Change—Past Vs Future

July 30, 2015

Greek philosopher and the most erudite person on the earth—Socrates—said, the secret of change is to focus all of your energies, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. This is quite amazing since most people spend all their energies and time by wasting their time and energies on fighting back old systems of thinking and way of life than inventing and creating new and different ones.

Fighting back to old one does have its own back fire which put one’s energy and time for nothing, in fact such given undertaking pull back one’s future undertaking to be under jeopardy and it could paralyze the vision one wants to have and set to the future. Whereas, focusing on having new vision and dimension to changing the future is by far worthier and nobler undertaking people should focus and carry on.

Sufis say, before you speak, let your words pas through three gates. At the firs gate, ask yourself, is it true; at the second gate, is it necessary; at the third gate, it is kind. Accordingly, when people think of bringing change, and changing the future, there are certain things they should ask their own selves before they tell others to change; these are, do what they claim as change is something worthwhile and something that can bring significant change to the life of the society, are they freed from ego and ambition, are they honest with what they claim for, are they courageous to do it even if whatever resistance they face from the mass.

Why do we need change? What are the root causes for people to make the think that change is the necessary step society should take in order to secure its own rights and freedom in the world? Who are the authors of change? What are the driving forces that make society to think about change? Where does the change people claim should drive and lead them to? How do changes come? What is change?

If change is talking about new and different way of life and thinking, what does it mean by such given undertaking? Is it something that is different, but that different thinking could lead society to worsen conditions or better conditions and state of being? Change is something new and different in which it is not about what people think, do and behave as in yesterday, but it is something different and that different thing is new since it is different.

There are two basic reasons why society or individuals needs change. The first one is that existing systems and way of life cannot manage the existing and current affairs of the public in expeditious manner and it fails to administer society’s need, freedom, rights and it creates some sort of disturbances and chaos within the social dynamics. Thus, the existing system and way of life lives in crackdowns since it has many oppositions and opposition parties from the public at large in which foreign parties observe and reflect upon that given contradiction and negatives aspects of any social dynamics.

The second one is change is natural phenomena and human aspect of life since human beings by their very nature need change in life even if they have balanced and harmonized way of life, they by their very nature require change. Change is an inevitable and inescapable human reality and it is something people require even if they have well organized, balance and peaceful society. Change is natural way of life which people seek and since it is something that they cannot avoid.

When any given individual life loses meaning in life, be in chaos and seeks certain amount of guidance, for the way of life is not clearly set and conceptualized, individuals could require certain amount of contemplation on how to bring change into their lives so as to have harmonized, unified and organized life that lead to the battement of their own reality. The second one is, even if they have harmonized and organized and peaceful life, change is not something that stops at any given point since life is continuous process.

Such a change people seek in life is at all level in which any given individual, society or community or any given institution should have since it is one of the natural and intrinsic characteristics and way of life this world. It is not something that people seek as part time lover but rather it is a duty, sacred responsibility and purpose of life people should perform in life.

Most people are afraid of change since they are accustomed to any given way of life, be it they are shaped by any given religious or political ideology which they are programmed and molded to think and behave in certain manner. Such people lives and life style is likened to a fish in fish bowl due to the fact that such given way and style of life does not seek by its very nature any kind of change that change the color, structure and content of the bowl since the fish could think it could die as the bowl form and content of the is changed and they prefer all kinds of change within the bowl, but not the significant changes.

Change must happen with one ground, which should be based on truthful grounds otherwise the existing ones are enough since most of the things we have on this world are lies, tricks and deceptions, but they are assumed and considered as truth, but in reality, they are not since they reject facts and factual presentations and justifications of other people who found out something on them, they remove such people with wrong means and unacceptable methods since they know that they are wring and fake.

Truth can be applicable to politics and political world. People should not necessarily be tricky in order to be politicians since being truthful is a value people should undertake of being a human, be it politician, religious, journalist, engineer, doctor and so on. There are possible failures and weaknesses people face while living in political world, such wrongs and failures should not be justified by lie, deception and trick, but accepting failure and mistakes in truthful ground and manner. In such connection, politicians can gain confidence among the mass which they lead and develop mutual trust with the society at large.

Change in general could be connected like a person who was not writer before become a writer, and copper becomes gold in which any given thing can change into another form and content be it by transmutation or whatever. And this is possible since people can change from one state of being into another due to the fact that this is part of natural human activity. To deny such given accepts of people lives is denying natural characteristics and laws of this world and nature. It is not possible to argue in here that why Mr X or Ms Y is changed since they seek it in life, they have change into something.

Among the factor on why people change, especially in something prolific manner and way of life is the thirst and quest they have in life which give birth to an identity which they do not even realize by the process of life which they employ, with the path to searching meaning and answers to the inherent quest they already acquire in life. Next is efforts and choice they make while following such path of quest in which they in here come up with certain disciplines and mindset to their life. This is different process and way of life and they happen to obtain a different identity than former ones by virtue of such process of life recreate and reinvent to their reality into different identity.

Every inquirer and searcher for meaning for life has distinct characteristics and identity which vary on the nature and character of quest they have in life and answers and opinions they obtain in search for meaningful and thoughtful life. The meaning and color of life here vary on the eye of inquirer and beholder.

It is possible to predict in here that the current social systems and way of life—religious, political, scientific, philosophical—communities, institutions and system of thinking focus and give more respect and more honor to personalities than the truth. When they focus, in some time on to the future, on the truth, they will come to realize that they were wrong and fake due to the fact they spent many years of company giving due respect to those personalities who are created by the power of truth than the truth itself.


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