The Self Authored and the Inherited Hope

August 3, 2015

The conditions in the world, in one aspect, are uncertain and risky, and the economies of the world are wobbly and irregular. In this unbalanced conditions and deranged situations of life, the world of life becomes more insecure and unsafe unless and other wise people are energized and engulfed with some kind of purpose in life in which their life could become more thoughtful and meaningful when they are supported with some kind of principles and ways of life that give additions to the existing flavors they already have and they deliver sense to their life which is going on daily basis with their daily routines.

People try to become purpose and goal oriented in their daily undertakings when such conditions of the world gets worse, due to the conviction they have for life. A the existing ones are decaying and become obsolete in way they cannot remedy the existing social and other problems of societies in safe and secure manner, few people think and mediate on life and the try something to their own given life, not in way those before them have done it like, but by their own life giving and life experienced thinking and beliefs.

In such cases of their life, the balance of this world and its people are maintained by two great potent forces and powers that exist in this world. These are faith and hope. Both are interconnected and interrelated since one cannot live without the other and one cannot exist without the other. One lives in the other and one dies in the other too. It is not any religion or philosophy or anyone on earth that has created them, but situations and circumstances of life that introduce them as to their existence.

Hope is not something that can ONLY be imported but also invented by oneself. Many people import hopes as commodity items but few people create. This is the real difference between many people and few people since the self created hope has an author and owner, but the imported one is just inherited and taken from others. The self created hope has reasons and is something that is made upon tangible aspects of one’s life than fabrication of mere illusions and fancy imaginations since it cannot exist as hope in any given individual life for years and decades. Few people can touch hope but others can only think.

There are two types of hopes. The first one is the hope that is inherited like wealth, which is taken from parents, fore-parents and societies as whole. The second one is a hope that is created by any given individual for oneself out of passing certain incidents. Hurdles and good things in life in which that particular and given individual is the author of that given hope in life, which cannot be shared by others since it is the individual ho develop one’s own hope in one’s own way and method of life.

When any give hope is shared, life is more of communal in terms of sharing common hope in life. Life becomes more of interconnected and interrelated no matter of how far new and different individuals way of life people try to derive, the future is smoothing shared by most since they share something common in life, which is hope, a hope which is especially created upon certain belief system, value and thinking. In this case, such give societies have certain pattern and style and way of life which is derived out of that given hope which they share.

For example, last time, I had conversation with someone whom one met in past life. The person was into religious view, and we were discussing something which is hard to believe and trust. And I asked him, how do you become certain about that, the person replied, it is because, I had been given promise and it will happen. Such given type of hope is mostly written in any given book, or it could be told by elderly people, but people live with certain amount of hope which their faith delivered. But, they forget in here one simple thing, everything in this world is subjected to fallibility since there is nothing infallible in this world.

In such fallible world, to expect any given hope and faith are pure, complete and perfect is likened to sheer stupidity since such kinds of blind faith and hope do cause catastrophic conditions of life. What this world has chosen to live in relation to this aspect of life, to keep the faith and hope thing until no end of time since there is no end of days to come, but there is always end of days to expect. Expectation here becomes the spice of life that augments peoples keen desire to live and stay longer even if such expectation could be trick, lie and wrong, people prefer to expect something until their given end of days come to life.

In such scenario of life, there are two types of people that do exist. The first ones are those people who expect lie and trick, wrong and fake things to come and happen. The others are those people who expect true and real things to happen. In this case, the future becomes scary and frustrating to those people who expect lie and trick to happen true since they have already wrong foundation and they already have fouled themselves in their own given false expectations. However, those who expect truthful things become happier and satisfied since what they expect and what happen is true and coincides.

Such satisfied people live—past, present and future—altogether and it is time that prove things out even if they were considered as liars, deceivers and the like, they happen to be truthful and correct in due course of time, however, those who live with frustration and confusion live in wrong and nasty mindset—past, present and future—since they tricked themselves and other people as result of their own ego, ambition and self centered desire and interests in life. Faith and hope should be in truthful grounds and values.

What is quite interesting in here is that there are many people who do think and do bad things intentionally on others, but they expect their given belie system or core belief to protect them from such bad. What kind of sheet thinking is this, since they have time to reflect to do and think good things towards to other people than expect whoever and whatever else they have and claim that they can be protected? If whatever thing they believe thing protect them, the belief and the core belief thing must be stupid and wrong since thinking and doing bad on others on deliberate manner is unacceptable and is not forgiven, be it the author of such wrong and bad thinking and act is prime minister, patriarch, pope or whatever.

The faith and hope thing such people claim while living in such realm of fake and wrong city since they do and think bad things on others and they expect good things to happen to their lives as result of their given belief system they practice and follow in which their given expectation could lead to chaos and frustrations not only to any given individual life but also to community and institutional structures and working. Whatever thing people do bad thing is replied by bad since in bad no good thing is expected even if they preach and teach many people about goodness, as they think and bad things on others, they have no acceptance and recognition. The most important thing is not on what they tell on Sundays, but on what they think and do on others from Monday to Saturday.

How come, potato can give birth to tomato unless potato is married to tomato, in such given case, when people seek t have tomato by planting potato, they must be foolish and stupid since they do not know, at first, what they should think and do and what they should expect based on what they think and do.  It is not their faith and hope that do give their salvation, but what they think and do.


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