiquity, with seminal works such as Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Politics and the works of Confucius. It is the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

Basically, there are two major concepts and areas of interest in politics and political system. The first is the rule of law and the second is the use of force or power. Both are the pillars of any political system in which any given political way of life consists both components for its own existence and survival , otherwise it is not possible to have such life and existence in any given social dynamics, society and nation. Hence, politics is important in order to have organized and systematized way of life since it rules and governs society. The point is how far any given political system is truthful, trustworthy, justice oriented and fair-minded, which requires political matured mindset and thinking. In this case, the thinking infrastructure of any given political system should be well organized, thoughtful, fair-minded and accountable to what it claims for.

Rule of law and use of force make the balance of any political system and society to function at room temperature. When there is common understanding on rule of law, the public function with common understanding. When rule of law is manipulated and tricked, even if there is superficial peace and stability in that given social dynamics due to the fact that the use of force and armament is the one that is operating behind such tricks and manipulation, such given political system and society lives under jeopardy and the life and relationship that exist between society , individuals and the state will be paralyzed n due course of time as there are certain cases and instances that could have surprising move in which society could revolts against such political system as result of dissatisfaction and disappointments of the system which is not genuine and honest.

Politics requires its own mindset. It is possible to promote and promulgate political ideology with truthful grounds than tricky way of perceptions. When any given society is backward in its developmental programs, the root causes of such given social dynamics should be sorted out and informed in truthful ground and manner. Giving false credits to those seemly values which could create comfort zone to society, but ultimately hinder the long way to freedom and development should be removed from the vocabulary and dictionary of the life of society than keep them as treasure in the museums. This kind of appreciating the wrongs does not benefit the society and the future too.

The integrity and honesty of any given political system and way of life is measured on how far it gives fair justice to the society in its administration, not on how many members and structures it contains. It is the quality of political life of the political system which is at major importance than the number of members it has in its own domain. It is the quality of life of its members of that given political party in relation to the claim it does and the institutional structures along with its claim is by far significant than the claim it does in its program and ideology. When such quality of life is done in profound manner, the individual member, the institutional structure and function and the community life it creates in its own dynamics, success is rest assured since it is working right in its own. Otherwise the claim it does will exist in dream and novel books.

Homophobia—Non Existent to Existent

September 16, 2015

Everything in this world comes from nonexistent to existent in different mechanism in which reproduction is one given factor as there are other methods of bringing to existent to this world. There are also things that are considered as bizarre or nightmare and they are treated as sole product of people’s own imagination and thinking and are considered as illusion and illusified things which do not exist in this objective plane of existence.

Quite interestingly, there are certain things that are assumed as lie or deceptions but at later times they happen to be truthful and real things as there are things that are treated as truthful and something to be trusted but they occur to be found as false and deceiving and they happen to exist in the recycle bin at last. This is one of the interesting features of life in this world since such mystery of reversalism do exist in history as there are voracious empires and thinking systems are found trash and garbage in due course of time namely the history and decline of Roman empire as good example; there are also thinking and way of life that are seen as tricks and hoaxes but at later times are found to be governing the entire world at large.

This is quite alarming to see one feature of our living world in which our world is heading to different direction than being predictable and speculated due to the fact that it is peoples morality and thinking are going by the way peoples’ emotions, behaviors and actions dictate than what the claimed books of holy writings tell. People are driven by force hard to tell but what actually can be seen and objectively out. Hence, this world is forced to accept and legitimize those thinking which it use to curse for centuries and ages as legitimate and practical way of life. Why? How could this happen?

Unlike leaders of morality teachings and counsels, this world is heading towards by its own in its own way since there are certain things that go by their own and do happen and visit our lives without our own consent and choices since they happen as they should due to the fact that they have been translated and supported by those people who like due to reasons that existing ways of life and thinking systems are not accommodating and welcoming to accept different thinking and new ways of life within their own domain and thus people go and deviate from such ways of life and formulate their own recipe of life in due course of time.

The first and foremost reasons is failures of existing thinking and way of life to accommodate all people thinking and freedom of choices in life in which  such people are not satisfied with existing and governing thinking and ways of life and such dissatisfaction and discontentment make them think to have their own new and different lifestyle even if it is cursed and is not appreciated by the existing ways of life but such people keep going and keep on thinking and practicing what they feel like thinking even if the whole world resist them. By its own good time the thinking and way of life they derive will be something and is considered as legitimate way of life even if it was considered as madness and abnormality and cursed and blamed at its earliest stage.

