Silence Vs Noise

August 14, 2015

They say, there is always a thin line between love and hate. People love and hate things based on their given interaction and communication. As it always seems to turn out with mental illness, scientists have found a biological basis for hate factor. Scientists have spotted the parts of the brain that light up when we actively hate someone. There’s probably a reason why hate evolved in the first place—and it’s similar to love. Hence, people could think and feel diametrically opposite things towards same thing or object of interaction and communication, but in different times too.

People love people; people love a system; people love their respective nation; people love this world at large. Accordingly, people hate people, people hate system; people hate their respective nation; people hate this world. This love and hate relationship is reality and one of the natural characteristics of life in this world. What makes people to be in love and hate relationship is another matter which should be discussed and further and in accordance with their given relationships and connections people have with their object of love and hate things which they interact, life goes and hit on.

People love their work; people hate their work; people love their profession; people hate their profession; people hate their work place or any given company which they work for. People love and hate many things in life which is mainly dependent upon the amount of interaction and communications they make with the object of interaction which is dependent upon the amount of give and take relationship they have in life in which most of the love and hate things are created based on personal advantages and benefits most people obtain with objects of interaction.

People love people, why? People love people since they have obvious affection towards other people and they are into people whom they love due to the fact that such people are delivering some sort of benefits in terms of economic, emotional and psychological, intellectual and other related human aspects and benefits since most people are self centered and they communicate with such people whom they love based on advantages and benefit they obtain.

People love any given system and way of life due to the affectionate attachments and bond such people towards such system otherwise people cannot be into such given systems. A member of any given political party loves one’s party since that given party delivers economic, ideological, political, emotional and other personal advantages and benefits to such people; the same is true to those people who are into religion which they love their religious system since they think and believe that the system of belief have delivered certain personal benefit and advantage in to their life and thus they are into such systems which they love.

People love their nation since that given nation have delivered certain economic, social and emotional and psychological benefits towards their life and thus people love their nation due to the fact belonging to that given nation have provided certain form of safety and security in their life and thus people love their nation since they are beneficiary while belonging to particular nation and society too.

People love their profession based on successes which they obtain in pursing to top level the profession which they specialize require. People love their work place based on employment packages they receive from such given company along with conducive work environment such given companies provide. People do interact at any given circumstances of life upon the types of intakes they obtain than what they should deliver since they are in most case elf centered ones. They prefer their rights and freedoms than their responsibilities and duties.

In such given scenario of life, they hate all those things which are liked and loved by others based on the negative or undesired impact such give objects of interaction deliver, based on their failures in interacting with such given objects of interaction and the like. And hence people love and hate all those tangible and intangible realities of life based on the benefits and advantage they obtain which is obvious and which exist in any person’s realities of life. Even. nations interact and love and hate with each other based on their own advantages and benefits too.

What could be interesting in here is that when people love and hate with each other with no reason and rational. In such give circumstances of life, people must have been biased and prejudiced since their love and hate have no enough and adequate ground that put them  to interact and communicate in love and hate relationship. Why do they be in such conditions of life is quite funny and strange since they have no enough good reasons.

One of the factors for such people be in such scenario of life is the standards set by society which is considered as norm and when one person does and think something different from what the norm dictate, people with no reason and no interaction with that given person, they hate; the same is true with a person that does something in accordance with the standards of the norm; they do not have time to check, as two why that person said and did, and the like due to the fact that standards have one common character since they do not let people think further and investigate further, but make judgment on others. people happen to be judgmental although the book they follow advise them do not judge others.

They do not verify first accuracy and correctness of standards at hard with reality and time since most of the standards could be obsolete and traditional in which only few segments of society could be beneficiary out of such practices. In this case, people have no time to check and verify but such few people could have devised their own strategy to make such standards continue. In this case, the fallacy could go the standards which should be revised than love or hate those individuals who think contrary or in conformity with the standards. Independent investigation of the truth is expensive reality even those people who preach about it, they do not practice it in their life.

The other thing on why people hate or love people without any given rational is when the thinking or act such people germinate is quite different from society’s daily routines activities and thinking, and the author of such thinking does not belong to the elite group or prominent in any given social dynamics, in this case, the public opposes and hates such thinking and the author without any given reason and rational since the person is unknown and unknown person is not allowed to think indifferent scenario of life. If that given different thinking is authored from the members of elite group or somewhat prominent figure in the society, it could be liked and loved without even investigating and questions too.

Hence, personality based thinking and life style along with society’s own bias and prejudice put such given societies to have acquired stupidity and bullshit personality. They assume that whatever thing they do and think have reason, but in reality, they have no enough and adequate reason to love and hate but it is just reflection of sheer stupidity that make the to be in such state of being.  They are envious and jealous on other people achievement and success which lead them to be arrogant and ignorant of many aspects of realities of life.

It is good to be silent and watch and observe on things which one has no clue than, love or hate, or pretend and act as if one knows everything and do many bad things on others and have noisy life since silence is the key to many successes people obtain in life due to the fact that while being silent, one is at least prevented to make mistakes in life when one does not know on things one have no clue. When people love or hate with no reason, they add noise to their and other lives.


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