The Oil and the Water  

August 7, 2015

People think based on what they feel and people feel based on what they think. People act based on what they feel and think too. This story of thinking and feeling is like the chicken and egg thing; although it is not possible to tell which come first historically both are inseparable and inescapable human realities of the human life. Both are indissoluble and they are twin duties of any human being.

As such is thing is going on, there are certain interesting things and aspect of the human side, there are quite few aspects that trigger some kind of quest in life in which some kind of paradoxical drama hits one’s life, one make a pause as to why such things exist and happen while most live in one aspect of life and others do live in different scenario of life which they can only tell and ably explain as its nature and character since they are the authors of the drama and theatrical happenings of their own life and since they are the prime source.

This makes such individuals to have peculiar characters and personality in life which do give their life to have its own flavor in their existence and there are interesting combinations of thinking and characters living in any given individual reality and life. Such interesting combination of peoples thinking and character make people to live in peace and harmony within themselves and with their surrounding environment at large as such give combinations of characters and thinking could make these people live in their own self created given island and world, and such people could be called and identified by other people as people of odd personality and thinking.

Among such given combinations of characters and thinking which can be found in any given individual life, combined and integrated, living peacefully are—Courage and Fear—the character of courage and fear living combined and integrated in peoples’ lives are the thinking and character of courage and fear. People make them live in their given life as per the nature and character of interaction and communication they have in life, but time and space are the determinant factor as to their existence and integration in life.

Courage and fear are quite contradictory thinking and elements of life in which both look quite opposite, but surprisingly, they can be accommodated in any given individual life according to circumstances and situations of life which people undertake in their activities and daily routines, according to the experience and exposure of life individuals face in life. Hence, they can be combined and integrated in any given individual life, not in one part or organ of their system and metabolism, but they live in different times and circumstances of reality of life as per the nature and character of object of interactions individuals have.

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, in which any given person could be afraid of life itself, in which the feeling of insecurity and unsafe conditions of life which could be related to individual psycho make up.

There are individuals who are afraid of dogs or cats or hyena or lions depending on the amount and level of interaction and communication they have developed with such given animals, which they call, the animal phobia. When such fear reaches to certain climax, it affects those given individual thinking and character, it could be somehow related to their individuality and identity.

There are people who are afraid of walking at dark places and they cannot go outside during such times since they are not afraid of the dark, but they are afraid of the gangsters and the bullying styles of life that come from such given groups of people. In this case, such fear of the dark side of the day should not lead to an idea that such people are cowardice since they do not like to go and walk at night since due to the need and desire they have to have secured and safe life.

Such fear of animals or fear of walking out at night do not mean or do not lead to a conclusion that such people are cowardice in the principles or paths of life which they undertake in which such given people could be found as heroes and heroines to the path of life which they undertake as to the extent that they can be martyrs, and they are not even scared to die to the truth or any path which they undertake.

In such given fear, safety and security are the matters and aspects which such people put on the table, they are afraid of facing such aspect of life due to the keen desire they have for life. Thus, being cowardice in such given aspect of life is tantamount to being wise.  Since people do not face risks as it is coming but they stay away, they reduce the amount of risk and burdens that could visit their life which could lead them to disappointments and dissatisfaction in life in which such given aspect do lead.

It is quite interesting to note that such given kinds of people which are assumed by others as cowardice, they could be found contrary to what they are identified, in which they could be found as martyrs to the path of life which they undertake. Hence, they are not even scared of whatever threatening and outside pressures they are facing in terms of thinking and belief they have, even if the whole earth and heaven come against them, they keep going and they do not stop whatever undertaking they have set to the path of their life. They go on with their given thinking and belief since they should go on.

One sees the very elasticity of their mind and thinking of such people in which given people know here to bend and where to go straight since they know when to make the right curve and they know where to go straight. Life has no specific recipe and such people live by their own recipe of life which they formulate to their own reality since life in this world needs quite wisdom and tact in interaction and communication with other people due to the fact that trick is one aspect and feature of life in this world.

There are certain contradictory thinking and characters that can be integrated and combined in such way as there are certain ones which cannot be integrated and combined like oil and water. These are faith and denial, truth and false, calm and bustling and the like. In this case, it is up to individuals to derive their own combination of life thru experience and exposures people face in life. In such give cases, life gets its own color and meaning in which people will not face anything in order to be courageous or cowardice since they see and sort out things and they interact and communicate with life according to the nature and character of the object of interaction and based on the consequences of object of interactions deliver to one’s life.

Quite surprisingly, most people are courageous in facing dog bite than changing thinking or way of life or being martyrs to the path of life which they undertake. They have superficial thinking and belief which does not allow them to be martyrs since martyrdom is not simple station and secondly, they have their own superficial view and thinking on the undertaking which they have and chosen to their given life. However, they could be observed as superficial heroes on the road and stages, but when the real thing comes, which could ask for sacrifice of their lives, they are cowardice and they are in different condition of life since they cannot be martyrs or they cannot go up to the end of their days when the thinking and belief which they promulgate asks for it.


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