The second reason is the desire to have one’s own freedom in thinking and application of way of life. This is like do not tell me which way to go, what to think, how to think and who are you to tell me on how to behave and the like, which is most peoples thinking and attitude they develop in life. When people are especially matured age, it is their own experience in life that tell them on what to think and how to behave than other people. When such people are told by other people on how to think, what to think, or not, they revolt against the system and the world and they create their own island and territory in their own way which eventually be at later times considered as useful and essential perspective and way of life to the world at large after passing stigmatization and harassment in its own and process of life.

While such theater of life is going on in dramatic way, one wonders as to where this world is heading by taking one experience of this world in such regard in which there was cursed way of life in past, and at later times was considered as mental difficult and illness. But later on, it was removed from the list of mental illness and then considered as legitimate way of life. What is interesting in here is that if there are people who reflect their hatred to such way of life and to its adherents, such given hatred was considered as saintly and health character and thinking since it was cursed, but as it is legitimatized later on, such hatred in character and thinking towards such given life style is treated as mental difficulty and illness.

One is wondering to stay few times on sharing on the mystery of such reversal in the shift of thinking and way of life—human sexuality—such world is functioning and operating on. This is also one of the characteristics and features of life in this world.

Sigmund Freud’s basic theory of human sexuality was different. He believed all human beings were innately bisexual, and that they become heterosexual or homosexual as a result of their experiences with parents and others. This view is supported by the field of human physiology in which everyone at an embryonic stage has two sexes and late on, nature sort out one to take one of the sexes as getting born to this objective world, sa male or female.

Freud agreed that a homosexual orientation should not be viewed as a form of pathology. In a now-famous letter to an American mother in 1935, Freud wrote: “Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation, it cannot be classified as an illness; we consider it to be a variation of the sexual function produced by a certain arrest of sexual development. Many highly respectable individuals of ancient and modern times have been homosexuals, several of the greatest men among them (Plato, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.). It is a great injustice to persecute homosexuality as a crime, and cruelty too….

Later psychoanalysts did not follow this view, however. Sandor Rado (1940, 1949) rejected Freud’s assumption of inherent bisexuality, arguing instead that heterosexuality is natural and that homosexuality is a “reparative” attempt to achieve sexual pleasure when normal heterosexual outlet proves too threatening. Other analysts later argued that homosexuality resulted from pathological family relationships during the oedipal period (around 4-5 years of age) and claimed that they observed these patterns in their homosexual patients (Bieber et al., 1962). Charles Socarides (1968) speculated that the etiology of homosexuality was pre-oedipal and, therefore, even more pathological than had been supposed by earlier analysis.

Other social science researchers also argued against the prevailing negative view of homosexuality. In a review of published scientific studies and archival data, Ford and Beach (1951) found that homosexual behavior was widespread among various nonhuman species and in a large number of human societies. They reported that homosexual behavior of some sort was considered normal and socially acceptable for at least some individuals in 64% of the 76 societies in their sample; in the remaining societies, adult homosexual activity was reported to be totally absent, rare, or carried on only in secrecy. Whether this proportion applies to all human societies cannot be known because a non-probability sample was used. However, the findings of Ford and Beach demonstrate that homosexual behavior occurs in many societies and is not always condemned.

Although dispassionate scientific research on whether homosexuality should be viewed as an illness was largely absent from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, and medicine during the first half of the twentieth century, some researchers remained unconvinced that all homosexual individuals were mentally ill or socially misfit. Berube (1990) reported the results of previously unpublished studies conducted by military physicians and researchers during World War II. These studies challenged the equation of homosexuality with psychopathology, as well as the stereotype that homosexual recruits could not be good soldiers.

A common conclusion in their wartime studies was that, in the words of Maj. Carl H. Jonas, who studied fifty-three white and seven black men at Camp Haan, California, “overt homosexuality occurs in a heterogeneous group of individuals.” Dr. Clements Fry, director of the Yale University student clinic, and Edna Rostow, a social worker, who together studied the service records of 183 servicemen, discovered that there was no evidence to support the common belief that “homosexuality is uniformly correlated with specific personality traits” and concluded that generalizations about the homosexual personality “are not yet reliable.”

