The Space between 1 and One!?

August 26, 2015

One was reading an interesting comment of someone while participating in one of the web discussion in which the person complains on what life delivers even if he said and wrote, I am rich, handsome and successful in life, but I could not get the right woman for life. This is as one supposes what many people could share as they think of their own in such standards and way of life and such types of people could be heard of such complaints as one meet them in another arena of life since they think that these are the very criterion for successful life and means of having perfect match for their life partner in life as the women part do same too. But, the reality could speak different language.

In the first place, the person’s criterion is materialistic approach of life and thus, one should revise one’s standard for life since such woman whom this person think should be highly materialistic due to the fact that the successes and points of attraction the person deliver are also materialistic ones. And in the second place, when such standards are set, the market or the availability should also be analyzed realistically since one should be aware of the type of personality and individuality one has and the type of people whom one seeks for life so that the right company can be integrated and harmonized. The third is besides what that given person’s claim, the person should breath deep inside and look in to oneself if one is looking for such partner, what is missing in one’ side since those criterion the person put might not be enough for such life.

Life cannot be perfect and complete since this world is also imperfect and incomplete. Expecting such thing to happen in life put one’s reality in conflict and contradiction. What could be required in order to fill such gap and space life delivers in one’s own mechanism and ways to make life go simple and smooth. When people assume that they are achieved, the get complicated and ego and pride surrounds them and they create all kinds of conflict with life, nature and other people too. When people think they are achieved, they live in city which they do not even realize and recognize, but others who critically observe them can only understand and tell. One does not like to live in such city.

In this case, desire and ambitions are the one that consume most people life and they create some sort of fantasy and illusion which could deliver some sort of dissatisfaction and disappointments in life as people lose what they want to get in life.  In such given process of life they create some sort of personality and identity crisis with their own thinking and behavior along with their given characters, which most claim personality and individuality. Here they want to be what they are not, and they could fall in wrong trap, they enter in wrong city and they speak with language which they do not even understand and none understands them and listen to them since they created their own egoistic island that put them to crisis.

The personality and individuality of every person are characterized and shaped by four ingredients of the human affairs of one’s life. The first one is what the person thinks as who one is; the second one is who the person objectively and really is; the third is how other people perceive such person as who the person is and the fourth is how the person perceives other people. In such given human affairs of one’s life, people shape their personality and individuality along with their given objective identity based on perceptions and interpretations they have obtained out of any given interaction with others and surrounding environment  by the side of any given understanding one delivers regarding people and their own selves in life.

In such given undertaking, as one can give as good example especially in the former way of life or people whom one used to interact in past, such people had confusions between such affairs of man to woman thing, as per an experience of one’s life in which to be religious is confused with to be spiritual in which such people are highly materialistic and they try to justify their given materialistic claim with their respective religious views under the cover of spirituality in which in that given interaction and communication of one’s life, one was never into any woman and is not even interested with anyone of them even if whatever achievement and greatness they have in life, even if one is not achieved like that person who commented on the web, such life is beyond such given factor and way of thinking.

One believes and thinks that it is better not to share one’s life goals and purposes with those people who rob and take away one’s private and personal joy that dwell in one’s own home, if any, due to the fact that whatever personality and achievement and glory they have on this objective world. There are quite few things that are granted by nature along with will choices and efforts individual make in life which are precious and noble and they cannot be obtained out of physical and material and outward appearances and comforts of such life.

And it is not possible to be happy in life by doing sabotages and conspiracies on other people behind since such things are easily detected as where they come from due to their given natures and  characters of such ins and outs of life  such bad thinking and cat has their own given time which people pay since thinking and doing bad on other people has its own good time which people pay back and life costs very much whoever the person is since this is one of the natural law and happenings of life.

Hence, people could think that they are big people, and they are big people on the objective world, but other people could perceive them as small ones since people perceive other people based on what they think and do on others due to selfish standards everyone has in life. In this case, such people could fall under wrong trap since their inside and outside reality could agree in one aspect, but they could be perceived by others in wrong or bad way due to the fact that they have done bad and wrong on such people. Such wrong and bad doings germinate as result of bad and wrong thinking they have towards such people. So, it is not surprising that such people do not pay and deliver any respect to such people since this is what they deserve in such people’s world.

