Changing Times

July 23, 2015

I was into my tiny world of thinking and talking to myself. In such quality time of mine world, I wonder in those past foggy and stormy days of my life in past—those days of the no food, no penny, nothing—I come to an idea that why such thing visit one life even if there are outward and inward reasons and justifications one could deliver, there were quite few people who were around, who could change the color and flavor of my life at that given time to better ones, but I found them, complicating and trying to make it even worse.

In that given stressful and painful time, life has its own lesson and quality time to deliver. One enjoyed that given pain with hope and faith and expectations that good days will surely come and better things will happen. One was pretty much aware that things would change as they do in today, life tells another story in which today things are by far better than those dark days of past. One is respectful and grateful to those quite few people who unlike those mentioned people above, but they were of assistance in financial terms in those stormy and stressful times of past.

Both good and bad things happen in life whoever we are. The point in here is that the understanding, thinking, perception, attitudes and behaviors people develop in life, in which people vary on such level and how they have used both good and bad aspects of life, the purpose and goals they have come up. In such cases, there are people who are dead and killed by sufferings and pains such life deliver as there are people who are on the contrary, who obtain different life and perspectives out of calamities and stressful conditions of life. There are people who can laugh while they are in problematic conditions of life unlike those people who are stressed out in bad circumstances of life, which is mainly dependent upon perspectives and understanding people obtain and have for life.

This gives me chance and an idea to reflect on what is written in one book, which says, did you feed me when I was hungry, did you give me water, when I was thirsty, in which such noble saying has quite meaning and is worthwhile to meditate upon when people try to be close in times of one’s good, while they are away when one is in bad conditions of life in which they try to be nicer and good as people obtain certain success people have in life in which when they are out of problematic conditions of life, many people will try to get close and be around and be nice to people.

They say, it is how you see yourself that means something than what others see you, which is not important. This is very important aspect of one’s given life even if what other people could say mean and tell something. Other people affect us in both positive and negative ways and matters, but the crux lies on the attitude and thinking one has for oneself than what other tell since their motive and thinking is not clear.

Accordingly, I was walking last time and I met someone whom I knew in past life. The person is old. And one thing old people in here have in common is they want to give bit of advice when ever younger people they knew meet them anywhere. And after we greeted in traditional way in here, he just to got to deliver advice without even asking. I told him, are you trying to advise me, and he said yes, I told him, I have no single second to listen to your garbage advice since I know better than what other people could tell. The man was ashamed to talk further since one thought that this is what he deserved.

When people want to obtain certain amount of respect from other people, they should respect other peoples’ privacy and personality too. Even if they are older, this does not mean that they can abuse their being older by gesture of showing respect me attitude to younger ones since they are not perfect and complete. In fact, in old ages, they realize how far they are imperfect and incomplete in life, in which most of them are heard that their life is full of regrets and they live by saying, I wish I could have done this or that, I wish I could say or not say this or that. This is one on the features of the old ages.

The degree of uncertainty and anxiety for and in life increase since at old age, people are worried, where I am going after this world. They spend much time in thinking about the next world and the world hereafter and they revise all kinds of activities and thinking which they have done in life. Those who especially are religious, worried about where I am going, do I go to heaven or hell, and others worry, is there any life after or not, where am I going. They share one thing in common, deep concealed inside fear and anxiety which cause certain amount of uncertainty in life, which is dependent upon conviction and determination people have in life.  Even few people claim the go to eternity, they might not obtain since the future and the next world is not known to anyone and there is no absolute guaranty to what they claim in here.

Traditionally old people in here have much respect. This is very nice. This was in before, but not in these days, they are losing all kinds of respect for many reasons. One is they are the ones by their own who are the primal causes many contradictions and confusions of life in here since they interfere in many people lives and they complicate many people lives too. Many people observe them what they are doing, telling ad thinking which are by far contradictory. The second reason is the society itself especially the younger generation that has its own emerging social dynamics and wrongs which could give birth to such deterioration of good social value, respecting old people, which is not appropriate and unacceptable too.

One respect old people too. But, such respect should not be abused on every road and everywhere everyone meet them since they should not be abusive of their age and the respect they obtain from society at large in protecting falsehood and many wrong acts since such people could not be free from bias and prejudice as well. In this case, they deserve disregard and disrespect. Age is but a number. Age must be reflected in matured thinking, action, behavior and attitude otherwise it is just futile. They have marginalized line, if they crossed that line, they lose that given respect.

Accordingly in order to give advice to other people, they should know the person whom they want to deliver an advice, they should ask permission or the person should go towards them seeking an advice, and the like. Culture and traditions are the one that create norm in every society, but when such culture and traditions lose certain rightful and truthful principles and doctrines of life, they fall in wrong trap, they could create confusion and frustration in society and thus society will lose its balance and norm.

Culture is created by human way of thinking and perceiving life. It has its own wisdom and value. It has also its own biases and shortcomings too. Both should be sorted out. The balance is the truth. Everything is judge on the truth. And one does not accept the saying, which goes like, it is acceptable and good to lie in order to reconcile people even if harmony and unity are good, but harmony and unity should be established on truthful grounds, value, and thinking otherwise such unity and harmony is like a building which is founded upon ice basement. It is of no value since the foundation is wrong. In wrong and weak foundation, it is not possible to have strong building and blocks.

In such life, culture is good to consider, but it is not wise to assume that it is warranty to have truthful life since culture itself needs reconsideration and revision. Culture should be revised in due course of time since it needs care and wisdom in applying. In most cases, culture and its values are established by ruling class and people mentality and thinking and the mass has no choice except going by such ruling class dictates since it is of no choice and from fear of being rejected. In this case, such given society needs courageous people, who can change the way such given social dynamics operate so that society could live up to truthful and useful values than being obsessed and taken away by what past and culture dictate.


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