…. Sometimes to their amazement, [researchers] described what they called the “well-adjusted homosexuals” who, in [William] Menninger’s words, “concealed their homosexuality effectively and, at the same time, made creditable records for themselves in the service.” Some researchers spoke in glowing terms of these men. “The homosexuals observed in the service,” noted Navy doctors Greenspan and Campbell, “have been key men in responsible positions whose loss [by discharge] was acutely felt in their respective departments.” They were “conscientious, reliable, well-integrated and abounding in emotional feeling and sincerity.” In general, “the homosexual leads a useful productive life, conforming with all dictates of the community, except its sexual requirements” and was “neither a burden nor a detriment to society.” Fry and Rostow reported that, based on evidence in service records, homosexuals were no better or worse than other soldiers and that many “performed well in various military jobs” including combat (Berube, 1990, pp. 170-171, footnotes omitted).

Today, a large body of published empirical research clearly refutes the notion that homosexuality per se is indicative of or correlated with psychopathology. One of the first and most famous published studies in this area was conducted by psychologist Evelyn Hooker.

Hooker’s (1957) study was innovative in several important respects. First, rather than simply accepting the predominant view of homosexuality as pathology, she posed the question of whether homosexuals and heterosexuals differed in their psychological adjustment. Second, rather than studying psychiatric patients, she recruited a sample of homosexual men who were functioning normally in society. Third, she employed a procedure that asked experts to rate the adjustment of men without prior knowledge of their sexual orientation.

This method addressed an important source of bias that had vitiated so many previous studies of homosexuality. In a review of published studies comparing homosexual and heterosexual samples on psychological tests, Gonsiorek (1982) found that, although some differences have been observed in test results between homosexuals and heterosexuals, both groups consistently score within the normal range. Gonsiorek concluded that “Homosexuality in and of itself is unrelated to psychological disturbance or maladjustment. Homosexuals as a group are not more psychologically disturbed on account of their homosexuality”.

Confronted with overwhelming empirical evidence and changing cultural views of homosexuality, psychiatrists and psychologists radically altered their views, beginning in the 1970s. In 1973, the weight of empirical data, coupled with changing social norms and the development of a politically active gay community in the United States, led the Board of Directors of the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Some psychiatrists who fiercely opposed their action subsequently circulated a petition calling for a vote on the issue by the Association’s membership. That vote was held in 1974, and the Board’s decision was ratified.

Subsequently, a new diagnosis, ego-dystonic homosexuality, was created for the DSM’s third edition in 1980. Ego dystonic homosexuality was indicated by: (1) a persistent lack of heterosexual arousal, which the patient experienced as interfering with initiation or maintenance of wanted heterosexual relationships, and (2) persistent distress from a sustained pattern of unwanted homosexual arousal.

This new diagnostic category, however, was criticized by mental health professionals on numerous grounds. It was viewed by many as a political compromise to appease those psychiatrists – mainly psychoanalysts – who still considered homosexuality a pathology. Others questioned the appropriateness of having a separate diagnosis that described the content of an individual’s dysphoria. They argued that the psychological problems related to ego-dystonic homosexuality could be treated as well by other general diagnostic categories, and that the existence of the diagnosis perpetuated antigay stigma.

Homophobic attitudes may say a lot about the person who holds them, new research suggests. A new study of university students in Italy revealed that people who have strongly negative views of gay people also have higher levels of psychoticism and inappropriate coping mechanisms than those who are accepting of homosexuality. This doesn’t mean that homophobic people are psychotic; rather, psychoticism is a personality trait marked by hostility, anger and aggression toward others. But the study does suggest that people who cling to homophobic views have some psychological issues, said lead researcher Emmanuele Jannini, an endocrinologist and medical sexologist at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Homophobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). It can be expressed as antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, or hatred, may be based on irrational fear, and is sometimes related to religious beliefs.

