Do They Hear You!?

August 12, 2015

The 44th. President of the United States of America—Barrack Hussein Obama—was in here for official visit for less than two days, 45 hours, this was great honor and privilege to have his charismatic and elegant presence amidst this historic and ancient nation, which was delighted to receive and welcome, the first sitting US President in history in which the President’s visit to Addis Ababa was not only to upgrade political and economical relationship but also to add a momentum that delivered vigor to those around him.

It is quite noteworthy to mention on the speeches he made especially to the African Union in which I was listening the one posted on the internet with great attention and profound respect due to the fact that the President belongs to the race one respectively belongs but, the President is one of the extra ordinary individuals, who changed the course of history of one mighty nation and who delivered exemplary lifestyle and thinking to those people who think that few things are impossible and illusions since he showed to us the way and the path that make the impossible and the imaginary to the possible and practical and realistic as far as people are determined to do it and have conviction on what they think and do.

Sir Isaac Newton said, if I have seen something farther, it is because I have been stood on the shoulders of the giants. Accordingly, such given triumph to the black people in America come as result of the fruit, practicality and freedom of the system of American democracy in which George Washington’s legacy is mostly recognized and appreciated due to the fact that he is the first President of Unite States who taught and made practical the peaceful power transition from one leader to another. Hence, American democracy has yielded its nobles fruit when the 44th President was elected black in which when a woman becomes the next American President the evolution and process of such democracy will be on its next phase and stage of development which will be glorified and much appreciated.

The President said on his speech to the African leaders at the African Union, I do not get why people want to stay more in power as they get more wealth and they stay more on it as the case of Burundi he mentioned, though he did forget to mention Ethiopia, Uganda and other African leadership too; he also stated his personal desire and interest to be elected to the third term, as he is confident he is going to win as he thinks the he is good president in office who likes his job but he cannot even if he wanted since there is a thing which is called law and constitution which is beyond ink and paper and everyone should abide and even if he wants but he cannot since none is above the law even the president.

The audience was full of round of applause and big support to the powerful expressions, sayings and statements of the President. And in here one was confused as to the status of the audience since I thought he was speaking in American English and accent to the people who can listen and understand to the President strong and weighty massage and statements, since he become the big voice to the millions of African population who are voiceless due to fear which are induced by such given leaders.

And one was wondering the exclamation and support to ask as to the nature of the audience since he was telling them you are wrong and unacceptable,  staying more in power and leadership is not appropriate even if you think that you are the only chosen ones for your nations in managing and administering the affairs of your nation, you should let others to take power and take responsibility and accountability to their respective nations, you have to prepare way as to the peaceful transition of power to the next and new blood than sticking to power and leadership since they want to stay in power.

One was not sure on the nature of the audience he was delivering, was he giving speech to the European parliament or to the American congress, since everyone was supporting and making big applause. One was also asking was he speaking in Amharic since one was not sure did they understand on what he was saying, and in cases, one was not even sure in one’s capacity of understanding the English language since if they did understand, as one understood, none of them should stay in power and assume an office, but they prefer to make big applause and stay at the same time in the office.

Power is power and it is like opium especially in Africa as such people stay more in it, the more thirst they have to stay more years will be. One was wondering, is such a thing is related to color, but not, since the President is living and pure example who showed such a thing and claim is false theory and false idea. It is lack of matured mindset along with lack of will and interest to establish a system that accommodate social well being and welfare since such leaders think of on how they stay more in power than develop mechanism and system on how transfer power to others with peaceful transition. When they die, or adjust constitutions on how to stay more, conflict and strife arise and nation and people will be in mess.

What is wrong with Africa even if it claims it is the beginning and cradle of human kind, it cannot be at the forefront in securing social needs and creating safe living environment to its citizens since dictatorship is the becoming nature and character of African leadership and it is not possible to think and feel security and safety under any dictator regime since more unthinkable and unpredictable things can happen due to the fact that the issue is the question of staying more in power.

What is wrong with African leadership and democracy? How long delivering excuses for justification for their failures is going on such as the consequences of colonization and the effects of colonial powers as to its effect on the current social dynamics in a time its citizens are fleeing way from its soil towards approaching foreign lands with volition and seeking it in different ways and means? How long such excuses should be mentioned and serve as escape goats, how long such drama of blaming and pointing fingers on others on the failure such current leadership are making going on? They should reflect on what is going on in their own than go for money to and excuses to the outside world.

Rule of law is not simple matter since it requires mindset and maturity, they say, law makers are the first to break the law which is clearly reflected and observed in current African leadership. They prefer to break the law and amend the law than observe and respect the law; they ask others to be obedient to the law but they play games with the laws they formulate and they manipulate and break the law since everything is in their hands and none has the power and right to question their integrity, if so, people know where they end up, fear becomes the governing factor than the rule of law.

This is lack of matured mindset in creating the common good and future, a pure reflection of selfishness and self centered mentality and it also shows how such people are greedy. This is also reflection how they are disrespectful to their given society which they lead since they have no concern for the future and betterment of society even if they think that they are better people who to think and work for their nation but they forget there are other people who belong to their respective nations who can do better and contribute much better things to their respective nations.

Now, Africa is growing. This is good news. But, Africa can grow better when leadership is inclusive than exclusive; when leadership is public service oriented than a dictator. Such leadership should not create its own island since there is only one nation. When such inclusive mentality is going, better growth can come. Better nation can be created. Better unity can be fostered. It is good to make round of applause and then leave the office but it is more safe when no round of applause is made and they assume the office. This is bit tricky.


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