Borrowing Ages from Others

August 21, 2015

A lawyer died and went to heaven. He was greeted by St. Peter, who was pleased to see him arrive. “Wow, this is exciting. We don’t have too many 157 year-olds here in heaven,” said Peter.

“157?!” exclaimed the Lawyer.  “I was only 63 when I died!”

Peter said, “Well, according to the number of hours that you have billed…”

This lawyer has billed his clients more than his age in which he must be very expensive since the intention of costing them was to make a living, settling one’s bill in one’s own way. This is also true when people were in wars in which both antagonistic groups that fight in wars, they report numbers of injuries on causalities of such deaths. When people read the number of reports and compare it with the actual population size of both groups, it seems that they have borrowed population from the future and from other countries since they exaggerate numbers due to the fact that one of the war besides exchange of fire is the war of propaganda in which lies and tricks are weapons of such given war.

Accordingly, there are also false rumors of death which are committed on deliberate manner on other people since such people are carefully selected since they have enemies who attack them behind, and they could also have certain issue and agendas in life and thus all kinds of gossips go around and on behind them. And last time, I read some postings of such types on the web, people who are victims of such gossips claiming,  I am alive, I am not dead, since their pictures were posted on the web as if they were dead.

One is also victim of such given propaganda and gossips in which I met a person few years back whom I knew decade ago. While I met this person, and the moment he saw me, his face was shrunk as if he met dead man, and he was talking to dead person. Since I was aware of such given drama of with what other people think on me, one was talking to him, making fun and jokes about dead people meeting again and talking and the like. The person could not get to normal point since one was aware of that given point, he was thinking many things which he was not sure. And one heard later that this person said he heard rumors from big people whom he respect that I was dead. I told to the person now, he realize that big people whom he pay respect lie and it is just learning.

One was also gossiped behind as if one was like the beast in the bible, which come out of the sea, but thanks to the day, one lives in land locked country since there is no sea anymore in fact there are people who live around the sea, but not oneself. They were also told I was a beast  which consume and kill people, and they were told, let us remove this beast. Some of them were scared since I was gonna make fire out from my mouth and the like, but forget about fire, One cannot breath air enough out. As rumors were going behind, those people who did bad on me, they were dead or bad things visit their life, and if thee is such claim, it is not their wrong doing on me, but doing bad on anyone costs something worse in life since this is one of the natural law of life.

Why are such people rumored bad? One of the things is that they have personal enemies which are very obvious. There must be people who do not like them in which they are targeted in way they face harm and they could be attacked and their life and destiny get destroyed. This could be for revenge or to attack such people since such enemies use as one of the attacking mechanism.

The other is it is some kind of futile game people play on others especially when they are very close with each other. In one’s given case, one even has no a friend, forget about close or best friend. The same could be true to other people, even if there are people who do such things and they get entertained by doing such foolish drama. One thinks that it is mental sickness to such people who entertain out of doing bad things on others. This is not normal attitude.

The other could be by mistakes in which people might heard or see someone similar person dying and without investigating and sorting out the truth, they could rumor such rumors of death on others. Such death could occur by accidents or whatever which people could see or overhear, but they gossip such bad on other people without taking careful examination on what they hear or see. This is also bad and crime too.

Wishful thinking and actual happening are two different aspects of human life. Few people could wish that those people whom they hate seeing them die, but such people could be on the contrary, they see them alive in fact, they could get vigor and strength as day goes by day. And there is no other mechanism which they can bring about except putting some kind frustration and confusion on such peoples’ strength and they just gossip them bad to the extent that such people who are victims of such bad gossip and think and believe that they are bad and dead and they take wrong actions against their lives. This is one of the cheap psycho theater and mentality of such people.

It is possible to wish bad on others, but it’s not possible to impose and make such people accept such bad things since such peoples’ volition is the determinant factor. Will and choice belongs to the author and owner of the lives of such people who are bestowed by nature. Even if they try hard to darken their lives, the light they have inside could be greater and brighter than the darkened thinking and mentality they are imposed to accept by other people. In this case, the light and greatness inside is always the winner since light overshadow darkness in human history and in the history of the world at large.

Rumoring bad on other is losing mentality. When people are determined to gossip bad on other behind in way they open war of rumors on others, attacking mechanism on other people with deliberate plan and intentional basis, this tells two things. Those people who are victims of such bad gossips are doing something which gossipers cannot, they are achieving something and they are focused on working out on the things which they like to do. However, those people who gossip others on intentional basis from time to time, have nothing to do except fabricating gossips, they are envious and jealous against such people workings and which tell that they are losing and they have loser mentality. When such bad things come from respected and big people, it is poison and is cancer.


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