Homophobia is observable in critical and hostile behavior such as discrimination and violence on the basis of sexual orientations that are non-heterosexual. Recognized types of homophobia include institutionalized homophobia, e.g. religious homophobia and state-sponsored homophobia, and internalized homophobia, experienced by people who have same-sex attractions, regardless of how they identify. Forms of homophobia toward identifiable LGBT social groups have similar yet specific names: lesbophobia – the intersection of homophobia and sexism directed against lesbians, biphobia – towards bisexuality and bisexual people, and  transphobia, which targets trans-sexualism, transsexual and transgender people, and gender variance or gender role nonconformity.

Witch crafting Vs Paranormal

September 14, 2015

Righteousness and unrighteousness, truthfulness and falsehood, loyalty and fidelity, faith and denial, justice and injustice, generosity and greed, hope and despair, and the like are part and parcel of the human aspect of life in which individuals, institutions and societies and communities take on whichever ones as they acquire them on the process of their ongoing operations and activities and other people tell who they are based on their perception and experiences in life.

Intelligent and dull, educated and uneducated, literate and illiterate, wise and unwise, and the lie are virtues and characters people could  come up base o their exposures in life in which their experience dictate on who they are since it is people their own contextual experience in life that make them to be in certain given shape. Based o their given talent and skill people develop certain life skills as per their give exposures in life, which is mainly dependent upon choices and effort factors of life.

Anger, fear, frustration, anxiety, sorrow, grief, insecurity, and the like are one aspect of the human reality as calmness, serenity, contentment, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, confidence, and satisfactions are the other aspects of the human life. Both are connected and disconnected by situations and circumstances of life and the change and shift in thinking and attitude in life do make them happen or not. They are vital aspect of life and they are inescapable human reality.

Tall and short, fat and thin or slim, black or white, English or French, American or Asian, Chinese or African and the like are part and parcel of natural activity and they come by nature and individuals have no choice and freewill in being one of them since they are already ordained and dictated by nature. Such given aspect of the human life is natural one and people can interfere as result of their given exposures and experience in which having proper diet could make people to be tall, or fat or slim and a person who is born in French speaking country can learn English so that one can speak the English languages too.

Vision and dream, nightmares and daydreaming, hearing and seeing of what does not physically exist and objectively seen to the most—Extraordinary Sense Perceptions (ESP)—are one of the human realities of life in which few only understand and sense but most could assume that such people have bizarre way of life since they do not sense and feel and practice them in their daily routines.

Likewise, in such paranormal experiences people are undertaking, there are also deceptions and tricks that could go around in peoples’ reality as there are people who have clear and truthful experiences as well. This depends on how people understand realities of life and their interpretation and interrelation of such experiences in life with objective reality. They do not confuse what they see and hear things with what is going on their daily given undertaking. At times such kinds of bizarre experiences could be assumed as mental difficulties and illnesses that could require medication and treatment.

But, as there are people who see and hear truthful things as they do not exist but at later times they do happen. This depends on how far people understand and comprehend such realities of life. This is like as person grow physically tall or short or fat or thin and such given experience is part of such human realities as how far people see and hear refined and truthful things or not. Age, education, sex, color, ethnicity, religion, social status, achievement and the like are not requirements in this city. It is just matter of experience and exposure of one segment of life.

Researches state that many people have experienced such unusual phenomena as dreams that later seem to correspond with unforeseeable events, thinking of a long-lost friend just before he or she unexpectedly calls, or the ability to “feel” the presence of deceased loved ones. What many do not realize is that these types of experiences have been researched for more than a century by eminent scientists, including Nobel laureates. Most of these researchers have concluded that some of these phenomena do occur, although we are far from explaining them to everyone’s satisfaction.

A given person who is medium in height, black or white, calm or hot tempered, intelligent and uneducated, a finance or an engineer by profession, fair-minded and tries to be good ones can have dramatic psychic experience, but not witch crafting  or scientific with crafting as there is no such scientific matter, and one does not have to get married or work with those people or be friend, who are in the field of psychology or whatever related in order to have such intuition since such an experience is not something that can be capitalized by association of those who are related in such field of neuron-science or psychiatry but they are natural phenomena that come by unknown means and time even the author of such given experience have no clue.

Financing and or delivering such people a job or money in relation to such activities with bad and unclear intentions and motives is tantamount to making them corrupt or bribing them not only such people bus also the truth they are seeking in life. When people seek the truth of any given matter, it is not with the intention of obtaining money but money is just a process which people obtain as process of life. Most confuse such given aspect of the human life since they do not understand the nature of such reality. This is like giving money to person since the person is tall or short.

