Compare and Contrast—Envy and Jealousy

August 5, 2015

When people compete on what is going on in their life with that of other people, two thinking and characters germinate in peoples’ reality of life and these are envy and jealousy. People start becoming envious or jealous when such people whom they try to compare are greater than in what they are doing as they think towards them, and as they are something like in achieved status in life. It is not only in such given scenario of life which people make such compare and contrast thing with other people , but also when they are in bad condition, they compare themselves with those who are in worse and worst scenario of life.

They say, envy occurs when we lack a desired attribute enjoyed by another. Jealousy occurs when something we already possess (usually a special relationship) is threatened by a third person. And so envy is a two-person situation whereas jealousy is a three-person situation. Envy is a reaction to lacking something. Jealousy is a reaction to the threat of losing something (usually someone).

That is why, as they say, jealous person and a friend went to the city of God and asked for help. And God said to them, if I do give something to one of you, I will make double to the other to whatever one of you get from me. And the jealous person said, I want you do something for me, God asked, what can I do for you, what can I help you, and the jealous person replied, can you remove the right part of my eyes. The intention of the person was to make the other person lose his two eyes. But, God replied, what I said is, I give double, but not I remove.

One was wondering and gazing on life and one found a statement which one does not completely agree in the book of someone, and it goes like, when you have a bad day always remember someone else’s’ day is  worse and be thankful on what you have. One completely is in disagreement with such given people thinking and with the thinking itself since people should be thankful not by making compare and contrast on the life of others since they should be by their own.

Such given mentality and thinking make people to think that they are more of ego oriented and self oriented and people with exclusive mentality and thinking than being inclusive and such given attitude and thinking make this world to be in such amorphous shape since people make compare and contrast not with their own past or whatever, but what is going on their neighbor’s life. This is very deceiving and misleading approach of life since one’s life should be measured and considered with one’s own than other people.

Why do such people make compare and contrast on others in order to make themselves happier and satisfied? Is this correct standard and approach for life and see other people failures as measuring to their given success, which make other people feel and think bad about life and the world at large? Why do people compare and contrast with others in order to look nice and nicer to their own or by their own? Can people be looking nice by their own? Is such kind of thinking neglect other peoples effort and contributions toward the look or whatever good such given people have in life?

When people lacks confidence in life, they start watching other people. They could give seven times greeting ,such as a hello, per day to one given person. This is to mean that they seek other people approvals in any given simple undertakings, to be too much into their lives not in way as husband and wife do, but in simple they can do, they ask other people help, they bother others and they in fact live comparing and imitating other people talking, thinking, acting and the like. They become dependent upon others. They do everything based on others doing. They become slaves of others people mentality and acting.

Such given mentality could lead to bad feelings about others in which the desire and interest of comparing one’s good with other people bad do lead to ill thinking and ill wish to others since such given kinds of people could be happy when they see others fail in which such given thinking itself do lead such given type of mentality to ill wishers of others since their joy and happiness is based upon other people failure. This is wrong an unacceptable since people should be happier since they should be happy.

And last time I met someone of such kinds of people. And I asked him since we met long time ago, how are you, and he replied, to whom does God give on what he gives to us. I was no sure on what the person was trying to deliver since I asked him, how are you, it is not about on what God is giving to the person and God is removing from other people. There are many people who think like they compare and contrast their saving account on the relationship they create with the God they claim since they compare whatever things they posses with what others possess.

When people are in sad conditions of life, why do they compare other peoples’ worsen condition. In fact, this could make them more depressed unless and otherwise they are not normal and they are selfish and they are self oriented people since such given worsen conditions of others should disturb them more or it should motivate them to change such given worse condition of such people to make them think and feel better than make them happier. What kind of thinking is this? Why do people still seek other people failure and bad look in life in order to see themselves as successful in world and time they can change worse into better and bad into good?

We live quite in different age and time and world in which such given traditional and obsolete thinking and belief do shape the world in past for centuries and ages. People should seek into something that deliver bright hope and glory than dwelling in past wrongs as if they are correct and right. Things should be critically sorted out before society accept any given thinking and belief as true since whatever people and society accept as true should be measured as to their truthfulness and correctness, relevance and usefulness, farsightedness and fore-thoughtfulness and the like.

Professionals deliver the following advice; it is very difficult not to compare yourself with others, given the preoccupation we have with perfection in modern life. If we start examining our achievements and accomplishments, then we can raise the bar even further. It is natural to compare yourself to others, and even envy them. But when you become obsessed with your deficiencies, rather than the areas in which you excel, you are focused on the wrong thing. This can be debilitating and it can even prevent you from taking part in many aspects of your life. Constant comparison with others tends to lower your self-esteem and make you feel bad about yourself. Resist the urge to compare yourself with others by becoming aware of how you view yourself. Set goals for yourself that will build your confidence, and relearn behaviors that will improve your opinion of yourself.


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