Optimism— Pessimism—Realistic

August 28, 2015

Life in this world is mainly concerned with thought and such thoughts give birth to belief upon the magnitude and potency of given claims people do since it is thought that shape the human world and reality in the course of history of this world. In this case, people are hope seeking and faith oriented in one aspect and they are also despaired and hopeless in another aspect since they are bound by thinking or any given ideology which they practice in life. Amongst such ideology, the practice and thinking of the prophets is one aspect which give both hopeful picture and who also deliver apocalyptic view for life and about this world.

When such Prophets in human history arose in past, they face all kinds of tribulations due to the fear factor, ignorance aspect and envy and jealousy aspects of others which complicate their lives and stay on the earth. Even if such prophets in past were surrounded with threats and were encircled of such dangers to their lives, they have accomplished certain things and they have collected many kinds of followers to their given claim in the history of humankind.

Society is in most cases accustomed to certain tradition and culture which like to be in and such given prophets could tell that their given practice is not useful attachment to the way of life society practices and thus society go against to such prophets advise and claim since the first thing they ask, who are you to tell us this or that in which personality is the first agenda. Prophets are in most cases humble individuals who do not have any given social status in the society.

Afterwards, when what such given prophets deliver becomes truthful, society here lives in dilemma since it is not possible to argue with the truth. And then comes is the fear factor since what the prophets claim could be truthful. In this case, fear manipulates that given society since they do not know that given truthful claim deliver since truth always asks anyone to detach from the attachment society already get.

Religious and political leaders—ego, fear, ignorance, envy and jealousy, and selfish desires—are the foremost enemy of such prophets since such public figures are the ones who do all kind of sabotage and conspiracies on their lives. Society has no clue of what such prophets deliver and due to such ignorant part of the respective society such given prophets reside, the public reflects all kinds of bad thinking and doing against such prophets by following what religious and political leaders of that given society in which the first people who negate and reject any given prophets claim are such leaders due to the fear and ignorance factor on what such given prophets claim.

And in fact, when there are people who could realize that such figures of human kind have profound stations and reality, society rejects their given claim, envy and jealousy become the major actor of human drama since people are naturally jealous when they see and face other people who excel in station or in any given undertaking such given prophets deliver. Historically, this is already manifested and reflected in the history of all prophets in the past and what could vary be the type of society one lives and how such envy and jealousy are manifested and reflected.

While one review on what such prophets deliver, they give both optimistic and pessimistic way of life and thinking to this world even if they just preach faith and hope along with their respective promise which they deliver and they also claim that the world is bright when they are followed and listened otherwise the world is dark without their given words and thinking. When the world listens to them, they are optimist but when they are not listened, they are pessimistic about such world. This sounds also self oriented phenomena.

Life in this world is composed of different ingredients of life and amongst such ingredients, the words of the prophets is one of the aspects of the human life and the human affairs of life. This means that they are important but they are not the life and death for life in this world since prophecy is one of the controversial subject matter and aspect of human life and existence in this world since accuracy and precision in telling the future events and destiny of the word to date has failed except every time people attempt to precisely predict to what the fate of this world should be and where is heading and trying to go.

To the other side of the coin, the words of such prophets could be proven wrong in due course of time by the process of time. And people start deviating from such given way of life that is already underway by such given prophets thinking and perception of life. And whatever scholarly and expertise trial and definition and interpretation are given, this world has proven out to this date that there is nothing infallible. Bearing this in mind, there are individuals and professionals who try to deliver their own views in relation to people’s deviation from whatever ideological way of life are established based on words of such given prophets in way that they are infallible and those who deviate are wrong.

This is one of the erroneous deductions and perceptions such people acquire thru ages and centuries since this one of the facts that is going on in this world. Hence, people deviate that such ways of life are established based on such given prophets thinking and ideologies are even wrong in due course of time. Thus, they go away from such given way and ideologies of life and establish their own style and accent in life. And there is nothing wrong by doing this.The drama of infallibility cannot be acceptable by many people since many people think that life is process and it cannot be perfect and compete at any given point. Hence, people happen to be optimist or pessimist about life base on their given experience of life.

According to an article on Pick the Brain Web magazine, published on July 9, 2013, by Stephen Guise, the following is an interesting read on the subject of Optimism and Pessimism, distinguishing differences between optimists and pessimists.

  1. Optimists Believe They Are In Control

Optimists believe they can shape their future. They see no reason why tomorrow can’t be better than today was, and they’re right. Circumstances and prior failures don’t matter as much to an optimist. An optimist’s worldview is such that life improvement is expected. This loops and strengthens itself over time through positive reinforcement, especially with the right strategies.

But pessimists often feel no sense of control over their lives. If they believed they had control, they wouldn’t be pessimists, because that would mean that they choose negative outcomes. Quite often, pessimists base their gloomy expectations on prior experiences.

  1. Optimists Are Forward-Looking

Yesterday is filed away as a joyful or educational experience in the mind of an optimist. There is no day like the present, and hey, tomorrow is looking pretty good too. Have you thought about this? The present moment is completely neutral. Anything (good or bad) can happen from this moment on. So the optimist sees this neutrality as an opportunity to make something good happen. Another optimist skill is connecting how today’s positive actions almost guarantees a better future.

Pessimists are not forward-looking in general. Yes, they look ahead and see a bleak future, but they often base it on the past, where they like to hang out and drink slurpees. Do you know of any super successful and happy people who see their future as bleak? If so, it’s probably because of some recent news or traumatic event, not their past.

3. Optimists Are Confident In Themselves

Confidence is a determining factor for optimism and pessimism. Optimists believe they can overcome whatever life throws at them and continue on their way. Pessimists don’t believe this, and so are “victims” of circumstance.

If you lack confidence, you might be a pessimist for the simple reason that you don’t believe you can do it. The best way to fix this problem is to learn the skills you need in order to succeed. Change your definition of success to progress and focus on what you can succeed with now.

4. Optimists See Possibility. Pessimists See Problems.

The positive-minded person says, “What should I do next? There are so many exciting options!” The negative-minded person says, “What should I do next? I’ve got so many problems to deal with!”

Problems are a part of life. I’ve found it best to ignore the ones you can’t do anything about. A pessimist can see an optimist with the same problems and think, “well, if they had my issues, they wouldn’t be so peppy!” It’s not true. People with all sorts of problems cope with them and still move their lives in a positive direction.

  1. Optimists Have Better, But Shorter Lives

Optimism produces a better life of course… but shorter!? Yes, according to a recent study.

“Pessimism about the future may encourage people to live more carefully, taking health and safety precautions.” Before you pronounce optimism dead, take a closer look at how they reached this conclusion…

Accordingly, people are correct to obtain pessimistic and optimistic views and approaches in life due to firm faith they have towards the truth in which both feelings and thinking germinate as result of failures and successes this world has undergone in which people become pessimist due to truthful grounds and as result of such failures and harsh criticism such given world has been delivered, there are also people who become optimism out of faith and conviction they have for life and future and wish to the good of the future of the world. Both are essentially useful. In other worlds, people should be realistic in life than go with blind faith and hope to be optimist and as well as there is firm conviction which people are determined to change darkness into light as well as of being optimistic. The middle way—Realistic—is always safe and secure since both are correct and it is unwise to be at one extreme in life.


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