There is one given factor one could tell from an experience. This is the search and the thirst one has for seeking The Truth. In order to seek the truth, one does not have to be pastor or mullah or priest, a pope or political leader since every layman can have it since it is just matter of choice and efforts people make in life. One does not have to be professor or highly achieved person since seeking the truth is a matter of deliberate choice people make as result of dissatisfaction and disappointment people face in life especially in terms of the path of life they choose. As they ask as they enter in the middle of valley or city, and wonder on what is wrong, what is missing, and they can find the answer by the paranormal activities which they experience in life due to the fact there is a world hereafter and life is continuous process.

And there are always information that comes from unknown source and those people who sincerely seek it, will believe in since such information goes in conformity with the objective reality. A single statement or feeling that feeling that come on from such unknown place could be better and weightier than the 1000 books written by those who have no clue, but simply speculate and make wild guess and share views on such given aspects of the human life as result of their education, way of life, belief and thinking and achievement they posses in life. This requires quite a mindset.

Witch crafting is some kind of communion of the spirit drama and theater which people perform in traditional societies and life style and it is not in most cases related with educated and intelligent people of paranormal activity since the nature of witch crafting is related with the spirit of the unknown. Historically, the predominant concept of witchcraft in the Western world derives from Old Testament laws against witchcraft, and entered the mainstream when belief in witchcraft gained Church approval in the Early Modern Period. It posits a theosophical conflict between good and evil, where witchcraft was generally evil and often associated with the Devil and Devil worship

Witchcraft (also called witchery or spellcraft) broadly means the practice of, and belief in, magical skills and abilities that are able to be exercised individually, by designated social, or by persons with the necessary esoteric secret knowledge. Witchcraft is a complex concept that varies culturally and societally, therefore it is difficult to define with precision and cross-cultural assumptions about the meaning or significance of the term should be applied with caution. Witchcraft often occupies a religious, divinatory, or medicinal role,[2] and is often present within societies and groups whose cultural framework includes a magical world view.

Witchcraft can often share common ground with related concepts such as sorcery, paranormalhe paranormal, magic, superstition, necromancy, possession, shamanism, healing, spiritualism, nature worship, and the occult, it is usually seen as distinct from these when examined by sociologists and anthropologists.

In such world and life people should not confuse witch crafting and paranormal activity and experiences since both have distinct characteristic and nature. Thru with crafting people can be rich, they can get other peoples beautiful wives or husbands,  as there are many people who are rumored of such gossips and way of life since most people who are interested in such arenas of life are attracted to material and physical things and aspects of life even if divinity is claimed. In paranormal activities, it is about knowing and knowledge, in which such people could claim knowing hidden things such as sabotages and conspiracies of other people, seeing possible future events, hearing other people’s physical conversations, telepathic communions and the like. Both are separate realities and human aspects of life.

People take on what they choose and make efforts on and they bear those good or bad fruits as per their given choices in life. Knowledge is better than all riches people have on the earth in knowledge earthly riches are enrolled within it.

Righteousness—Virtue or Crime!?

September 10, 2015

The Pope died on the same day that a lawyer died. St. Paul met them at the gate and asked which one would want to go to his new home first. The Pope, generously, told Paul to show the lawyer his place first. The lawyer’s place was better than the Taj Mahal. So when the Pope was given a mere condo he asked “Paul don’t you know that I was the Pope?” Paul replied; “We have plenty of Popes here, but he is the first lawyer

Likewise, the Pope Francis in here as one finds it posted on the web, said, it is not necessary to believe in God to be a good person. In a way, the traditional notion of God is outdated. One can be spiritual but not religious. It is not necessary to go to church and give money—for many, nature can be a church. Some of the best people in history do not believe in God, while some of the worst deeds were done in His name. The quote was deemed plausible by many Face book users, who subsequently shared it, due in part because Pope Francis has been both inclusive and non-judgmental in his commentary thus far regarding faith, morality, and good deeds.

