Problems for Thinking

July 29, 2015

A person was in difficult situation of life. This difficulty of life stays too long and for many years. When such problems are integrated with no penny, life has its own different color. He has no penny for life and he was looking possible solution without any given cost. And he did not know whom to consult. And then, he came with an idea of consulting professional people. He went at first to the psychiatry, and the person told the types of problematic condition he was and the Psychiatry after listening to what the person said, he gave bit of advice. He said, when you are in difficult conditions of life, your nerve gets cracked and the enzyme called something will be busy and then stress will surround you. And the person asked, how can I remove the business of that enzyme, the psychiatry advised, you need to buy a medicine and he prescribed a medicine to buy.

Then the person was not satisfied with such given advice since one he has no penny to buy and he wanted to solve this condition without penny. Then, he went to a consultant and he explained his condition to the consultant. The consultant said, you know, when you are in such situation, because you are hanging out or having cup of coffee with people whom you do not like, but you are forced. In this case, you need to go movie places, sport or other recreational places. The person asked, what do I need to buy; the consultant replied, you do no need to buy, but it charges you the entrances fees.

The person was not satisfied with such suctions delivered by such professionals, since he was looking solutions that cost him of no coins. And then, there was no other way the person could turn around. And finally, he opened his own prayer book and asked God for help. He said, God, can you remove my problems without any given coin since you know my condition. Then the person heard a sound, it says, yes. Then, after the prayer he made, the person went for walking and he faced another and different and new problem, which make him forget the previous one which bothered him for years. At night, he went to his bed, thank you God, you solved my problem without penny.

Most people think that many of the problems which bothered them in life are solved but not necessarily. In cases, the problems could be there, but it is the shift in thinking and way of life they make that make them think that they have their problems solved since as they get back to former way of life, similar problems which they face in past, which they think are resolved out could come gain and they could face similar kinds of situations of life due to the fact that problems are realities of life which are directly connected with the way and system of life people employ to their life.

Life is on what you think and perceive. What make life interesting and boring is the types of problems which people face in life, as one aspect. When one faces any given problem that stays for many years without any given solution, life becomes colorless and tasteless. In this case, such problem has influence on what one thinks and perceive about other people and the world at large since problems define one’s reality. In this case, it is not focusing on the problems or staying to much thinking and contemplation on the problem that is important, but diverting one’s dimension and perspectives of life to a different arena of life so as to forget the non-resolved problem which is good remedy. Hence, one forgets the problem, but the problem does not forget oneself.

What makes any given human being human is not on what one looks or reflects to the outside world, but rather on what one thinks deep inside since the reality of any human being lies on what one deeply thinks inside, which they call the inner most reality of self. Thinking emanate from the very essence and reality of being human otherwise it would not. Any human being is human since one thinks.

Thinking is the touchstone for any being to be human. What made people think, how does thinking germinate, when, where is a quest people can have in their own beings, which is relative contextual, subjective and can be a subject of concern which is still unanswered.  Sometimes, such given quest could be related as to the quest people have on the power and source of the sun, in which people ask, where is the source of energy for the sun and where is such power come from.

When one thinks, one releases certain energy. The potency of such energy could touch the person next to oneself, surrounding environment, the entire village or town and city, then goes to the whole nation, and then goes far beyond one nation which happens to be universal in due course of time. This makes any given thinking a mysterious phenomenon as the source of energy of the sun is too, since the potency and magnitude of such thinking is measured on how far it goes far beyond one person. What makes any given thinking to go far beyond one nation is the magnitude of the thinking it self

When one says and talks about the magnitude of thinking it is related to the subject matter it discuses, the ideas and arguments entertained in such given thinking, its relevance and importance, its connection and relation with the daily activities and routines of individual and society’s life, its style and way of presentation are some of the aspects of any given thinking as to its attraction and influence towards any given human framework. No thinking can be attractive to another person without any given reason and cause. In this case, such given thinking must be timely and useful for ones’ existence and future of life. If many people are interested, this means such thinking has some kind of mystery and connection with such given individuals that deserve certain amount of consideration and respect.

What make any given individual thinking, in most cases, is certain different and strange incidents of life they face. While making investigation and search for mysteries of such given incidents of life, they come up with something which they do not know, but useful and important to one’s life as they keep on making their research onward, they come up with more truthful and undiscovered aspect of their life. As result of such processes of life, they share what they have come up to other people, and others become interested in such given thinking since they share similar incidents and experiences of life. Hence, a circle of such given thinking is formed which could later on attract other people in their domain and such thinking becomes one perspective to the world at large.

When such people face strange or different circumstances of life, few people carry on them and keep going and working out so that they can find something; where as other just try to forget and live with up to daily silly ins and outs of life; other could live with confusion and frustration, and so on. People’s capacity and exposure of life is important to what such people deliver and find out. Fewer ones come up with something that is useful to themselves and other people and they deliver perspectives and views to the world unlike other who live with frustration and confusion. This makes such given people of perspective— unique and special—since they pass such hurdles of life and obtain clarity on life unlike others who face similar kinds of problematic conditions and situations of life, but they live with confusion


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