In this regard, such people’s personality and individuality is partially in good shape and partially in bad shape since they show one face to one segment of people and another face to another segment of society, which they call tricky personality. While interacting with such people, care, tact and wisdom are important to consider. They are not attached to doing god since they do good to people whom they like and they do cruel things to those people which they do not like to see their face. Virtues and characters do not have any given race, group, ethnicity, color or whatever since such people are not consistent on what they think and do due to the fact they do discriminate while performing single act. In such case, such given discrimination will make them pay the price in its own good time.

While such scenario of life is entertained, what in most cases could vary in most people reality is what they think deep inside by their own and who they practically are in which there is space that exist between these two given claims of personalities and realities of life and most people confuse who they practically are with who they think they are in their deeper and inner world. In such given conflict and contradictions of self within one’s being, the cause of conflict and contradiction of many people’s reality exist while interacting and communicating with others is this given factor and ingredients of life.

Unless and otherwise people reflect as who think they are to the outward world, communicate and express their given claim with something feasible and tangible to the external world, it is not possible to tell who such people as per their give claims do and it is not possible to force others to perceive them in way their claim dictate while one does not communicate one‘s inner being claim to the outside world. Although, peoples misunderstandings and misinterpretations of other peoples thinking and act is one common given factor for such given interactions of life, if there is such claim that there are people who could think they are great but they are perceived by others as small, such given claim of greatness should be reflected and outwardly communicated by the claim they do towards such people’s lives.

In relation to that given person’s complaint of looking into life partner, the person could assume that by being rich, handsome and successful, one has considered himself as good, but other people could perceive that given person’s claim as bad when that given person interacts with such people. In connection of such aspect of life to oneself in here, this is one of the things that bothers least since it is not obligation to one’s life. One is not interested in women thing of sharing life since one is fine with such style of life one already is doing and one is also fine with one’s poverty of today since such poverty has its own real and decent beauty. One lives in such state of being out of passing hurdles by one’s own strength.

There was none who shared difficulties of one’s life in pasty since real people share problems or they do not stay away from oneself in times of one’s problematic condition. And there is no help that one need at this point since one has already adapted to such way of life and one is already comfortable to be in such life. There is no point and ground one seeks other people to come into one’s way since one has already paved the correct and right path of life which does not need any given company or any other people to dwell in one’s given life. One does not and is not willing to understand any other people who want to help or cooperate since one does not seek any help.

If there is a claim that goes like, we give him a test and he passed this test, they can play this game and sheet drama with their mothers and in their mother’s womb not with a person like oneself in here since such kinds of people must be evil and stupid and this is what it means by the beast who tricks and deceive other people and there is no other definition and meaning one could deliver to such people due to the fact that they enjoy out of the pain and suffering of other people misery and this cannot be human way of thinking, but evil drama, which deserve punishment under criminal law and act.

In this condition of one’s poverty, calmness and serenity are one’s friend; thinking and meditations are one’s neighbor; visions and dreams are one’s true reality; simplicity and humbleness are reflections of one’s personality. Life goes on and there is no way and time to look to back in stormy past since past is already gone and the future is something one should look forward, not with past people or past story, but with different mindset, new people and different agenda of life. Although one is grateful for those who think and do good thing on past, one looks with one’s own hope and vision to the future with different mindset and perspective since one is the author and owner of one’s life which one does not want to share to anyone except to oneself.

In connection with one’s given personality and individuality, what one thinks as who one is different from as who one practically is and how one is perceived by other people; one perceives other people based on how they perceive oneself like other people too. One does not reflect as who one is as one thinks for different reasons since there are certain thinking that cannot be expressed as they are due to one’s experience of life and there might not be enough words to state and one does not want to articulate one’s given thinking by relating with the existing ones but one waits or future time as one matures to communicate such given thinking as one gets more matured, until then, one prefer to keep silent until one finds suitable time to express such thinking in the future.


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