Head to Heart

August 17, 2015

80 years of age is quite something to the existence of an individual since it can be culmination of one’s life on the earth depending on the GDP and life expectancy of any given society to which the individual respectively belongs. However, 80 years can be quite small to formation and existence of any given society span of existence and life since society’s and individual performance in life has different parameters in existence due to the  fact that society is combination of many individuals where ass the individual is just an individual. Hence, they have different ways of formulating and application in making their recipes as to their survival, existence and better performance in life.

In such given interaction of life, there are people who communicate and understand in head to heart realities of life with nicer and smoother way of life as there are people who never communicate with their own realities of life, given given head to heart and they live with misunderstanding within their own reality, forget about understanding others. In this given aspect of life, listening to that the head says is a challenge to the heart since both communicate in different aspect and features of life as per their given nature since head has different mechanism and approaches towards life where heart also uses a its own mechanism for its own sake and survival.

The road from heart to head is wide and narrow, in which the same is also true from society’s head to society’s heart, which can be narrowed depending on the harmony and integration process individuals make in their process of life since both head and heart are communicating based on thoughts and feeling in which there are time what the head says cannot be accepted by the heart since heart is slow in most cases interaction and communication that it makes with the head and with what the head dictate, and such conflict and contradiction in such given aspect of the human life is customary to any given individuals’ and society’s existence of life at universal basis.

Though such roads are long and short depending on the nature and character of society which they belong, it is by far better in today than former olden days since humanity has developed mechanisms that make such distance and gap to better way of communication due to technology, fields of studies head fabricated and power of education, and thru experience and exposures of the process of life that everyone faces in life. Head to heart communication is one of the factors for determining to the quality of life and span of existence to everyone on the earth in which those who have possible harmony with such given communications have meaningful life and valuable existence than those who do not have harmonized and integrated communication between head to heart.

Those societies who are formed between such individuals given communication, who have better harmony, organization and integration and communication between heads to minds are more organized and effective than those who do not have harmonized and coordinated communications between head to heart since society is formation of combinations of such given individuals. Head is dictate by reason and the power of reason—consciousness—the will and choice to think and not to think, where as the heart is dictated by emotions and feelings that just come. One is linear and the other is spontaneous. This also true at society level in which there are times when and where society just explodes out of the blue even if there could be cumulative factors in past, such erotic explosions of emotions just do come out as violent outburst, which are later known as anger and frustrations.

Humans are creatures that are affected by tiny matters such as bacteria and viruses, and they are also influenced and threatened big sized animals such lions and hyenas, these are nature delivered threats. Such two given extremities in sizes are those creatures that put the human environment in scary attitudes to the survival and existence of human lives in everywhere. However, humans have developed a mechanism on how to stay away from such given threats which surround them and their environments.

They are also threatened by mass suicide of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction which ruin a generation by mass suicide in genocide. These are artificially fabricated threats which humans and humanity at large face in the entire course of the world history. Such chain actions and reactions of threats put the world and nations to live under suspicions which make life to be the life of rats and cats than the life of the human. Such threats put certain nations and societies to be united and unified in the fight they make against it and to abolish such threats of wars since they prefer peaceful way of life than chaos. Such threats also put the world to a divide between nations since it has political agendas behind such threats too.

The war between head to heart is historical one which is inherited from past which vary as per the nature and character of individuals and societies. The peace between head and heart is also historical one which generations inherit from past way of life. In such peace and war situations and conditions of the human affairs and life, the world is shaped by different ideologies and thinking and feelings and emotions that put the world we live now under such shape and way of life.

Threats surround the human environment about the human environment have developed skill and knowledge on how to prevent and protect such threat. Since both types of threats are on stage and humanity has developed mechanism on how to prevent and protect such threats of wars and other disasters although the conflict is originally caused by the head and the heart in which such conflict vary as per the nature and character of individuals and societies in which when giant nations fight other societies and peoples will be affected by them as they say when the elephants fight, the harm goes to the grass.

In such arena of life, giants’ people’s heads and hearts are more or less reflections of many other poor nations heads and hearts since they are more or less interconnected and interrelated due to economic, psychological, emotional and other human affairs and factors. In such scenario of life, giants breath the small nations also breathe; when the giants laugh, the small nations laugh, when the giants mourn, the small nations mourn. Their respirator systems are more or less connected by advantages and benefits in a way the giants’ heads and hearts are core and centre for existence to the smaller ones. Existence and survival of head to heart communication is interconnected in way that one affects the other.

The small nations use example, analogies, tales and other statements and expressions of the giants in order to justify their failures and successes in way giants’ heads and hearts dictate. There is no such interdependent head to heart communication since they are interconnected like hub. When the road to head and heart communication of the giant nations and peoples become wider, the same is true to those who are smaller ones since they are affected by the giants.

In such head to heart communication, things in today are by far better since many things are sorted out, experience dictate the human reality in which humanity has come to identify processes and features of ingredients of human nature as to the causes to failures and successes in all undertaking at all levels and stage of existence. However, the is still controversy and unresolved issues between head to heart communication and interaction at an individual, society, community and institution levels which everyone has to deal with and this is one of the mysteries of life and a sacred task everyone should perform before one departs from such world peacefully. My all walk in peace and harmony!!


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