When leaders become nonjudgmental and accommodating of what is going on, they reflect justice and fair-mindedness since it is such types of leaders who have unbiased eyes and minds and they can manage and judge on the affairs of people and their responsibility with even-handedness. When leaders become sided to one side especially to the group which they belong, they fall on wrong trap in order to justify their given claim even if they make mistakes and they have failures, they justify as if they are right and correct, which is another and double mistake they commit with their given leadership, one is the first and original mistake they commit and the second is justifying such wrongs and failures as if they are right and they have succeeded.

Why do such leaders prefer denials than accepting their failures? The first and major reason is that they are egoistic people and such egoistic personalities do no face mistakes and failures and they prefer to shun away from such failures due to the fact that this is one of the inherent characteristics of egoistic personalities. The second one is that they have fear of losing their authority and power since they make mistakes and their opponents could use and take advantage of such failures leaders make.

They live in the between realm of fear minded state of being and egoistic personalities. Both states of being are not only sensitive but also dangerous to the society which they lead since their fate is hanged on thin line and the moment that thin line is broken, they are not there. Most leaders, especially of dictators by their nature are overthrown by unpredictable conditions of life in history. In fact, some of them were overthrown with embarrassment and sense of shame. Most think that they are different, but the way they are overthrown and how they end up make them similar since they eat same banana and they have similar characteristics. The matter is time and how they are overthrown. If they were righteous, they will not reside in the city of embarrassment.

Righteousness, also called rectitude, is an attribute that implies that a person’s actions are justified, and can have the connotation that the person has been “judged” or “reckoned” as leading a life that is good. It is a behavior that is morally justifiable or right. And it is not possible to obtain good feelings while being unrighteous, doing unjust and unfair things on others. Righteousness can be detected on what people feel with their inner being since the inner reality tells the truth than what the fake world justifies and expresses.

People dwell in the middle of confusion when they live in society that has backward morality and thinking in which such societies are tied up with old and obsolete culture and thinking that cannot allow itself to ascend to its sublimes state of being since it is the installed and in built thinking machinery that get stuck. In this regard, righteous people could be assumed and considered as abnormal and dangerous due to the fact that they do not fit to the standards of such societies that walks and lives and enchained by old traditions and customs that do no benefit its own and others too. Righteousness could be assumed as wrong and poison since it lives in the middle of wrongs and noises.

Righteousness originate from single individual reality in which it is not only one of the important attributes but also necessary virtues of human lives in every day routine in world where most people are biased, judgmental and they go by the side of the group and domain which they respectively belong. We live in world that most people are group oriented and they attribute good on you when you belong to similar church or mosque or whatever likenesses people have in life and they blame and point finger on you since you do not belong to place or group which they belong.

It requires detachment from whatever self-oriented phenomena since it needs courageous move and maturity. It requires criticizing not only other people and institutions but also one-self when one is wrong. It is phenomena since it needs quite a mindset. Righteousness lives in every city in both riches and poor since it is not related with any kind of material benefit and advantages, social status and class. It is not direction oriented aspect of human reality since it lives in everyone’s reality as far as people have developed it in their given life. There are righteous kings as there are stupid kings; there are righteous riches as there are stupid and foolish riches and the like. There are righteous societies as there are unrighteous societies too.

When any given society and institution lack such given virtues in its operations, protesters arise within and it and the revolutionary minds come up with revolt against since it is directly related with justice and fair-mindedness. People start asking as to the righteousness of the causes which they follow and practice since without righteousness, existence of community and society is lifeless and it cannot be possible to have life without it. Righteousness is the cornerstone of any given institution, community and society. It is not possible to trick righteousness with statistical data, numbers and other reports people deliver since its effects and influences are something that can be naturally sensed and felt out.

Righteousness is not a dogmatic doctrine which any given or particular society should practice but rather it is an inherent characteristic of the human life which should not be confused with the practice and following of any given particular ideology since people should be righteous since they should. There is no need to be a thinker to be righteous since it is something that is connected with instinct and senses in which people naturally seek justice and fair-mindedness out of imbalances and oppression they face in life. There is no need to go to school to be righteous since reason in cases distort and make a compromise between what is true and false as delivered by the instinct and blurred the natural correct of what nature delivers to life.

The difficulty, my friends, is not in avoiding death, but in avoiding unrighteousness; for that runs faster than death.  Socrates